Imatges de pÓgina
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tables of both Houses, 120. Motion dom for the year ending 5th January,

committee made in both 1820, ib. Great Britain distinguished
Houses, 121. Debates on, in the House from Ireland, 382. Heads of Expendi-
of Lords, ib. Carried, 123. Queen's ture, ib. Report on agricultural dis-
communication to the House of Com- tresses, 384. Report on the foreign
mons, 121. Motion for a nominated trade of the country, 392, Second re-
committee, 125. Animated debate on, port on the education of the poor, 404.
128. Delayed, 136. Committee no- Report on the criminal laws, 497. Ab-
minated in the House of Lords, 136. stract of the report on the state of men-
MP Wilberforce's motion for averting dicity in the metropolis, 41,5. Report
Parliamentary inquiry into the charges on the constitution of the royal burghs
against the Queen, 141. Debates on, of Scotland, 425 arsod-gildmaga

carried, 154. Resolution Parnel, Sir H., motion on the civil list, I.
of the House presented to the Queen,
and rejected by her, ib. Queen's peti- Perth, letter of the operative weavers be-
tion for open investigation, 156. Mo- longing to, addressed to his Grace the
tion respecting, 158. Debate on, 160. Duke of Athol, II. 2391 agtsgitan
Negatived, 162. Motion for adjourn. Plate, meeting for regulating the sub-
menit in the House of Commons, 163. scriptions for presenting to the Queen
Carried, 166. Report of the secret com- a service of, 353 gaurd is. 91dmo
inittee of the Lords, 167. Petition of Poor, the national education of, Mr
the Queen, 168. Motion on, 169. Ne- Brougham's plan for, 1. 10501 dein,
gatived, ib. Bill of Pains and Penal- Portobello, five persons drowned by the
ties, 16. Queen protests against the upsetting of a boat off, II. 356 di

proceedings, 172. She demands Portsmouth, election of a member of Par-
a list of witnesses, 77. Debates on the liament for, 11. 323 od aid brts a
propriety of granting, ib. Committee Portugal, state of feeling in, 289. Revo-
appointed for examining precedents, ib, lutionary junta formed at Oporto, ib.
Report brought up, ib. Lord Erskine's The march of the army to Coimbra,
motion negatived, 181." Queen's peti- 290. Attempts of the regency at con-
tion for a specification of the places ciliation, ib. Revolution at Lisbon, ib.
where the criminal acts are charged to Uniori of the Juntas, 291. Marshal Be-
have been committed, ib. Motion re- resford arrives, ib. Is not allowed to
specting, ib. Negatived, 183. Motion land, ib. Sails for England, ib. Dis-
in the House of Commons respecting a cussions, ib. Arrangement, 292. Elec-
libel against the Queen, 183. Debates tions, ib. ab 1900 odt. 108 di toc.
on, ib. Motion withdrawn, 186. Crowd- Preston, election contest at, II. 3221
ed meeting of the Peerage, 189. Duke Prices of shares in canals, docks, bridges,
of Leinster's motion, ib. Negatived, ib. roads, water-works, insurances, gas-
Debates on the Bill of Pains and Penal- lights, literary institutions, &c. II. 436
ties, 190. Queen's counsel heard against Procession to Brandenburgh House to ad-
the principle of the bill, 192. Lord dress the Queen, 3579
King's motion against the bill

, 199. Prosecutions and miscellaneous cases, II.
Negatived, ib. Proceedings against the 265

croitoren b91191.9Tdi
Queen opened, ib. Case for the prose- Prussia. Financial embarrassments, I.
cution closed, 201. Motions respecting 313. New taxes, iba v Rigorous mea-
the course of proceeding, with the de- sures for repressing the movements of
fence of the Queen, 203. Case for the the popular,party, ib. Freemason
defence opened, 205. Closed, 212 De- lodges shut, ib. Suppression of secret
bates on the second reading of the bill,


societies, ib. German dress prohibited,
221. Queen's protest, 231. Commit- ib. Professor Juhn still in confine-
tee on the bill, ib. Debates on the sea ment, ib.

II 200
veral clauses of, ib. Bill thrown out,

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Parliamentary papers, 11. 381. Revenue Tal 9tiltibraQ, vtejilim edt 10

sa anterija9 MB 911
and Expenditure of the United King- Queen, discussions respecting the, in the

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House of Commons, I. 28. Delicate si- cerning her arrival at Geneva, previous
tuation of, 114. Milan commission, to her landing in England, 339. AD-
ib. Resolution of ministers, ib. Ex- swer to the address of the corporation
clusion of her name from the Liturgy, of York, 346; to the address from the
ib. Consequences of, ib. She sets out house holders, Westminster, 347. Lists
for England, 115. Rapid journey of addresses to, 356 and 360. Visited
through France, ib. Arrival at St by Prince Leopoldl, 360. Signifies her
Omers, ib. Ministers taken by sur- intention of attending divine service at
prise, ib. Lord Hutchinson's mission St Pauls, 364. Gratifies the wards and
to avert landing, ib. Accompanied by parishes, in consenting to receive their
Mr Brougham, 116. Their arrival at addresses in large bodies, 364
St Omers, ib. Lord Hutchinson's in-
terview with the Queen, ib. Her de-
mand, ib. Lon Hutchinson's letter,

