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Brought forward, £1,510,272 16 40,012,002 ", Per Centage on Loans raised from 1813 to 1819, both

3,230,323 11 Annual appropriation for the redemption of £12,000,000 Part of £14,200,000, Loan 1807

626,255 10 Interest on Capitals transferred for Life Annuities 152,003 16 Long Annuities transferred for Do.

7,224 10 Interest on Debt of the United Kingdom, Redeemed 3,264,945 4 Do.... on Imperial Debt

65,995 6 Do.... on Debt of Portugal


16,665 Interest at £1 per cent on part of Capitals created since 5th January, 1793.

6,920,962 2 Do.. on Outstanding Exchequer Bills

507,211 10 Do.. on Advances for constructing a Harbour East

ward of Dunleary, per Act 56 Geo. III. cap. 62 . Returned from Account of Life Annuities, the Nominees

having died prior to their being set apart for payment 3,544 Fourth part of a Legacy bequeathed by the late Admiral Peter Rainier, to the use of the Sinking Fund

187 9 Applied towards the Redemption of the Debt created in

respect of £2,500,000, borrowed for the East India
Company in 1812

150,376 7


46,193,606 14

779,992 3 283,000 0 198,056 10 63,156 16 15,000 0 472,233 14 58,755 10

6,541 0 372,832 17 369,089 14 129,988 5

on the

Total Charges for Debt 11.-The Interest on Exchequer Bills, and Irish Treasury Bills II.-The Civil Lists of


Courts of Justice

in England
The other Mint

Allowances to the Royal Family, Pensions, &c.

Salaries and Allowances
Consolidated Bounties
Fund. Miscellaneous

Permanent Charges in Ireland,
V. The Civil Government of Scotland
VI.-The other Payments in Anticipation of the Exchequer Receipts ; viz.

Bounties for Fisheries, Manufactures, S Customs
Corn, &c.

Pensions on the Hereditary Revenue


Post-Office Militia and Deserters' Warrants, &c. Excise and Taxes VII.-The Navy; viz.

General Services

The Victualling Department
VIII, The Ordnance
IX.-The Army ; viz.

Ordinary Services

Extraordinary Services
X.—Issues from Appropriate Funds, for Local Purposes
XI.-Miscellaneous Services :

245,216 11 68,716 8 14,000 0 13,700 0 47,534 1




2,281,000 0 2,949,728 6 1,164,824 12 1,538,209 3

7,719,924 3 1,730,726 10

At Home

53,101 1

1,595,007 2

260,741 9

Total Expenditure
Deduct, Sinking Fund on Loan to the East India Company

169,599,276 1

150,376 7

Total 169,448,899 13


Of the Select Committee of the House of Commons on Agricultural

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The Select Committee of the House mediately accessible to the sea, which of Commons, to whom the several pe- have been denominated the twelve matitions presented to the House upon ritime districts ; and the counties comthe subject of agricultural distresses prehended in which, are particularly were referred, to consider the matter described by the act of the 31st of his thereof, and report their opinion there- late Majesty, cap. 30. These districts on; and who were, by an instruction were, under that act, totally independof the 31st of May last, directed to ent of each other ; the foreign trade in confine their inquiries to the mode of corn being governed in each by its own ascertaining, returning, and calculating distinct price, so that the ports might the average prices of corn in the twelve be open in one district, and closed in Maritime Districts, under the provi. another. Scotland also was divided sions of the existing corn laws, and to into four districts ; the foreign corn any frauds which may be committed in trade of each being governed in the violation of

any of the provisions of like manner. This system continued the said laws ;-have proceeded to in- until the year 1804, when it was detervestigate this branch of the subject mined, by an act of that year, that the matter of those petitions, and have entire foreign corn trade of England agreed to the following Report :- should be governed by one ruling

Your Committee have thought it price, and the aggregate average price necessary to explain, in the first in. of the twelve maritime districts was stance, the manner in which the re- fixed upon as the basis to form that turns of the prices of the several sorts ruling price ; it was also enacted, that of British corn (the aggregate price of the entire trade of Scotland should be which governs the importation of fo. governed by the aggregate average of reign corn) are required to be taken the four Scotch districts. In the year and computed by the existing laws, 1805 it was enacted, that both Eng. and subsequently to make some obser- land and Scotland should be governed vations thereon, and to suggest some by one ruling price; and the aggregate alterations. These returns are taken average of the twelve maritime dis. from those parts of England more im. tricts of England was then adopted

for that purpose. During this period, der of the Lord Mayor or two AlIreland was considered, in relation to dermen. Every corn-factor is bound its trade in corn with Great Britain, as to make a declaration to return all sales a foreign country; nor was it till the made by him, with the names of the year 1806 that the perfect freedom of buyers, and by what measure and trade in corn between the two coun- weight sold, under a penalty of 501. tries was established. The foreign The 2d district comprises the towns trade of Ireland, as well as of Great of Ipswich, Woodbridge, Sudbury, Britain, is now governed by the saine Hadleigh, Stowmarket, Bury, Beccles, rule.

