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she so came? - In the same cloak I have went to bed while you were at supper, already described.

did you make any particular observation? Was she in her night-dress? Yes, -No: but I did in the morning. she was.

What morning ?- Either the followWas Bergami then in his room? -Yes, ing morning, or the morning after that. sometimes he was, and sometimes he was What did you then see?-I saw the

Princess come out of the Countess of OlWhen Bergamí opened his door at any di's room, and enter her own bed-room. time, did you see the door of the Prin- At what hour in the morning was that? cess's room open or shut?-I saw it, I -I think about 10 o'clock. think, generally open.

Had the Princess any thing in her Have you made any remark about her hand, or under her arm, at the time? expression to Bergami at any time? Yes, she had. Yes, I have.

What?—The pillow or cushion which What was it? what did you remark? she always slept upon. Sometimes she called him Chevalier mon How was the Princess dressed ?-She cour, sometimes her dear friend. That was not dressed then; she was in her was what I remarked.

night-dress, after being undressed. Did you see Bergami on board the At the time the Princess came out of Clorinde?-I did.

the room, in the way you have described, Do you recollect at any time during with the pillow, did the Princess see you? that voyage to have particularly seen Ber- -The Princess looked at me. gami in the Princess's cabin ?-I do; I When the Princess looked at you, what recollect once.

observation did you make as to what she Where was the Princess at the time did? what did she do?-She fixed her you saw Bergami in her cabin ?-She was eyes on me.

She looked at me earnestly. in her cabin also.

What did she then do?--She went on How was she situated there? was she to her own room. sitting up or in bed ?-In bed.

Did she say any thing ?-No. Was it in the day or in the night [At Catania, the Princess was painted time?- It was in the day.

as a Turkish woman, and al:o as a peniHow was the Princess lying in the tent Magdalen, with her breast open. bed ?-She had just laid down.

This last picture Demont once saw in Where was Bergami?-He was on a the possession of Bergami. He was also bed in the cabin, near the Princess's. painted as a Turk, and the Princess as

How long was he there?-I think, as sisted in arranging a turban for this picwell as I recollect, he was there half an

Demont afterwards saw it in a hour.

box belonging to the Princess. Was he sitting up or lying down in On the voyage to Tunis, in the Palace the bed ?-I think lying down.

of the Bey there, and at Utica, the bed[At Syracuse, the bed-rooms of the par- rooms of the two parties were always ties communicated by a small stair-case, near to each other, and with an easy and Demont heard the Princess some- communication.] times locking the door of the stair-case. Can you say where Bergami slept at At Catania, Bergami's bed-room was at Utica? I do not know. first considerably distant from hers; but Did you, in the morning, at Utica, beafter an illness he was removed to that of fore the Princess had left her bed-room, the Countess Oldi, which was contiguous.] see Bergami ?-Yes.

Do you remember her, during this ill- Was it before the Princess was up, or ness of Bergaini, going to bed one night not ?-Before she was up. before you?-I đo.

What did you see Bergami do ?-BerWhen was that?—The Princess went gami passed through our room, and went to bed before me, I recollect, one night, into the room of the Princess. when I was at supper.

How long did he remain there?-I do During the night that the Princess not remember.


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Did you afterwards go into the room? in the dining-room on board the vessel, -I only went to the threshold of the and that her Royal Highness slept in the door: the Princess asked me for some- cabin till you arrived at Jaffa : where thing.

did she sleep afterwards ?-On the deck. Did you see if the Princess was still in Was there a tent there?-Yes. bed ?-I saw that the Princess was still What was in the tent?-Two small in bed.

beds. Was Bergami still in the room ?-Ber- Did her Royal Highness sleep in one gami was still in the room.

of those beds? -Yes. [From Tunis they went to St Jean Did you assist in undressing her d'Acre, and thence to Aun, on their way No. to Jerusalem.)

Who did ?-I do not know. Did you sleep in any house at Aun, or Did any body sleep in the other bed? did you encamp?-We slept in tents.

