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the place where you now are, before you You mention in this letter a sister bee went home?-- I went

directly home. sides Mariette ? -Yes. The Interpreter.—The word used (dia I hardly need ask if you are much atrectement) is equivocal; it may mean that tached to that sister-I was always she did not go out of the direct way much attached to her. home.

And that sister you wished to go into Did you not stop in some other place ? the service of her Royal Highness ?-I - I went directly home.

wished to place her in the service of the The Interpreter. There is the same Princess, because she wished to travel, ambiguity still.

and had often spoken to me to place her Witness.— I went directly home without waiting.

Re-examined.You told us yesterday I want to know, not whether you went that you were dismissed from the service straight home without going to another of her Royal Highness for saying someplace, but whether, before you went home, thing that was not true: state the ciryou stayed any where?

cumstances of your dismissal ?-I was The LORD-CHANCELLOR.- Before you dismissed from the service of the Princess began to go home?-I remained a moment because she had been told that Mr Sacchi in a room above.

had been told that the Princess was in You say you remained a moment-how love with him, and that I had told him long?-I don't recollect exactly. so. This proceeded from a letter which

Do you mean to represent it was not I wrote to Mr Sacchi, and which was above a moment?-No answer.

taken up at the post ; and because I said Will you swear it was not half an hour? in the end of it that the Princess loved -I do not swear it; I may have remained (aimoit) Mr Sacchi. I did not mean love, half an hour.

but that the Princess liked him as well An hour ?-I cannot swear the time. as others of the house in the same man

What did you mean by saying a mo- ner as other persons of the house. After ment? did you mean only a short time? this letter I was dismisscd, because the -I meant it was not a long time. Princess thought I meant love, but it was

Will you give us some notion of the not literally love that I intended. time? Will you swear you did not re- Did you on any occasion state that the main there two hours ? I cannot swear Princess was in love with Sacchi?-No. the time, because I do not recollect the Then was the charge made against you time.

true or false? --It was not true. In that letter, what place do you mean You said Bergami was present when by the capital of Europe - I can't recal the Princess produced your letter that to mind what I meant, because I was ac- had been taken from the post, tell us customed to write in a double sense, and what Bergami said about it during that it is so long since I wrote that letter that interview ?—Respecting the letter, he I can't recollect.

said it was true that I had said the Having heard that letter read in French Princess was in love with M. Sacchi. I and in English, don't you know what you proposed to the Princess to write to M. meant by the capital of Europe ?-It is Sacchi to have the truth, and M. Bergami impossible for me at such a distance of opposed it. M. Bergami aecused me of time to recollect what I meant by all the having passed the night with M. Sacchi. words. By the capital of Europe I meant I said my sister was present, and might Lausanne or Colombier.

declare that I had slept with her. Were you in the habit of calling Co- I wish that passage of the letter to be lombier the capital of Europe ?-I was turned to, in which the witness speaks of often in the habit of calling it a capital the bitterness with which the Princess's in writing to my sister or friends ; not enemies pursued her, and of her being that I considered that the capital of Eu- surrounded by spies. What did you mean

was in the habit of by writing that passage?-It is so writing in a double sense.

since, that I cannot recollect.

rope, but


Was the statement in that passage true, The witness here begged leave to retire, or not?—I knew that thousands of people and was absent for about ten minutes. On bad informed themselves in Switzerland her returning her testimony regarding the about the affairs of the Princess.

private mark in her letters was read over Do you mean now to say that she was to her. The Marquis of LAN&DOWN put surrounded by spies and informers?—The the following questions upon it.Princess told me so, often.

