Imatges de pàgina

with numerous Engravings. 8vo. 38. 6d. Historical Descriptions, with Remarks sewed; 4s. boards.

on the Manners and Character of the Travels through England, Wales, and People. By Mrs C. Stothard. 4te. a Scotland, in the year 1816. By Dr S. 125. 6d. boards ; with many Engraving, Spiker, translated from the German, 2 from the Drawings of C. Stothard, F.S.A vols. 12mo. 14s. boards.

Narrative of the Operations and Revek No. II. Vol. IV. containing Gourbil- Discoveries within the Pyramids, Tehlon's Travels in Sicily and to Mount ples, Tombs, and Excavations in Egyr Etna in 1819, with Plates. 8vo. 3s. 6d. and Nubia ; and of a Journey to the sewed ; 4s. boards.

Coast of the Red Sea, in search of the A Tour in Normandy, undertaken chief- Ancient Berenice, and another to Oasis ly for the Purpose of Investigating the of Jupiter Ammon. By G. Belzoni. Sta Årchitectural Antiquities of the Duchy, 21. 2s. with Observations on its History, on the Remarks made during a Tour through Country, and its Inhabitants. By D. the United States of America in 1817, Turner, Esq. 2 vols. royal 8vo. 21. 12s. 1818, and 1819. By W. T. Harris. Sto. 6d. boards.

A New Number of the Journal of Sex Letters written during a Tour through Voyages and Travels, containing SarnNormandy, Brittany, and other Parts of miere's Travels in Montenegro. 8vo. France, in 1818; including Local and 6d, sewed ; 4s. boards.

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23. At Edinburgh, Mrs Johnston of AlJANUARY 1. At Quebec, the lady of va, a daughter. James Kerr, Esq. Judge of the Court of 25. In Mansfield Street, London, the King's Bench, a son.

Hon. Mrs Hope, a son. At Rome, the lady of Henry Har- 27. At Timpendean, Mrs Walker, a vey, Esq. a daughter.

daughter. At Paris, the Duchess of Orleans, a 28. The lady of G. A. Fullerton, Esq. Prince.

of Fera Hill, Berks, a son. 3. At St Michael, department de la 31. The Marchioness of Sligo, a son Meuse, the Hon. Mrs Charles Gordon, a and heir. daughter.

· The Viscountess Duncan, a son. 5. At Rockville, the Right Hon. Lady Lately, Lady Graves, a son. Eleanor Balfour, a son.

FEBRUARY 1. The Countess of Clon7. At Edinburgh, Mrs Maitland Gib- mel, twin daughters. son, younger of Cliftonhall, a son.

4. Mrs Forrest of Comiston, a daugh10. At Woolwich Common, the lady of ter. Captain H. W. Gordon, a daughter. 5. At Pendreech, Mrs Captain Mac

11. At Edmund Castle, Cumberland, kenzie, a daughter. the lady of Sir Hew Ross, K.C.B.adaugh- 7. At Portobello, Mrs Douglas, Great ter.

King Street, Edinburgh, a son. 12. At Brighton, the Hon. Mrs Captain 9. At Peebles, Mrs M'Gowan of WinkSotheby, a son.

ston, a son. At Knockbreak, Ross-shire, the lady - At the Union Hotel, St Andrew's of Hugh Ross, Esq. a son.

Square, Edinburgh, Mrs Horrocks, a son. 15. Mrs Cunningham Graham of Gart- 11. At St Helena, the lady of Lieutemore, a daughter.

nant-General Sir Hudson Lowe, K. C. B. At Acton, Middlesex, the lady of Henry Alexander Douglas, Esq. a son. 17. At Island Bridge, near Dublin, the

At Gibraltar, the lady of Major lady of Captain H. G. Jackson. a son. Thomas Fyers, Royal Engineers, a son. 18. At Hilton, Mrs Pearson of Myre

17. At Calcutta, the lady of Hugh cairnie, a daughter. Hope, Esq. of the Hon. East India Com- 19. The lady of William Johnston, pany's civil service, a son.

Esq. of Lathrisk and Bavelaw, a son and 18. At her house in George Street, heir. Lady Elizabeth Hope Vere, a daughter. 21. At Culloden, Mrs A. Gordon, a sop.

The lady of Thomas Lauder Dick, At Douglas, near Cork, the Hon. Esq. of Relugas, a son.

