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The Stable Boy. 12mo. 5s.

on that subject. By William Godwin. Occasional and Miscellaneous Poems. 185. boards, By Lucy Joynes. 12mo. 3s.

Letters written for the Post and not Lorenzo; or, The Tale of Redemption. for the Press.id26. boards. FOE?! IN By J. Roby. 8vo, 83.,

On the Amusements of Clergymen and The Legend of St Loy, a Poem, in Christians in general. i Three Dialogues four Cantos. By John Abraham Heraud, between a Dean and a Curate. "By EdAuthor of “ Tottenham,” a Poem. 8vo. ward Stillingfieet, Bishop of Worcester. 10s. 6d. boards. U

A Letter to H. Brougham, Esq.M.P. Tabella Cibaria; the Bill of Fare ; im- !'on certain Clauses in the Education Bills, plicitly Translated from the Latin, and now before Parliamentul By S. Butler, fully explained in copious Notes. Small D.D. Head Master of Shrewsbury School, 4to. 10s. 6d. 1.'.

8vo. Is. 60.1007!!) do santorbros The Angel of the World, an Arabian The Rights of the Farmer ; or a Short Tale; Sebastian, a Spanish Tale; with View of the Causes which Oppress and other Poems. By the Rev. George Croly, Degrade the Cultivators of the Soil of 8s. 6d. Lin!

Great Britain ; and a Stateinent of the Immortality, a Poem, in two Parts. just Claims of the Farmers to Legislativa 12mo. 4s. boards.

Protection. 8vo. 2s.6d. 111,7 g Dr Syntax's Second Tour in search of A View of the present Order of Soc Consolation, Coloured Plates, Royal cession to the British Throney exhibited 8vo. 11. Is, boards,

in a Genealogical Table of Descendants Vol. V. of the English Poets. 6s. 6d. from George Ilu By Edward Baker. De boards. 1 PP.)

a sheet of Double Elephant, and Colát. Britannia's Cypress, a Poem, on the ed, 10s. 6d., on Canvass and Rollers

, lamented Death of his late Majesty George 15s, 6d. !!! ;-) 1 0; VICKI III. Foolscap 12mo. 5s.

A Catechism of Political Economy. By Stanzas, written on a Summer's Even- Jean Baptiste Say, Professor of Politiral ing, and other Poems. By G. Milner, Economy at the Royalı Athenæum of jun. 12mo. 3$. bd, boards.

Paris. Translated by John Ritcher, 6s. Pathetic, Legendary, and Moral Poems, boards.

Iki 1931- bu intended for Young Persons; being in- The Classical Enumeration of the Inc culcative of the Principles of Religion and habitants of the City of Glasgow, Statis Virtue. By Kichard Bennet, Carlisle tical Tables, &c. By James Oleani, house School, Lambeth.

1. iv i Superintendant of Pablic Works for the Vulpina , or, Tho , Crafty Sister,-a City, Member of the Chamber of ConTale of the Nineteenth Century. By the merce and Manufactures, late one of the Rey, James Holme. 7s.

Magistrates, and Convener of the Traites ift..!! kilos!? pour waii House, Glasgow.1 188.!! 11:11 *. POLITICS AND POLITICAL ECONOMY. A Letter to his Grace the Duke of Reflections on the present Difficulties Hamilton, Lord Lieutenant of Lanark of the Country, and on relieving them, shire, detailing the events of the late Reby opening New Markets to our Com- . bellion in the West of Scotland, with merce, and removing all Injurious Re- Observations on the alarming state of strictions. ++38. Tri

|_ortvitt this and other parts of the Country. By The Naval and Military Exploits which a British Subject.' Bvo. 2833 ?oja? have distinguished the Reign of George! Discourses and Essays on Subjects of III. Accurately Described and Methodi. Public Interest. By Stevenson Macul, cally Arranged, by J. Aspin. Coloured D.D. Professor of Divinity in the UniPlates. 14s. boards. 159. bound.

versity of Glasgow, vizoni Prisons, on Vol. I. of a New Series of Hansard's Bridewells, on aiding Destitute CrimiParliamentary Debates. Royal 8vo. 1l. Dals, on Lunatie Asylums, on Rlementary jutras

Education, on the Qualificatiors of the An Enquiry concerning the Power of Teachers of Youth, on the Character and Increase in the Numbers of Mankind, Conduct becoming Ministers of the Gosbring an Answer to Mr Malthus's Essay pel, on Provision for the Poor. 12mo. 3s.