-M. Bergami. Did the Princess sleep in a tent?-Yes. Did that continue during the whole

Was it a single or a double tent?- As voyage from Jaffa to Italy? Yes. far as I recollect, it was double.

Do you recollect her Royal Highness Was there any bed under that tent?- bathing on board ?-Yes. There were two.

Did she bathe more than once ?--I only Did you attend to undress her Royal recollect once. Highness ?-Yes.

Who attended her ?-Bergami. Where was Bergami?-He was lying Did they both come up together after. on one of the beds.

wards, or did Bergami come up

first? Did you, at the time of which you Bergami came to call me on the deck to speak, leave the Queen undressed or up? go and dress her Royal Highness. -I left her undressed, in the bed.

At the time you were so called by BerWas Bergami dressed, undressed, or gami to dress her Royal Highness, how partly undressed ?-He was dressed, but long had they been together ?- Nearly he had no coat on.

three quarters of an hour. Did you retire, on that occasion, at the Who assisted in getting the water for usual time ? —Yes.

the bath?-I saw Theodore Majocci at Do you remember any day, during the the door with a pail of water in his hand. time you were at Jerusalem, seeing Ber- [After returning to Italy, they went to gami in the room of her Royal Highness? the Villa d’Este, where the household -Yes.

contained the mother of Bergami, his sisWhere was he? was it in the bed- ter Faustine, and his brother Lewis.] room of her Royal Highness ?-He enter- You have told us before that the mos ed the bed-room of her Royal Highness ther of Bergami was called “ Nonna;" while I was there, and threw himself on how was she called after your return to the bed in a ludicrous or jesting way. the Villa d'Este ?-She was called DonWas her Royal Highness in the room

na Livia. at the time? Yes.

Do you remember the theatre at the Did he remain on the bed ?--Not long. Villa d'Este ?-Yes.

During the day-time, while you were Did you ever see Lewis Bergami act at Jerusalem, did you see her Royal any thing on that theatre ?-Yes. Highness and Bergami in the gallery you Did you ever see him play any thing have described - I sometimes saw them on that theatre with her Royal Highness? in the morning in the gallery.

-Yes; he danced, dressed like HarleWas Bergami there? Yes.

quin, and her Royal Highness dressed What was he doing?—They spoke to- like Columbine.-(A laugh.) gether.

Do you remember a black silk cravat Describe what you saw them doing, worn by Bergami?-Generally he wore during the time you were at Jerusalem, in the morning a black silk cravat. in the gallery: -I recollect nothing but Do you remember seeing that cravat to see them talking together.

any where else Yes, in her Royal You have told us that Bergami slept Highness's room.


Was that once, twice, or several times ? go away for the night?- I left the room Several times.

at the same moment. Do you remember the slippers of Ber- When

left the room, had you

left gami? --I saw them once.

Bergami there, or was he gone?-I canWhat kind were they? --White slip- not exactly say whether Bergami was in pers.

the room, but I believe he was. Did you observe them any where else? [At Carlsruhe, the witness observed -Yes, sometimes in her "Royal High- Bergami with his arm round the Princess, ness's room.


her head resting on his breast. They A Peer.—What room ?-Her Royal then went to Vienna, by Trieste into Highness's bed-room.

Italy, and by different stages to Rome. [At La Barona, where Bergami had a At Villa Caprini, near Rome, the folvilla and estate, they spent two months, lowing incident took place.] during which the two rooms were sepa- Had her Royal Highness a small cabi. rated only by a cabinet. Here balls were net below ?-Yes. given, attended by people of low condi- Was there any sofa in that cabinet?tion. Witness mentioned something of Yes. an indecent story told by Bergami of Did you ever see Bergami on that sofa ? what had passed at one of these balls ; but as she declined entering into parti- Have you ever seen him there when culers, the whole was struck out of the the Princess was ?-Yes. minutes.

How was he? Was he sitting on the On the road to Germany, Bergami sofa ?--He was lying down on the sofa. went forward to his trunk for passports, Where was her Royal Highness then ? and did not return that night.]