Mrs Henry Murray, a son. 19. At Boulogne, the lady of Hugh 22. At Edinburgh, the lady of William Rose, Esq. of Glastulich, a daughter. Ogilvie, Esq. younger of 'Chesters, a 23. Lady Petre, a son.

daughter. - At Édinburgh, Mrs Lockhart of 23. Mrs James Borthwick, Abercromby Castlebill, a son.

Place, Edinburgh, a daughter.

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a son.

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23. Mrs John Wardrop, 103, George 31. At Orange Hill, the lady of Jam* Street, Edinburgh, a daughter.

Christie, Esq. a son. 26. At Edinburgh, Mrs Stevenson, Al- . Lately, At London, the Countess of bany Street, a daughter.

Cowper, a daughter. 28. At Reading, Berks, the lady of At the house of Viscountess Nelson, Lieutenant-Colonel Wemyss, a son and Exmouth, the lady of T. Nesbitt, Esą. heir.

R.N. a son and heir. At Deal, the lady of Captain M'- The Countess of Longford, a son. Culloch, of his Majesty's ship Severn, a Lady Gardiner, a son.

APRIL 2. In Harleford Row, London, Lately, Countess Temple, a daughter. the lady of J. Cowan, Esq. a daughter. Viscountess Massarene, a son.

3. The lady of John Buchan Sydserf, The Countess of Wicklow, a daugh- Esq. of Ruchlaw, a daughter.

The lady of John L. Campbell, EsqMarch 1. at Teviot Bank, the Hon. of Achalader, a son. Mrs Elliott, a daughter.

6. Lady Moncrieff, a daughter. · At Edinburgh, the lady of Alexan- At Glentyan House, Renfrewshire, der Norman Macleod, Esq. of Harris, a the lady of Wm. Stirling, Esq. a daughter. daughter.

7. Mrs Gordon, Heriot Row, Edir3. At Riga, the lady of Alexander Ren- burgh, a daughter. ny, Esq. a son.

9. Mrs R. A. Oswald, of Moore Park, 5. The lady of Major-General the Ho- a daughter. nourable Alexander Duff, a daughter. - Mrs Boyd of Broadmeadows, : - At Ladyland, Mrs Cochran, adaugh- daughter.

11. The Lady of the Hon. Captain 8. At Shottesbrook, the Hon. Mrs Van- Maude, Royal Navy, a son. sittart, a son.

13. At Paris, the Lady of Major GeThe lady of Major Martin, Brough- neral John Murray, a daughter. ton Place, Edinburgh, a daughter.

14. Lady Arbuthnot, a son. 9. At Dundalk, Ireland, the lady of 16. In Great King Street, Edinburgh, Major Wallace, of the King's Dragoon the lady of Captain Ă. R. Kerr, R.N.C.B. Guards, a son.

10. In Bedford Square, London, the Mrs Corse Scott of Sinton, a son. lady of A. Spottiswoode, Esq. a daughter. At Hamburgh, Mrs Alexander Mae

At Paisley, the lady of Captain Laren, twin daughters. Tronson, 13th regiment, a son.

21. Mrs Gordon of Cairnbulg, a son. 11. At Shandwick Place, Edinburgh, 23. The lady of Alex. Hunter, Esq. the lady of Thomas Mackenzie, Esq. a son.

W.S. a son. 13. At Altyre, the lady of Sir William 27. Mrs Ferrier of Belleside, a son. G. Gordon Cumming, of Altyre and Gor- At Dumfries, the lady of Alexander donstown, Bart, a son.

Harley, Esq. a daughter. 14. At Ayr, Mrs Fullarton of Skeldon, 28. At Hoefyser, near the Hague, the a daughter.

lady of John Turin Ferrier, Esq. a son. 15. In Lower Grosvenor Street, Lon- 29. Mrs Henderson, younger of Stempe don, the Right Hon. Lady Catherine ster, a son. Whyte Melville, a daughter.

- The lady of Major-General Brough18. In Great Portland Street, London, ton of Rosend, a daughter. the lady of William: Anderson, Esq. a son. 30. Lady Elizabeth Campbell, a daugh. 20. At Pilrig House, Mrs Balfour, a

Lately, In Portugal, the lady of Major 21. Mrs Rose of Kilravock, a son. Mackintosh, 10th Portuguese Cavalry, a 25. Mrs Hunt of Pittencrieff, a daugh

Lady C. Bentinck, a daughter. 26. At Hampstead House, the Countess MAY 1. At Bessell's Green, near Seven of Huntingdon, a son, her tenth child. Oaks, Kent, the lady of Sir Charles Dale 27. Lady Fitzherbert, a son.