containing the proposal of ministers,
ib. Indignantly rejected, 17. Mr Radical address circulated at Paisley, II.
Brougham's counter proposition, ib.
She precipitately proceeds to Calais, ib. Reading, election at, II. 322
Lord Hutchinson's second letter, ib. Rebellion in various parts of Scotland, I.
Her purpose unchanged, ib. Sails from
Calais, and lands at Dover, 115. Tri- Religious intelligence, II. 439. Amount
umphal journey from Dover to London, of the principal religious charities for
ib. Popular enthusiasm in her favour, the year, ib. Union of the two branches
119. King's message to Parliament, ib. of the Scottish Secession Church, ih.
Green bag, containing charges against Proceedings of the General Assen bly
her, 120. Correspondence between her of the Church of Scotland, 410. The
and Lord Liverpool, 136. Negociations ecclesiastical organization of the differ-
for settling matters, 138. Unsuccess- ent religious denominations in Russia,
ful, 140. Resolution of the House of 450. Persecution of the Christians in
Commons presented to her, 154. Re- China, 451
jects it, ib. Her petition to the House Reports and notices, II. 431
of Lords for an open trial, 156. Re- Revolutionary address affixed to the walls
port of the secret committee of the and public places, Glasgow, II. $24
Lords, 167. Bill of Pains and Penal- Rhine, commission for removing the cb-
ties against, 169. She protests against structions to the free navigation of, II.
the whole proceedings, 172. Demands
a list of witnesses, 177. Is denied, 181. Riccardo's, Mr, speech on the state of the
Requests a specification of the places in corn trade, I. 83. On commerce, 95
which the criminal acts are charged to Road, prices of shares in, II. 437
have been committed, 181. Not grant- Robinson, Mr, his speech on the corn
ed, 183. Uninterrupted transmission laws, I. 81. Reply to Mr Baring on
of addresses to, 186. Character of her commerce, I. 93
answers, ib. Inflammatory letter to Russell, Lord John, his speech relative to
the King, 187. Proceeds to the House the civil list, I. 53. Diotion for dis
of Lords, 189. Trial opened, 199. franchising the borough of Grampound,
Emotion at the appearance of Theo- 96. Speech expounding the malversi-
dore Majocci, 199. Evidence against tions of, 97
closed, 201. Defence opened, 205. Russia. Mutiny among a regiment of the
Closed, 212. Second reading of the Guards, 1. 314. Circumstances of, ib.
Bill of Pains and Penalties, 230. Her Jesuits expelled from the empire, ib.
protest against the bill, and declaration Enfranchisement of the Livonian srls,
of her innocence, 231. Bill thrown out, 315. Opening of the Polish Diet by
236. Unbounded rejoicing of the people, Alexander, ib. His address, ib. Dis
ib. Detail of the evidence for the support cussions in the Diet, ib. Project of
of the bill, 11. 3—56. Evidence for the criminal code rejected, ib. Alex.
the defence, 56-104. Particulars con- ander's displeasure, 316



party, ib.

nisters, 281. Finances, 283. Suppres-

sion of entails, 284. Of convents, ib.
Sand, the murderer of Kotzebue, execu- Commercial regulations, 286. Esta-
tion of, I. 311

blishments for education, ib. Exile of
Scarlett's, Mr, reply to Mr Brougham, in Riego, and the dissolution of the army
reference to Grampound, I. 34

of Cadiz, ib. Licence of the clubs re-
Scots Baron of Exchequer, I. 70

pressed, 287. Agitated state of the king-
Scottish administration, active measures dom, 288. Prevalence of the liberal

of, against threatened rebellion, I. 21
Several returns relating to the army, both St Domingo, revolution in, I. 323. Des.
horse and foot, II. 349

potic sway of Christophe, ib. Is hated
Severn, King, and Co. v. Drew, or the by his subjects, 324. Shoots himself,

Imperial Insurance Company, II. 265. ib. Rejoicing at, ib. Assassination of
Verdict for the plaintiffs, 273

his son, ib. _Triumphal entry of Boyer
-, v. Phænix Insurance into Cape Town, 325. Proclamation
Company, II. 273. Verdict, damages, of the Haytian republic, ib. Moderate
279 !

and judicious conduct of Boyer, ib.
Shaftesbury, Earl of, brings up the re- Strand, dreadful fire in, II. 292

port of the committee on precedents Sumner, Mr H., motion on the state of
1. 177

the agriculturists, I. 79
Shelter for the houseless, a respectable Sussex, election at, II. 323

meeting for the purpose of providing a, Sutton, Sir C. M., re-elected speaker of
II. 289. Resolutions, 291. Utility and the House of Commons, I. 38

benefit of the institution, ib.
Sidney, New South Wales, thriving state
of, II. 461

Sinking fund, I. 67
Soldiers, trial of, for murder at Greenock, Taunton, election contest at, II. 323

II. 260. Verdict of guilty found against Thistlewood, and others, plot the assassi-
two, viz. Surrage and Dempsey, 264. nation of ministers, I. 17. Detection,
Sentenced to be executed, ib.