What was she doing? - She was sitting on Do you recollect the room her Royal the edge of the sofa. Highness slept in, and what arrangements What was she doing? In what position were made on this occasion ?-Yes. was she?-I do not recollect what she

Who went to bed in the same chamber was doing; she was sitting on the side with her Royal Highness ?-Myself. or edge of the sofa.

At what time did you go to bed ?-It Did you ever see her Royal Highness was nearly ten o'clock.

in pantaloons ?-Yes, at Pesaro. What time did her Royal Highness go Was Bergami present at that time ? to bed ?--At the same time.

I saw him once. In the same room ?-Yes.

Tell us what he said, or if he said any Did Bergami return from Inspruck thing, or what passed between them? that night ? _Yes.

Bergami said, Your Royal Highness As far as you recollect, how long after looks better so." you had gone to bed ?-Í don't recollect Tell us the phrase he made use of, as precisely, because I had already fallen far as you recollect ?-Bergami turned asleep.

round, looking at her Royal Highness, Did you sleep in the same bed, or in and said, “O, how pretty you are! I like another bed ?-No, there was a small bed you much better so. laid on the floor for me.

At the time when her Royal Highness After Bergami returned, did her Royal resided at Naples, had she any chaplain Highness give you any orders what to do? as a part of her suite ?-Prayers were said - Her Royal Highness told me I might at her house every Sunday: take up my bed and go.

Was it so at Villa Villani, Villa d'Este, Did you see Bergami before those or- and at the Barona ?-No. ders were given?-Yes, Mr Bergami came Did you ever see it so after you left in at the same time that the orders were Naples ? - Yes. given.

Ūutil what time?- Till we were at Where? in the room of her Royal Genoa. Highness ? -Yes.

Was it ever so at all after you quitted Did you, in consequence of the orders, Genoa ? Never after.

At the time you were first at the Villa Will you swear that while living in the d'Este, was her Royal Highness visited house in Oxford-street you were not callby the nobility in the neighbourhood ?- ed by the title of Countess, not bebind Sometimes.

your back, but in your presence ?- I will How was it at Villa Villani, before you not swear ; but I do not recollect. went to Villa d'Este?—They visited her Was it not something new to you to be sometimes.

called Countess ?-I do not remember beDid her Royal Highness ever say any ing so called in Oxford-street. I rememthing to you about the Cassino, at Mi- ber being called Countess in Frith-street. lan? –Yes.

I wish to ask you whether, when you What did she say?---She said it had lived in Oxford-street, you did not anbeen put to the vote whether she should swer to the title of Countess ? - I do not be admitted at (or into) the Cassino, at recollect. Milan.

Will you swear you did not ?-I will Any thing further?-She said it had

not swear ; but I do not recollect. been negatived.

Was it a matter of no singularity to Cross-examined.-Since you have been you the being called Countess ?-(Here in England have you always gone by the there was a loud cry of “ Order ! order!" same name of Louisa Demont?-ÑO, I by some Peers.) had another name.

Where did you sleep yourself at NaIf it be not giving you too much trou- ples?-In a little apartment above that ble, will you be so good as to tell me your of her Royal Highness. other name? I took the name of the Did you sleep alone in that room? place I come from, Colombia.

-We had two rooms; in one I slept, Did you also take a title, that of Count- and Annette Triesson in the other. ess?-No.

During the time you remained in the Were you never called Countess ?-I house did you sleep alone in that room? was once so called.

-Yes. By once do you mean one time?-I And this you will now swear ?-Yes, mean one time.

that I slept every night in my room alone. By once do you also mean by only one The whole night?---Yes. person ?-I only recollect one person to

Alone?-Yes. have called me 'Countess.

Every night, and the whole of the Did that person call you so only once, night, alone?-Yes, I slept alone. or frequently ?- I only heard it once. If I recollect right, you said you one

Where were you living when that per- night saw Bergami coming out of his son so addressed you ? - In Frith-street. room in a state of undress while you re

Do you mean in Frith-street, Soho- sided at Naples ?-Yes. square?-Yes.

How soon after your arrival at Naples Before that time had you lived in Ox- was this ?- It is impossible for me to say. ford-street ? -Yes.