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rymple, a son.


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1. Mrs Renny, Castle Street, Edin- 10. At Canaan, near Edinburgh, Mrs burgh, a son.

James Ballantyne, twin daughters. 2. At Dumfries, Mrs Taylor of Tro- 13. Her Royal Highness the Princess queer Holm, a daughter.

of Orange, a son. 5. The lady of the Hon. William Fra- In Edinburgh, Lady Douglas, a son. ser, a son and heir.

-Mrs Fraser, of Farraline, a daughter. 7. The lady of Sir William Milliken 16. At Barjarg, the lady of William Napier, Bart. a son.

Francis Hunter, Esq. a son. 8. Lady James Hay, a son.

22. The Duchess of Rutland, a son. At Edinburgh, the lady of Major - The lady of Ernest Leslie, Esq. of Orr, a son.

Balquhain, a son. 9. At Liverpool, the lady of Francis 24. In London, the lady of the Hon. Maxwell, Esq. a daughter.

James Stewart, a son. 10. The lady of Laurence Craigie, Esq. - The lady of Michael Stewart Niof Glendoick, twin sons.

colson, Esq. of Carnock, a son and heir. 12. At Richmond Barrack, Dublin, the 25. Mrs Patison, Abercromby Place, lady of Dr MʻPherson, 42d, or Royal Edinburgh, a daughter. Highlanders, a son.

28. The lady of Sir James Montgomery, 13. Mrs Bryden of Sandsting, Shet- Bart. M. P. a daughter. land, a daughter.

- At Kingston, Upper Canada, the 17. Viscountess Duncannon, a son. lady of Lieutenant-Colonel Charles M'.

18. At Edinburgh, the lady of William Grigor, 70th regiment, a son. Robertson, Esq. Great King Street, a son. 29. The lady of Alex. M‘Duff, Esq. of

19. The lady of Thomas Spencer Linde Bonhard, a son. say, Esq. of Holymount, a son.

Lately, The Hereditary Princess of 21. The lady of the Hon. Captain Ro Oldenburg, a daughter. bert Rodney, R. N. a son.

- The Duchess of Richmond, a son. 23. The lady of Sir W. W. Wynn, a - Viscountess Cranley, a son and heir.

JULY 1. Lady Frances Webster WedMrs Duff of Hatton, a son.

der ne, a son. 24. At Great King Street, Edinburgh, 2. At Coats House, near Edinburgh, Mrs Cathcart, a daughter.

Mrs Carnegie, a daughter. 27. At Redcastle, the lady of Patrick 4. Mrs Tod, Charlotte Square, EdinGrant, Esq. a son.

burgh, a son. 31. At Melville Street, Edinburgh, the 5. The lady of Lieutenant-Colonel Ross, lady of B. B. S. Stafford, Esq. a daughter. Ath dragoon guards, a daughter.

In Upper Harley Street, London, At Biggar Park, Mrs Gillespie, a the lady of Mr Stuart, a son.

daughter. Lately, The lacly of J. R. G. Graham, - In George Street, Edinburgh, Mrs Esq. M. P. a son.

Wedderburne, a son. JUNE 1. At Bombay, the lady of Michie 8. The lady of William Mackintosh, Forbes, Esq. a son.

Esq. Great King Street, Edinburgh, a 2. The lady of Lieutenant-Colonel Macgregor, a son.

12. The Right Hon. Lady Sinclair, a -The lady of Godfrey Meynell, Esq. son. of Meynell Langley, Derbyshire, a son. - At Cockairny House, Fifeshire, the

4. Mrs Blackwell, York Place, Edin- lady of Lieutenant-Colonel Moubray, a burgh, a daughter.

At Edinburgh, the lady of J. C. 17. At Shandwick Place, Edinburgh, Macleod, Esq. a son.

Mrs General Dundas, a son. 5. The lady of Alex. Macgregor, Esq. 20. At Grange Bank, near Edinburgh, of Balhaldies, a daughter.

Mrs Hair, a son. The lady of Andrew Hunter, Esq. 21. At Culduthel, the lady of Affleck younger of Bonnytoun, a son.