Did you ever receive a letter from your But this letter was written from Co- sister, containing the mark on which you lombier ?-I know nothing myself, I said had agreed for your futurecorrespondence? only what had been told ine by the Prin- – I only received one letter from my sister,

and I do not recollect whether there was Am I to understand that the circum- any such mark upon it: the letter I menstance stated was true, or otherwise ?-1 tioned before, which had been taken up at had received such a letter, but what I the post. wrote concerning it was a double entendre If you had not received from your sisfor my sister.

ter the mark agreed upon, why did you Do you mean to say that you added what conceive that your sister would be enabled was false to what was true ?-I added

to comprehend the double meaning consomething.

tained in the letter shewn to you without Was that something false ?-It was that or any mark agreed upon between not added for the purpose of falsehood, you ?-We had not agreed upon that but that my sister might understand me, mark as far as I can recollect, for this reabecause I was afraid to write freely. son—my sister told me when she wrote to

Marquis of BuckINGHAM.-Had you me she would put a mark at the foot of any reason to believe that the Princess her letter. was surrounded by informers or spies ? - That is not an answer to my question, I never saw any body near her whom I -I believed my sister would understand thought to be a spy.

me, but I do not recollect for what reason Did, in point of fact, any person write to I believed so. It is so long since this ocyou promising you a brilliant fortune if curred that it is impossible I can recollect. you would come to England ?-I received Lord Viscount FALMOUTH.-I wish to á letter in Switzerland promising me a know whether you were sincere in your place if I would come.

praises of the Princess at the time you But did it promise you a brilliant for- wrote that letter with the double entendre : tune in a short time? -No; that was not whether you mean that the whole letter in the letter. I intended it only as an al- was a double entendre, or only passages in lusion for my sister.

it ?- There were only some passages of Then it is not true that any such offer the letter, because when I wrote it I was was made to you?-None such exactly. extremely attached to her Royal High

By the Earl of Derby.—Did you write ness, and I was willing to speak of the exin this mysterious manner to your sister treme kindness with which she treated in consequence of any clue which


had given her, or of any understanding that subsisted between you ? --- Yes, there was

Luigi GALDINI, an understanding.

[A mason, was sent for to the Villa Marquis of LANSDOWN.--Having sta- d'Este, to make a cornice.] ted that you agreed with your sister upon When you went to Villa d'Este, did a particular mark to facilitate and conceal you inquire for Gaugiari?- I did. your correspondence, can you point out Did you go any where to look for him? any such mark in the letter which has Yes. been read ?-(The letter was handed to Did you go up stairs ?-Yes. the witness.)

When you went up stairs, were you in Lord REDESDALE said that it might be a large rooi ?-I went into a room, but necessary to refer the witness to the evi- it was not a great room. dence she had already given regarding the How long did you wait there for him? mark

or did you find him there I opened a


door-I saw a great many doors—I was laughing, as on this occasion; and said rather out of humour, because I had lost it ought not to pass unnoticed. a great deal of money by having so many The Earl of LiveRPOOL said, that men unemployed—and I opened a door whatever impressions inight have been and shut it again.

made on the minds of Noble Lords, the When you opened a door, whom did conduct did not seem to require further you see? --I saw the Baron and the Prin- notice. cess, who were both seated.

The LORD CHANCELLOR said, he did Whom do you mean by the Baron ?- not think this sort of thing excusable. Bergami.

Cross-examined.-[Saw Colonel Browne How were the Princess and the Baron and Vilmarcati at Milan, and agreed to sitting?- They were sitting together, and take ten liri a-day for his expences. ] the Baron had bis arm across her neck. How was the Princess dressed as to her

ALEXANDRO FINETTI, bosom ?-It was uncovered from here [an ornamental painter, was employed (drawing his hand across bis breast.) by Bergami for two years in the Villa d'

Can you describe in what position the Este, and afterwards at Rome. Saw, on Princess was ?-She was sitting.

several occasions, him and the Princess Was there any person in the room be- embrace and kiss each other.] sides the Princess and the Baron ?-I saw no other person.

DOMINICO BRUZO, When you opened the door, what did [Was employed as a mason at the Villa the Baron do ? —He took away his arm, d’Este, and the Barona. Saw Bergami and said, “What do you want here, you and the Princess often walking arm in dog ?”

arm, and sailing together. He once saw What did you say to the Baron ?-I them across two rooms, the doors of told him, you inust excuse me, Signor which were open.] Baron, for I am here to look for Gaugiari. What were they doing when you saw

Did the Baron make any reply to you? them?—They were caressing each other -He told me that that room was not to be with their hands. entered ; that it was not a place for ma- Was the Princess sitting or standing ? sons to work in.

