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The second day, however, after his arri- any communication between that cabinet val at Naples, he was removed from the and the passage of which you have spobed-room at first allotted to him, into one ken ?- There was not. near that of the Princess, and having an What beds were there, at night, in the internal communication within. At the bed-room of the Princess ?-How many? same time, William Austin, the boy, who -There were two; a large one and a had hitherto slept in the Princess's room, small one. was ordered, as being now too big, to be What was the small bed ?-It was & put into a separate apartment. There was, travelling-bed for her Royal Highness. then, between the rooms of the Princess Did her Royal Highness usually sleep and Bergami, only a small cabinet, and a in that bed ?-Yes ; she slept in it. passage ; the outward door of which What preparations were made, that being closed, no one could have access night, for her Royal Highness, relative to those rooms.)

to that bed ?-I saw, in the evening that Did her Royal Highness, on the even- it was made. ing after her arrival at Naples, go to the Did you take any notice of the other opera ?-Her Royal Highness told me, bed ? were there sheets on it, or not?while I was dressing her, that she was I saw, afterwards, that there were no going to the opera.

sheets. Did she return early or late from the How long did


remain with her opera that evening ?-It seems to me that Royal Higliness that night before she she returned early in the evening. left the bed-room ?-Some minutes ; &

Upon her return did she go into her very little time. bed-room?

Did you make any observation on the Mr Denman objected to this as a lead- conduct of her Royal Highness that night ing question.

in the bed-room? -I thought she was Upon her return, where did she go to ? extremely agitated. -She returned to her bed-room.

What was your reason for remaining Were you in the bed-room yourself? there only a few minutes ? - I was not there, but she rang for me. Mr WILLIAMS submitted that the rear

On your arrival at the bed-room of the son of the witness for not remaining with Princess, what did her Royal Highness her Royal Highness could not be received do ?-Her Royal Highness crossed the as evidence. passage and entered the cabinet.

The SOLICITOR-GENERAL contended Do you know where Bergami was at that the question was perfectly admissithat time? - I don't know.

ble, because the answer might be, that After her Royal Highness had gone in, the witness was desired to go out. to the cabinet, what did she then do?- The witness, in answer to the question I do not know what she did ; but she said, “I left the room after remaining returned immediately to the bed-room a few minutes, because her Royal High where I was.

ness sent me away immediately." Did she say any thing to you? Did Had that been her usual practice ? – It she give you any orders ?- Her Royal Highness told me to forbid William Aus- Do you know where Bergami slept that tin entering into her room, because she night I believewished to be quiet.

Mr BROUGHAM. We have nothing to Where did William Austin sleep that do with belief. nigh ?-In a small cabinet, where he re- What time the next morning did you mained all the time.

see her Royal Highness ?-I don't reWas that cabinet adjoining the bed- member precisely. room of the Princess ?-It was near it; I don't ask you precisely, but as nearthere was a door of communication. ly as you can recollect ?-Near, or about, Do you know whether that door was

11 o'clock. open or shut that night?-I saw it shut. Was that later or about her usual

When that door was shut, was there time ?-It was nearly her usual time.

was not.

When did you see Bergami that morn- Where was Bergami when the witness ing?-I had not seen him during the saw him ? I have seen Bergami come whole of the morning.

out of his room, and come through the When was it that you first saw him passage. that day, and where? --At dinner.

In what direction was Bergami moDid you take notice of the travelling- ving? towards the Princess's room, or bed that morning ?-Yes, I did. how ? --He was going towards the room

What observation did you make ?-I of her Royal Highness. observed that nobody had slept in it. What was the state of Bergami's dress

Did you observe what appearance the when the witness saw him-He was larger bed had ?-I did.

not dressed. What observation did you make on the When the witness said he was not larger bed ?-I observed that it had been dressed, what did she mean? what had occupied.

he on?-He was not dressed at all.—(A State more at length, or more particu. laugh.) larly, what was its condition ?- I cannot What was there on his feet ? -Slipdo that.

pers. Was it much deranged ?-Not much. Did the witness observe whether he

Did the witness, while in Naples, see had any stockings on ?-I saw no stockBergami in the same room with her Royal ings Highness ?-I have seen him in the bed- Had he any thing on but his shirt ? room very often.