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lls. 6d.




An Appeal from the Judgment of Great manufacturing articles of British growth Britain, respecting the United States of in lieu of foreign materials. By W. By Robert Walsh.7 -185. lisbury. 2s.

Observations on the Critique contain-'! Substance of the Speech of the Right med in the Edinburgh Review for October Hon. Lord Grenville, Nov. 30, 1819, on

1819, oft MI Owen's Plans for Relieving the Marquis of Lansdowne's Motion, for the National Distressh) By a Lover of a Committee on the State of the Country. Truth.d. too qorni 17ist 2s. 6d1!bdia 10*

Specch of Lord John Russell, in the A Letter to the Right Hon the Earl of House of Commons; on December 14, Harrowby, President of the Council, &c. junio 1819, on imoving Resolutions relative to on the discovery of the atrocious Conspi

Corrupt Boroughs, with Extracts from racy. - 1s. wts auto the Evidence on the Grampound Bribery - Sketch of a Plan for the Effectual and Indictments. ls. 6d. on

Permanent Removal of the Public DisSubstance of the Speech of the Right tresses: Is. 6d. Hon. George Canning, in the House of i A Fraginent of the History of John Commons, on Wednesday, November Bull, with the Birth, Parentage, &c. of 24, 1819, 8vo. 23. 6d. I hirsisei ir Jack Radical, with incidental Remarks.

Germany and the Revolution. By Pro- ''8vo. fessor Goerres. 10s. 6d.

Tho Trial of Henry Hunt and nine Report from the Select Committee to others, for an alleged Conspiracy. 5s 6d. whom the several Petitions from the The Trial of Sir Francis Burdett at Royal Burghs of Scotland were referred; Leicester. 18. 6d wilt with Minutes of Evidence.. 8vo. 155. The Political Constitution of the Spa

The Papers recently presented to Para nish Monarchy, as proclaimed by the liament relative to the Internal State of Cortes, at Cadiz, March 19, 1812. iamo. the Country, with Notes, &c.'. 6s. 3s. 6d.

A Plan for the Diminution of Poors? Further Observations on the PracticaRates in Country Parishes, by Classifica- bility and Expediency of Liquidating the tion and Distribution of Labour. By Public Debt of the United Kingdom, with Rowland Stevenson.

reference particularly to the Landed ProStatutes of the United Kingdom, 59th prietor. By R. G. Heathfield. 8vo. 5s. Geo. III. 8vo. Il. 4s. 6d. “111 Bar,sewed. sli

My Opinions since the Peace. » By Sir 1} A Narrative of the late Political and Rowland Oldacre, Bart. 8vo.showth in Military Events in British India, under

A Letter to the Right Hon. Robert the administration of the Marquis of py Peel, M.P.con the Cause of the Depres- Hastings. By Henry T. Princep, Esq.

sion of Trade, &c. 8vo. i first 4;10,137 4to. 21. 10s. is

Dolby's Parliamentary Register ; con- The Speech of the Right Hon, the Earl taining the whole of the Debates, &ci of Liverpool, on the means of extending during the last : Sessions of Parliament and securing the Foreign Trade of the 8vo. 18ss 1

Country; with an Appendix, containing Specimens of Systematic Misrule. By the official Accounts referred to in the # Charles Maclean, M. D. 8vo. 85. boards. "Speech. 28.. di

Speech of the Right Hon. G. Canning Reflections on the present Difficulties to his Constituents at Liverpool at the of the Country, and on relieving them by celebration of his fourth Election. 8vo. opening new Markets to our Commerce, 1s. 6d. A Down to tin 0 and reinoving all injurious restrictions.

A Letter to the Right Hon. -Sturges 3s. bus tikai 1 Bourne, from Montague Burgoyne, Esq. ✓ Memoir of the Ionian Islands, consi

on the manner in which the late act for dered in a Commercial, Political, and Mithe removal of the Irish has been carried litary point of view ; in which their adinto effect. It

vantages of position are described, as well A Treatise on the practical means of as their relation with the Greek Conti1 employing the Poor, in cultivating and nent: including the Life and Character

8vo. 2s.

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of Ali Pacha, the present Ruler of Greece, A Translation of M. Say's Treatise in &c. 8vo. 155. boards.