-She was standing: The LORD-CHANCELLOR.-Ask him Was Bergami sitting or standing ?how far he did see her Royal Highness's Both were standing. breast uncovered ?-I did not stay to In what way were they caressing each look; I saw it, and made my escape ; I other?—They caressed each other with saw it in the twinkling of an eye.-(4 their hands. (The witness illustrated laugh.)

his answer by stroking down the cheeks The Duke of HAMILTON.-How was of the interpreter in a whimsical manner.). the Princess dressed at the time ? — I cannot say; I saw what I saw, and was sur


[Aninhabitant of Como, saw Bergami and I wish to know whether Bergami's the Princess bathing in a canal leading to hand was round her Royal Highness's the Brescia. The Princess was dressed in neck, or behind her neck ?-I am the white, with loose trowsers.] Princess, and you (the interpreter) are the Baron (much laughter). The witness

GIOVANNI LUCINI, here passed his hand round the interpre- [A white-washer near Como, saw the two ter's neck.

parties in a carriage called a pado-vanella, Does the witness say that Bergami had she sitting on his knees, with his arm unhis hand round the Princess's neck?—I der hers.) have repeated it many times; I have even Cross-examined.-Did you ever say at shewn it.

Milan that you knew nothing about this A Peer complained of the great impro- business, but that you should like a trip priety and indecency of the witness's con- to London ?-I was examined at Milan. duct in making such motions, and then By Earl Grey.- Is not a pado-vanella a carriage commonly made use of in that Do you know whether the bed-room of part of Italy ? - It is.

her Royal Highness was changed about How many seats are there in it ?—But the same time? --Yes; it was changed one seat.

about two days after the door in BergaCan two persons sit side by side in it? mi's room was re-opened. -No, they cannot.

Did this door open a communication By Lord ELLENBOROUGH.-Have you to the new bed-room of her Royal Highoften seen two persons riding in that man- ness ?-It did ; there was a room beDer ? - Yes.

tween them, which led from one to the

other. CARLO CARATTI, [A confectioner, had seen the parties con

GIUSEPPE RASTELLE stantly together at the Villa d'Este.] [Was superintendant of the stables at the

What have you ever seen them doing Villa d'Este. Saw the Princess repeatedto each other? - I have often seen them ly sitting on Bergami's knee in the padowalking amongst themselves, walking to- vanellu. On the road from Pesaro to Cagether.

prini, he went near the carriage to inHow did they walk ?- They walked as quire the road, when he saw the two if they were true friends; as if they were parties in a highly improper posture. He husband and wife, or something like that. was ashamed, and turned away.]

Did you see them together at Caprini ? Do you remember the little Victorine -I did.

at Villa d'Este? --I do: Did you see them do

any thing?-I How, or by what name, did she call have seen them going to walk a thousand the Princess ?-Mamma mia. times.

Does the witness recollect any convera Did the Princess keep a bird then ?- sation between her Royal Highness and Yes, a nightingale.

the little Victorine at Ville d'Este ?-Her Did you ever carry food to the night- Royal Highness caressed her always like ingale ?-Yes, I did.

her own child, and called her ma chere Do you recollect seeing the Princess fille. and Bergami together on that occasion ? Were you ever at Bologna ?--I have -Yes.

(been). What did you observe them to be do- Did you ever see the wife of Bergami ing ?- They were kissing each other. there ? --I have; but it was at a time Did you hear the Princess say any

when the Princess was not there. thing to Bergami ?-She said, “ Do not Did you ever see her when the Princess remain so long out, mon cæur.'

was there ? - She was there once whilst Did you know which was Bergami's her Majesty was arriving; and they all room at Caprini?-Yes.

escaped ; they all went away. Did you ever see him at the window, Cross-examined. When were you disor hear him call for his servant ?-Yes, missed from the service of the Princess?

- Towards the end of December, 1817. At such times did you ever see the Ask bim, was he not dismissed for Princess also ?-Yes, in Bergami's room. stealing the corn ?-No.