Bungay, Lowestoft, Cambridge, Ely, The first of these twelve maritime and Wisbech. districts comprises the counties of Es- The 3d district comprises the towns sex, Kent, and Sussex ; but the price of Norwich, Yarmouth, Lynn, Thet. of that whole district is determined ex. ford, Watton, Wymondham, East Dereclusively by that of the Corn Ex- ham, Harleston, Holt, Aylesham, Fa. change in Mark-lane ; and in order to kenham, and Walsingham. ascertain the same, all corn-factors are The 4th district comprises the towns required by law to return to an inspec- of Lincoln, Gainsborough, Glamford tor, who is appointed by the proprie. Briggs, Louth, Boston, Sleaford, tors of the Corn Exchange, an account Stamford, Spalding, York, Bridlingin writing weekly of the quantities and ton, Beverley, Howden, Hull, Whitprices of each and every sale of corn by, and New Malton. made by them, and the names of the The 5th district comprises the towns buyers, and by what measure and of Durham, Stockton, Darlington, weight sold; all which accounts the Sunderland, Barnard Castle, Wolsinginspector must enter in a book to be ham, Belford, Hexham, Newcastle, kept for that purpose. If any sales Morpeth, Alnwick, and Berwick. are made by measure or weight, other The 6th district comprises Carlisle, than the Winchester bushel or weight. Whitehaven, Cockermouth, Penrith, of 571., he is to equalize them accord- Appleby, and Burton. ly, and then cast up the total quantity The 7th district comprises the towns sold in the week, the total money the of Liverpool, Ulverston, Lancaster, same has been thrown for, and divide Preston, Wigan, Warrington, Manthe money by the number of the quar- chester, Bolton, Chester, Nantwich, ters, and the result gives the average Macclesfield, and Stockport. price for the first district. This ac- The 8th district comprises the towns count is transmitted to the receiver of of Holywell, Mold, Denbigh, Wrex

The inspector gives ham, Llanroost, Ruthin, Beaumaris, bond before the Lord-Mayor, and Llancherymead, Amlweh, Carnarvon, makes oath to the due execution of his Pulhely, Conway, Bala, Corwen, and office, and is liable to be removed upon Dolgelly. complaint ; he has an office found for The 9th district comprises Cardihim, and a salary of 2001. per annum, gan, Lampeter, Aberystwith, Pempaid by a duty of a 1d. per last on broke, Fishguard, Haverfordwest, Car. British, and ed. per last on Foreign marthen, Llandile, Kidwelly, Swansey, corn brought into the Thames east. Neath, and Cowbridge. - ward of London Bridge ; his books The 10th district comprises Glocesare not open to public inspection, but ter, Cirencester, Tetbury, Stow-onthey are accessible to the receiver at Wold, Tewkesbury, Bristol, Taunton, all times, and to other persons, by or. Wells, Bridgewater, Frome, Chard,

corn returns.


2 B

Monmouth, Abergavenny, Chepstow, 12, give the aggregate average of the and Pontypool.

whole 12 districts; and the combined The 11th district comprises Exeter, aggregate average price of the six Barnstaple, Plymouth, Totness, Tavis- weeks preceding

the 15th May, Autock, Kingsbridge, Truro, Bodmin, gust, November, and February, deterLaunceston, Redruth, Helston, and mines the opening and shutting of the St Austle.

ports at those periods respectively The 12th district comprises Bland- The country inspectors are bound tord, Bridport, Dorchester, Sherborne, by oath to the due execution of their Shaftesbury, Wareham, Winchester, office, and are removable by the maAndover, Basingstoke, Fareham, Ha. gistrates. They are bound to enter all vant, Newport, Ringwood, Southamp- returns in a book, the inspection of ton, and Portsmouth,

which is open to the receiver and to An inspector is appointed for each others, by order of two magistrates. of these icwns by the magistrates in They are allowed five shillings for sessions ; and the dealers in corn, viz. every return, out of the county-rate, millers, maltsters, merchants, factors, which was reimbursed by the Receiagents, &c., are bound to make re. ver-General of Customs formerly out turns in writing of the quantity and of duties received on the importation price of each and every sale of corn,and of foreign corn ; but the same having by what measure or weight the same been repealed, the charge is left upon was bought, to the inspector of the town the custom duties generally. Magisin which such purchase was made. He trates may order further remuneration is bound to enter all these returns in a

out of county-rates, but can obtain no book, and transmit weekly an account further reimbursement. thereof to the receiver of corn returns All dealers are bound to make a de. in London.