Fraser, Esq. a son. 7. At Bishop's Court, Isle of Man, 23. In Wexford, the lady of Major Lady S. Murray, a son.

Wall, 35th regiment, a son.




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24. At Walton-on-Thames, the lady of 24. At Cornhill, near Aberdeen, the the Hon. Grey Bennet, a daughter. lady of David Young, Esq. a son.

29. At Benfield, the lady of Daniel - At Madras, the lady of Captain Mackinnon, Esq. a daughter.

Tweedie, 2d Madras native infantry, 30. Lady Charlotte Macgregor Murray, son. a daughter.

27. Mrs Grant of Glenmoriston, a sm. Lately, The Countess of Shannon, a -The lady of Major-general Sir Tho daughter.

mas Brisbane, K.C.B. a daughter. August 1. At Rothmaise, Mrs Forbes, 29. At Bighouse, the lady of Major a daughter,

Mackay, a son. 2. At Woodslee, the lady of George 31. At Elgin, the lady of Lieutenant Scott Elliot, Esq. of Lariston, a son. G. G. Munro, a son. - Lady Minto, a daughter.

Lately, The lady of Murdoch MʻLaine, - At Malta, the lady of Captain Ro- Esq. of Lochbuy, a daughter. bert Tait, R. N. a son.

The Countess of Verulam, a dangh. 4. At Islabank, the lady of Peter Wedderburn, Esq. a son.

SEPTEMBER 2. At Kilbryde Castle, Lady Viscountess Ebrington, a son. Campbell, a son. 5. The lady of Lieutenant Murray, 91st The lady of Sir Thomas Troubridge, regiment, a son.

Bart. a daughter.
At Woodhouselee, Mrs Tytler, a At Pencaitland Manse, Mrs Makel-

ler, a daughter. 6. Mrs Campbell of Possil, a daughter. 3. At Maidstone, the lady of Captain

At Edinburgh, the lady of Norman Cooke, late of the 94th regiment, a son. Lockhart, Esq. a son.

10. At Hampstead, Mrs Spottiswood of 8. The lady of Rear-Admiral Otway, a Spottiswood, a daughter.

11. At Meadowbank House, Mrs Ma9. At 5, Pitt Street, Mrs Harbourne conochie, a son. Strachan, a daughter.

13. At Balnamoon, Mrs Carnegy, a son. 12. At Edinburgh, Mrs Scott, 105, - At Balgownie Cottage, the lady of George Street, a daughter.

Lieutenant-Colonel D. Forbes, a son. 13. At 56, Great King Street, Edin- At Glasgow, the lady of Captain burgh, Mrs Alexander Thomson, a daugh- Stewart, of the Rifle Brigade, a son.

15. Mrs Hopkirk, Northumberland The Lady Mary Hay, a daughter. Street, Edinburgh, a daughter. 16. The lady of Colonel C. Bruce, C. 17. The lady of Joseph Hume, Esq B. a son.

M. P. a daughter. 17. At Edinburgh, Mrs White of How. 18. The lady of Colonel Grant of Grant, den, jun. a daughter.

M. P. a son. 18. The lady of Capt. Houston Stewart, The lady of General Sir John OsR. N. a son and heir.

wald of Dunnekeir, K.C.B. a son. - Mrs Burnett of Kemnay, a son, 19. Mrs Wauchope of Edmonstone, a 19. Mrs Leslie of Warthill, a son. daughter. 20. The Right Hon. Lady Anne Fraser, 20. At Scallaway in Shetland, the lady

of John Scott, younger of Scallaway, Esq. 21. The Hon. Mrs Colville, a daughter. a daughter. 22. Mrs MʻFarlane, 58, Queen Street,

22. The Countess Delaware, a son. Edinburgh, a daughter.

In George's Square, Edinburgh, the The Countess of Rosebery, a daugh- lady of Captain Cubitt, a son.

At Yester, the Marchioness of - At Calcutta, the lady of George Tweeddale, a daughter. Swinton, Esq. civil service, a son.


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a son.

23. Mrs Gordon of Milrig, a son. 23. At Whiteside Cottage, Polmont, The lady of Captain Mackay, of the Mrs Clark, a son.

71st regiment, a son. The lady of Capta n Sir John Gor- - Lady John Somerset, a son. don Sinclair, Bart. Royal Navy, a son and 25. Mrs Mylne of Mylefield, a daughheir.



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