Was not that the charge on which he Francisco GASSINO,

was dismissed ?-No. [A mason, employed at the Villa d'Este.] Then what were you dismissed for?

Do you recollect when the Princess of Because I gave leave to two of her (the Wales returned from the voyage to Princess's) men, to go to an inn or taGreece ?-Yes.

vern; and, on their return, the Baron Was any alteration then macle about and Bernardo, his cousin, and some Bergami's bed-room? -Yes, I was em- others, went to stop these men; and ployed to make one.

when they came to complain to me of it, What alteration was it?-I opened a I said that I never knew that masters door in it, one which had been before should turn “ shirri," thief-takers-imwalled up, which I had stopped myself. peachers.

very often.

(The House appeared to be dissatisfied Has the witness had any other means with this interpretation. The interpreter of getting his bread since he has left the explained, that sbirri,implied a very Princess of Wales's service ? - Yes; for low kind of constable in Italy.)

I am, besides being a pensioner of my Why were you turned away, I ask?- government, by trade a coachmaker. The day after, Luigi came to me with the Who recommended witness to the commoney which was due to me for my two mission ? does he know?-Nobody reor three months salary, and he told me, commended me; but, when I spoke to that “ as I was an honest man, I ought the advocate, he told me that I was only not to be among the sbirri any longer”- to tell the truth, and then I should do. (Much laughter); and therefore I took What are you to have for coming ?my salary and went away.

They have promised me nothing. And you went?--Yes.

What do you expect to have ?-NoWas he never charged, when in the thing; they have promised me nothing; service of the Princess of Wales, with I have nothing to expect. stealing the horse-provender? - Never. Do you mean us to infer that you ex

I don't mean charged before a magi- pect nothing ?-Yes. strate ; but was he not charged by some Who are the persons whom you came one in the family, or in the service of the over with ?-Some I know, some I do Princess ? -No, never.

not know; those I know, I know because You swear to that, as well as to all the we came together; but I never saw them rest of your evidence ?—I do.

before. You never said, then, I should think, I beg to know who they are whom you to any body, that you had been dismissed do know ?-There were various ; I knew upon a charge of stealing corn ?-I have them by sight, at first; but I know them not, because I never told a lie.

not ; I have no acquaintance, I mean, no So; does he mean to say that he never intimacy, with them. told a lie, or that he never told one with- I only ask their names ?-Some I know, out being well paid for it?-(Order, or- and can say ; others I don't know. der.)

I don't want him (witness) to tell me Did not the witness become one of the any thing that he does not know. I want most active agents of the Milan commis- the names of those whom he does know? sion ?

- There were Reganti, Miardi, Carlo The SOLICITOR-Generalobjected that Gione, Enrico Ragazzoni, Enrico Baji, this was a question which could not be and the wife of Majocci. put, because it was not known that there Ask the witness whether he never sought were any agents of the commission of that Draconi; he knows the man I mean? description which the learned gentleman I have been sometimes looking after him assumed. He had no right, therefore, to and seeking for him, for we are friendssay, “ the most active agents."

but not on this business ; so he has come Mr Denman.-(To the interpreter.) sometimes and looked after me. _“Oh, never mind, don't put the ques- Then he never offered Draconi any motion.–Did he not become a very active ney to come forward as a witness ?--I agent there?”

have not. (An objection was here taken to the Did witness never say to any one that mode in which the interpreter put this he would give him money for his testiquestion ; he observed, that he had not mony?-_I have not. said, “ most active,” as was imputed to Does he know Colonel Vassali ? -I bim; but, “ one of the most active.") know Vassali— the Count Vassali- but

Ans.— I was not an active agent. They not the Colonel. gave me orders only as a courier, which Did you see him some short time after is my profession; and as courier I have


left the Princess's service ?-I did. done.

Did you have any conversation with Then you have been employed as a him respecting the cause of your dismise courier by that commission ?-Ycs, some- sal?-I had. times ; whenever they had need of me. Did you not tell him any thing about

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