18. Secured, 19. Trial of, for high
Solicitor-General, defends the conduct fol. treason, II. 105. Found guilty, 124.

lowed in the case of General Gourgaud, Condemned, 131. Reward offered for
I. 104. Reply to the Queen's counsel, the apprehension of Thistlewood previ-
197. Sums up the evidence against the ous to his trial, 314. He and his ac-
Queen, 199. Replies to the Queen's complices executed, 334
counsel, 220

Tierney, Mr, his speech relative to the
Southampton election, II. 323

dissolution of Parliament, I. 26. Re-
Spain, state of the nation, I. 266. State specting the Queen's allowance, 28.
of the expeditionary army at Cadiz, Congratulates the House of Commons
ib. Constitution proclaimed in various on their unanimity in addressing his
places, 268. Riego's arrival at Isla, ib. Majesty, 44. Speech on the civis list,
Organization of the troops, ib. Quiroga 56. Animated speech against ministers,
made commander-in-chief, ib. Quiroga's relative to the Scottish Court of Ex-
proclamation, ib. Address to the King, chequer, 76. Speech respecting Gram-
ib. To the Spanish nation, 270. Coun- , pound, 100. Censures the conduct of
ter movements of the provincial autho- ministers towards the Queen, 135. Op-
rities, ib. Flame of insurrection breaks poses Lord Castlereagh, 166
out in Galicia, 273. Mina appears in Treason, high, true bills found-against
Navarre, ib. Vacillating measures of twenty-two persons for, I. 2007
the King, 274. Defection of the Conde Trials, state, Thistlewood and his com-
de Abisbal, 275. King forced to accept panions, II, 105.' Hunt, and others,
the constitution, ib. General jubilee, 131. Sir Francis Burdett, 154. Sir
278. Massacre at Cadiz, 279. Ante- Charles Wolseley, Bart, and Joseph
revolutionary movements, ib. Meeting Harrison, 167. Cartwright, Wooler,
of the Cortes, 280. Reports of the mi- 1.0 and others, 175. William Wilson,

PART II.. Dati 1,6




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Strathaven, 224. Scottish insurgents, Williams, Mr, his speech on opening the

two of them only sentenced to die, ib. case for the defence of the Queen, I.
Trial for libel, 238. Davidson on Cleary,
· 244. For on Wright, 249

Wilmot's, Mr, speech on the opening of
Criminal, Nesbett for murder, Parliament, I. 40
254. Soldiers for murder,,260 Wilson, Sir Robert, opposes the Alien Bill,
Turkey, state of affairs in, 1. 316. War I. 103
with Ali Pacha, ib. Its progress, 317 Wilson, William, trial of, for high treas

son, II. 224. Guilty, 236. Sentence

to die, ib. Execution of, 353

Wirtemberg, meeting of the States, I.

310. Mutual confidence between the
Universities, Mr Jeffrey's election to that Prince and the people, ib. Finances,

of Rector, Glasgow, 11. 365. Increasing ib. Adjournment of the Chambers, ib.
spiendour of the Edinburgh Museum, Reassembled, ib. Dissensions, ib.

States prorogued, 311
Wolseley, Sir Charles, and Harrison, Jo-

seph, trial of, for sedition, II. 167.

Guilty, 174. Imprisoned, 175

Wood, Colonel, on the Welsh judicature,
Warren, Mr, the Chief Justice of Chester, I. 111
his indignant reply to Mr Campbell, 1. Woolwich, atrocious murder committed

in the town of, II. 319
Warren, Thomas, turnkey of Dumfries Wortley, Mr Stuart, seconds Mr Wilber-
jail, inhumanly murdered by David force's resolutions, I. 145. Supports
Haggart, II. 359

Lord Castlereagh's motion for adjourt-
Warrender, Sir George, produces the navy ment of the House of Commons, 166
estimates, I. 59

Wrottesley's, Mr, speech in confutation of
Water-works, prices of shares in, II. 483 Colonel Wood's, relative to the Welsh
Welch system of judicature, proposed abo- judicature, I. 111
lition of, 110

Wynn, Mr, observations of, relative to
Western, Mr, his speech on agricultural the Welsh Judges, I. 111

distress, I. 82. On Lord Castlereagh's
motion for delay and adjournment, in
reference to the Queen, 164

Westminster, election contest of, II. 321.
Address to the Queen, 347

York's, the Archbishop of, speech against
Wetherell's, Mr, motion respecting a libel the divorce clause in the Bill of Pains
against the Queen, I. 183

and Penalties, I. 231
Wilberforce, Mr, approves of the plan for York, election of a member of Parlia-

the national education of the poor, I. ment, II. 321. Address of the corpo-
110. Motions for averting Parliamen- ration of, to the Queen, 346
tary inquiry into the charges against Yorkshire, disturbances in, II. 330. Far-
the Queen, 1. 135 and 141. Supports ther particulars, 334.
Lord Castlereagh's motion for adjourn-
ment, 166


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