You need not be particular as to a How long did you live there?--About night or two?-I cannot say precisely. three months, as far as I can recollect. I I do not desire you to say precisely; do not know exactly.

say within a few nights, as near as you While you lived there, did nobody call can ?-We were four months at Naples, you Countess ?-I do not recollect that and I cannot recollect precisely. any body called me so there.

I do not ask you precisely, but to tell Will

you swear that you were not call- me within a week, more or less ?-I caned Countess Colombia in the house in Ox- not recollect. We were four months at ford-street?-I will not swear that; but Naples. I do not recollect it.

Was it during the first month ?-I Will you swear that you did not pass cannot recollect. in the house by the title of the Countess ? Was it during the second or the third

- I cannot tell what Mr Cross, who placed month ?–1 again say I cannot recollect, me in the house, called me; I do not it is so long since the circumstance took know by what title he announced me.



Was it towards the beginning or the Mr WILLIAMS.--First of all, as I subend of your residence at Naples ? --I do mit to your Lordships, the witness musti not recollect.

give an answer to my question, and then Then you have no memory at all as to she may explain, if necessary, whether it happened at the beginning, The Earl of LAUDERDALE directed the the middle, or the end of your residence question to be read, which being done, at Naples? you have no notion of the he observed that it had been answered. time?-1 do not recollect at what period The witness then proceeded to give her it happened.

explanation, which some of their Lord[She acknowledged that when she made ships did not think necessary to be interher escape from the Princess's room, she preted. ran a few steps towards Bergami. At the Mr Williams begged that it might court ball at Naples, she did not go into be interpreted and taken down. the room where the company was, and Mr BROUGHAM, to the interpreter.could not say whether there were any Do you understand it?-Yes. others dressed in the same style as the Then translate it, and let it be taken Princess. When the Princess went to down. sleep in the tent at Aun, she merely threw The Interpreter.--The witness says, off an open gown, which she wore on the that, six months after she left the Prinjourney.]

cess, she wrote to her sister to say that Did you quit the Princess's service of an application had been made to her, but your own accord, or were you discharged ? that communication was a double enten- I was discharged.

dre between her and her sister. Were you not discharged for saying Have you never said that the Princess something which you afterwards admit- was surrounded with spies when she was ted to be false ?-Yes; in fact it was not in Italy ?—I don't recollect having said it.

Did witness ever say it or represent it I believe you were applied to for evi- in any manner?—I do not recollect. dence, by some person or other, very soon Will you swear you have not? I will after you were discharged from the ser- not swear ; but I don't recollect. vice of the Princess ?-Not very soon. Have you a short memory-a treache

I don't know what you call soon : I rous memory ?- Not very short; but it say within half a year ? --Not so soon as is so long since the thing happened, that six months. I had been out of her ser- I have forgotten. vice nearly one year. It was nearly one Do you know Baron Ompteda ?-Yes, year since I left her service.

I have known him. You say that you were applied to, as I You have seen him? -I have seen understood, to know what you had to say him. with respect to the Princess ? Is not that Have you spoken with him? - Not so?-One year after I had left her ser- often.

You have spoken with him ?-Once, Now, do you mean to represent that at Villa Villani. an application was not made to you much When he was on a visit with the Prinearlier than a year after you were dis- cess, I dare say?- When he was staying charged from the Princess's service?-No. at the Villa Villani with the Princess, I

Is it, or is it not, true that an applica- believe. tion was made to you within half a year Was he often there? I recollect only of your quitting that service ?-No ap-. having seen him that once for some days. plication was made to me earlier than one Was there not a complaint made by year after I quitted the service.

the Princess relative to the conduct of Will you swear it?-Yes.

Baron Ompteda ?-Yes, there was. Neither by means of a letter, by per- On which of those occasions was it? sonal application, or otherwise, in any As far as I can recollect, it was when manner?-No. As I know what it is Baron Ompteda was at Villa Villani. about, may I be allowed to explain the Was the complaint about locks, or false matter?

keys ?-I remember that the Princess


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