Political Economy A Few Plain Facts and Observations An Analysis of the True Principles vi relative to the Situation of the Country at Security against Forgery, exemplified by the commencement of the year 1820, in an Inquiry into the Sufficiency of the regard to its Finances, Morals, and Reli- American Plan for a new Bank Note. h gion, with a Plan for their gradual im Sir William Congreve. 8vo. 112 plates provement.

11. ls. boards. Reflections on the Nature and Tenden- - The Grounds and Danger of Restriction cy of the present Spirit of the Times. By on the Corn Trade considered do. s. the Rev. G. Burges. 6s.

STENOGRAPHY. 14, A Series of Letters addressed to a Friend A Practical Introduction to the Scienta upon the Catholic Question. By Britan- of Short Hand, upon the principles of the nicus. 2s.6d.

late ingenious Dr Byrom. By William A Letter to Lord John Russell on the Gawtress. 12mo. 6s. boards. French Affairs. 8vo. 2s. 6d.

England's Remedy; or, Remarks up- Lectures on the Temper and Spirit ei on Trade, Commerce, and Agriculture. the Christian Religion ; first written and

delivered to the inmates of a large Puhke A Letter to Earl Bathurst on the Con- Asylum, and now Published and Address dition of New South Wales and Van Die- ed to the numerous Parties which apitata man's Land.: By the Hon. Grey Ben- and divide the Empire. By Matthew Al. nett, M.P. 58.

len, E. M. &c. author of Outlines of a A Report made to the Workington Course of Lectures on Chemical PhilosoAgricultural Society. By J. C. Curwen, phy,” &c. - 8vo. 98. boards Esq. M. P. 8vo. 58.

The Christian Amual Journal and Re The Speech of Thomas Lord Erskine, cord of Literature for 1821, with a Por on moving that a List of Witnesses in trait of the Rev. G. Burder." es Sd. Support of the Bill of Pains and Penal- Anti-Scepticism ; or an Enquiry in ties, be forthwith delivered to the Queen. the Nature and Philosophy of Language as

connected with the Sacred Scriptures

. By The Cheltenham Mail Bag; or, Lets the author of “ The Philosophy of Elorzters from Gloucestershire, edited by Pe- tion." 8vo. 55. " ter Quince, the younger.

Ward's Fulfilment of Revelation, en Letters from Mrs Delany (widow of Prophetic History ; in which important Dr P. Delany,) to Mrs Frances Hamil- periods are noticed from this year 1800 ton, from the year 1779 to 1788 ; com- to 1830. 6 vols. 8vo. 21, esi prising many unpublished and interesting History of Religious Liberty. By BenAnecdotes of their late Majesties and the jamin Brooke - 2 vols. 8vo. 1l

. As beds Royal Family. 8vo. 6s. 6d. boards. Prayers for Visiting the Sick By T.

Collections relative to the Claims at the Mesurier. 12mo. - 4s. 6d. boards Coronations of several of the Kings of The spirit of the Gospel of Jesus un England, beginning with Richard II. be- folded, in a systematic artangement of ing curious and interesting Documents, the Evangelical Records. By the Ref. derived from authentic sources. 8vo. 5s. W. B. Smith, and John Fairbáím. 1982.

The Political Quixote; or, the Advena 5s. boards.; } tures of the renowned Don Blaekibo The Sermons of Dr Isaac Barros. Dwarfino and his trusty Squire Seditiono, 5 vols. 8vo. 21. 128. od. boards. in quest of the Penny Subscription. 48. Bishop Watson's Apologies, Jenya's boards.

Evidences, and Lyttleton on St Paul, in An Epistle from William Lord Russel one neat volume, 24mo. 4s. 6d. to William Lord Cavendish, supposed to Remarks on the Internal Evidence for have been written the evening

before his the Truth of the Revealed Religion. By Execution. By the Right Hon. George Thomas Erskine, Esq. Advocate, 19720. Canning. 48.

2s. stitched.