claration that they will make true and The total quantity of corn sold in faithful returns, according to the dieach town is cast up, and the total of rections of the statute, and are liable money for which the same was sold, to a penalty of 101. for every neglect after equalizing the weights and mea- or default, or false return. sures (if any variations are found there- The Privy Council have power to in), and then dividing the money by change the towns from whence returns the quarter, the result gives the ave- are required to be made, upon the rerage price of that town; these average presentation of magistrates in Sessions. prices of each town being thas found, Your Committee having thus detailare added together, and, being again ed the principal provisions of the exdivided by the number of towns, give isting law for collecting the returns of the average of such district; and the prices, and forming the averages, which averages of the districts thus found are they think, with some few exceptions, added together, and, being divided by are well constructed to accomplish the

* By the Act 55 Geo. III. c. 26, § 5, it is, however, enacted, that if, after the opening of the ports for the importation of foreign corn, &c., the price of any such corn, &c., should, in the first six weeks following such opening, tall below the prices at which foreign corn is allowed to be imported, the ports shall be shut against the importation of that sort of foreign corn, from any place from the Eyder to the Bidassoa, for the last six weeks of that quarter, or until a new average shall be made up and published,

object of the legislature, if duly execu- ed (A) is sufficient alone to exemplify ted, have now to state the result of and prove that opinion; the house will their inquiry as to its execution, the see that the weekly average sale in existence of any frauds, the liability to many

of the most celebrated cities and frand, and the means of prevention ; towns is so exceedingly small, as to. and in the first place, with regard to form in itself conclusive proof that no its execution, they feel themselves war. attention whatever is given to the colranted in saying, upon the concurrent lection of returns ; indeed, it often octestimony of all the witnesses, that, curs, particularly in Manchester, Macwith the exception of the returns taken clesfield, and Stockport, returns are at the Corn Exchange, the greatest made to the receiver of None sold." neglect and inattention have universally From Plymouth the inspector return. prevailed ; the returns taken at the ed 3 quarters of wheat in one instance ; Corn Exchange appear to be regular and 7, in another, have formed the toand correct, and the persons bound by tal return for the week ; when it is in law, viz. the factors, obey the inju:c- evidence, that a single dealer will often tion of the statute. Your Committee sell 200 quarters in that place on one remark here, that the returns are made market-day. The inspector says, that by factors only; that is, persons em

not one-tenth of the dealers ever make ployed to sell on commission; and con- any return at all. At Bristol, 39 quara sequently, that all purchases made by ters of wheat appear, in one instance, millers, maltsters, and merchants, of to have formed the total return ; 25 in the growers or shippers of corn, or another ; and on one occasion, none agents or persons other than factors, was returned.

It is supposed, neverdo not come into this return. Your theless, by the inspector, that the Committee are not aware of the rea. weekly sales are from 1500 to 2000 sons that induced the legislature to de. quarters; and although there are about termine the price of the first district torty factors and dealers in corn in by the criterion of the Corn Exchange; Bristol, yet not more than six or seven it appears to them, that it would be have ever signed the declaration, or more consonant to the spirit of the law ever make any returns. At Liverpool to take the price from the principal similar neglect is stated to prevail. towns of Essex, Kent, and Sussex, in Your Committee do not think it neorder to estimate the real average price cessary, therefore, to go further into of corn in those three extensive mari- this part of the subject. Many of the time counties. The consumption of witnesses have produced statements of London requires the higher quality of sales of their own, compared with the grain, and probably does not therefore returns under the act, to shew that in consist of the best growth of those many cases they are widely different ; counties, to the price of which must in general, they suppose that the agbe added the cost of transport to mar. gregate average is higher than their ket.

sales; but this does not appear to be In regard to the other districts, your uniformly the case, though there are Committee find, as above stated, uni- undoubtedly many circumstances that versal neglect ; and they have reason to may have a tendency to bring the highthink that a very inconsiderable pro- priced wheats into the return rather portion of the quantity sold weekly is than the low. Millers and bakers, ever returned. Your Committee think when concerned in making the return, that an inspection of the paper mark may have an interest in making the

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