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The Application of Christianity to the Sermons on Practical Subjects. By Commercial and Ordinary Affairs of Life, W. Barlass, Minister of the Gospel ; with in a Series of Discourses. ' By Thomas a Biographical Sketch of the Author preChalmers, D.D. Minister of St John's fixed. By Peter Wilson, LL.D. 8vo. 14s. Church, Glasgow. 8vo. 8s. boards. A Mother's Journal during her Daugh

The First Part; containing the Penta- ter's last Illness, with a Preface. By teuchy or Five Books of Moses, of a New Miss Jane Taylor. ' 12mo. 35. 6d. Edition of the Gaelic Bible in quarto. True Christian Religion, or the UniBy the Society of Scotland for propaga- versal Theology of the New Church ; ting Christian Knowledge. 4to. 5s. boards. Translated from the Latin of the Hon. E.

A Father's Second Present to his Fa- Swedenborg: 2 vols. royal 8vo. Il. 11s. mily, or a short Demonstration of the 6d. Demy il. 1s. Being and Attributes of God, &c. &c. The Divine Origin and Authority of By a Layman. 24mo. 4si

the Christian Religion Vindicated. By The Death and Character of Asa, King the Rev. H. C. O'Donnaghue. 5s. 6d. of Judah. A Sermon preached on occa- Thoughts on the Divinity, and Sonsion of the Death of his late Majesty, ship of Jesus Christ, with some Reinarks King George the Third. By Robert on the Publications of Messrs Boyd, Culbertson, Minister of the Gospel, Leith. Moore, Watson, and Wert, on the Eter8vo. 18.

nal Sonship. By S. Brunskill. Lyra Davidis, or a New Translation An Inquiry on the Daty of Christians and Exposition of the Psalms, on the Prin- with respect to War. "By Mr John Shepciples of the late Bishop Horsley. By the pard. 8vo. Rev. John Fryot! 8vo. 188.

Discourses and Essays on Subjects of A Letter to the Bishop of St David's, Public Interest. "By J. M'Gill. 12mo. on his Lordship's Misconceptions of a

6s. 6d. Pamphlet, "Reflections concerning the A Compendious History of the Church Expediency,” &c. By Samuel Wix. 8vo. of God. By the Rev. Č. Ives 12mo. 3s.''

2s. 6d. · Discourses on the Three Creeds, and A Recently-discovered Ethiopic Veron the Homage offered to Our Saviour on sion of the First, usually called the certain occasions during his Ministry, Fourth, or Second Apocryphal Book of with an Appendix. By E. Nares. 8vo. Ezra." By Richard Lawrence. 12s. 10s. 6d.

Sermons on the Unerring Doctrine of Sermons preached in the Cathedral the Established Church, that Christ JeChurch of Worcester. By the late Rev. sus is God and Lord. By the Hon. and James Stillingfieet. 8vo. 14s.

Rev. E. J. Turnour. 3 vols. 8vo. 11. 7s. The Chronology of Our Saviour's Life. Sermons, Doctrinal and Practical. By By the Rev. C. Benson. 8vo. 6s. the Rev. T. F. Dibdin. 8vo. 12s.

A Vindication of our Authorised Trans- Lectures upon Genesis. By Thomas 19lation and Translators of the Bible. By Austin. 6s. the Rev. H. J. Todd. 8vo. 6s.'

* On the Purity of the Primitive Church Theological Tracts. By Bowdler. 55. of the British Isles. 8vo. 16s. o 6d. ltr

Three Sermons, preached for the NaA New Plan for Social and Domestic tional Schools, with Notes. By the Rev. Worship, wherein all who Love the Gosi C. J. Hoare. 4s. pel may unite together, with the Feasts "A Series of Important Facts, Demonand Fasts of the Established Church. By strating the Truth of the Christian Relithe Rev. W. Smith, M. A. Author of gion, drawn from the Writings of its Domestic Altar, &c. 8vo. 5s.

Friends and Enemies, in the First and The Life, Deeds, and Opinions, of Second Centuries. "By T. Jones, LL.D. Dr Martin Luther ; faithfully Transla- 8v0. 78. <ula ! ted from the German of Jolm Frederick Pious Memorials, or the Power of ReWilliam Fischer, Superintendant at ligion upon the Mind, in Sickness, and Plawnew in Saxony, with an Appendix. at Death. By the Rev. George Burder. By John Kortz. 12mo. 6s.

8vo. 10s.

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Thoughts on Death, Sickness, and The Domestic Minister's Assistant; Loss of Friends ; Selected from various Prayers for the Use of Families. By the Writers. 12mo. 5s. 6d. boards.

Rev. Wm. Jay! 8vo. 98. boards. * Lectures on some important branches Biblical Criticism on the Books of the of Religion. By Thomas Raffles, M. A. Old Testament, and Translations of 3. 12mo. 7s. boards.

cred Songs. By Samuel Horsley. 4 vots The Age of Christian Reason ; contain- 8vo. 21. 2s. boards. ing, exclusive of the Evidences of the Sermons. By the Rev. D. W. Garrow, Holy Scriptures, a Refutation of the Po- 10s. 6d. litical and Theological Principles of Tho- Sermons. By the Hon. W. Herbert $ mas Paine and M. Volney, &c. , and al- Sermons. By the Rev. W. Gilpin. Sm so a Refutation of Unitarianism. By Tho- 12s. boards. mas Broughton, Esq. 8vo. 7s.

A Course of 13 Sermons on RegenersAn Inquiry, Chiefly on Principles of tion; comprising a general View of k Religion, into the Nature and Discipline Work of Grace on the Heart. By d. of Human Motives. By the Rev. John Sutcliffe. 6s. boards. 2.'! Penrose, M. A. formerly of C. C. C. Oxa An Inquiry, chiefly on Principles ford.

Religion, into the Nature and Diseip ir An Examination of the Charges made of Human Motives. By the Rev. Jom against Unitarians and Unitarianism, and Penrose. 10s. 6d. boards. In 1984 the Improved Version. By the Right Discourses and Dissertations.' By the Rev. Di Magee, Bishop of Raphoe, in his Rev. L. Booker. 2 vols. 8vo. Il'Is Discourses and Dissertations on Atone- boards. ment and Sacrifices. By Lant Carpenter, A Plain Statement and Scriptoral De LL.D. Svo. '145.

fence of the Leading Doctrines of UnThe Christian's Cyclopædia. By Mr tarianism ; to which are added, Remart Baxter.-12mo. 78:

on the Canonical Authority of the New The Messiah. By Mr Bayford. 8vo. 10s. Testament, and a candid Review of the

Sermons. By Dr Busfield. 8vo. vol. Text of the Improved version. By R II. 12$.

Wallace, 3s. +231 1 Essay on the Trinity. By Mr Jones. - The Best of Kings, or, George III. A 18mo. Is. 6d. 1

Sermon preached Feb. 27, 1820, in the A Serinon, Preached at the Foundling French Protestant Church, calleil Le Hospital, on the Death of his late Ma- Quarre, Little Dean Street, Soho. Br J. jesty. By the Rev. J. Hewlett. 2s," L. Chirol, A. M. 8vo. 29. 60.-131'i

Sermons on Various Subjects and Oc- Vindicize Geologicse; or, the Connection casions. By G. S. Taber, B. D. vol. II. of Geology with Religion Explainer: B 8vo. 12s.

the Rev. W. Buckland. 400. 48. semod. The Domestic Minister's Assistant; Village Sermons. By a Country Clans a course of Morning and Evening Pray- man. 12mo. 29. 60. in 10

for the use of Families, with Prayers A Course of Lectures, bontaining : for Particular Occasions. By the Rev. Description and Systematie Arrangensat Wm. Jay. 8vo.

of the several Branches of Divinity; acThe Enthusiasm of Methodists and companied with an Account both of the Papists considered. By Bishop Laving- principal Authors, and of the Progress ton. With Notes and an Introduction which has been made at different Perirds By the Rev. R. Polwhele. 8vo. 15s. boards. in Theological - Learning. By Herbert

Daily Bread, or Meditations for every Marsh. Part V. 8vo. 2s. 6d." in Day in the Year. Thick 12mo. 8s. 6d. Hints to the Public, and the Legiss

A Letter to the Right Rev. the Lord ture on the Nature and Effect of EvanBishop of St David's, in Reply to his gelical Preaching 8vo. 1l. 35. Boards, Letter, entitled “ Popery incapable of A Second Volume of Sermons, preachUnion with a Protestant Church." By S. ed in the Parish Church of High WyWix. 2s. 6d. ve adik ini ili

combe. By the Rev. C. Bradley. 10s 6d. Horæ Homileticæ ; or, 1200 Discourses boards.' on the Whole Scriptures. 11 vols. 8vo. Sermons Illustrative and Practical. By 51. 15s, 6d. boards.

the Rev. W. Gilpin. M. A. 193. bearis.


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