No more. Who was it that assisted her Royal The witness has said that the Princess Highness in making her toilette ?-I did. was undressed ; had she got into bed or

Did the witness ever see any other per- not?-She was not in bed. son present while her Royal Highness When the witness saw Bergami in the was making her toilette ? -Yes ; Mr manner she has described, what did witWilliam Austin and Mr Bergami. ness do ?-I ran away ; I escaped by a

Was Bergami courier at that time? little door near me out of the apartment He was.

of the Princess. About what age was Austin then ? [This answer having excited some surAbout 13 years.

prise or doubt, the question was read by The witness has said that Bergami was Mr Gurney, and put again by the interpresent with her Royal Highness when at preter, when precisely the same answer her toilette ; how often-once, twice, or was given.] how?-Often, several times.

The witness has stated the state of the In what state of dress was her Royal small travelling-bed the first night after Highness then ? little dressed, or much the Princess's arrival ; what was its state dressed, or how ?-Sometimes she was the subsequent nights ?-I made n oobdressed, and sometimes not.

servation with regard to it. Can the witness tell whether Bergami Will the witness tell the appearance of came in for a moment and went out again, the large travelling-bed; whether two or or continued in ?-He entered; he went one appeared to have slept in it?—More in and out.

than one person appeared to have slept Does the witness remember ever seeing in it. Bergami in the passage of which she has How was it on subsequent nights; as made mention, at night?-I do remem- if one, or more than one had slept in it? ber.

- I have always seen it the same thing Where was her Royal Highness then? (meme chose) at Naples. In her bed-room.

Does the witness remember a masked Was her Royal Highness dressed or ball given by Murat to her Royal Highundressed, or how ?-Her Royal High- ness? I have; I do. ness was undressed.

Where was the place ?-In a house Where was witness standing ?-I was near the sea. near her Royal Highness's bed.

Where did her Royal Highness dress

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herself for the ball ?-In a room of the At the end of that period did she come house where the ball was.

back again to the room? She teturned At the same house? --It was.

into the ante-room. What character did her Royal High- Will the witness describe the manner ness first appear in ?- In the character of in which her Royal Highness was dressed a country girl in the neighbourhood of in this character ? - Her arms were bare, Naples.

her breast bare, and the drapery was as Whose business was it to assist her is usual in the character. Royal Highness in putting on the dress Were the arms entirely bare, or how? of that character?- Mine.

- I did not observe whether they were Did you go to that house ?-1 did. completely naked. Did Bergamí go?--He also went. [She had seen Bergami and the Princess

When did Bergami go?-He went with walking on the terrace arm-in-arm. At me at the same time.

the theatre of St Carlos they appeared, When her Royal Highness dressed here she in a red cloak, and he in a red domniself in the character of a Neapolitan pea- no, with a large hat. On going into the sant, who assisted her ?-Me.

pit they were surrounded by a number of How long did her Royal Highness re- masks, who hissed violently. The dress main in that character ? —About an hour. of the Princess was monstrous. ]

Did her Royal Highness return for the Was the door between your room and purpose of changing her dress ?-Yes. that of the Princess open or shut at night?

What dress did she take the second -Shut. time ?- That of the Genius of History. Was it locked or only shut ?--The

Did her Royal Highness change her Princess turned the key inside. dress entirely for that purpose ? - Yes. Was the bed-room of Bergami situated

Did witness assist in changing the on the other side?-It was. dress ? No.

In the morning who let you into the Who assisted in changing her Royal Princess's room : The Princess herself Highness's dress ?

called me from her room. Mr WILLIAMS.— Does the witness know Did you observe the bed of the Prinof her own knowledge ?-Bergami went cess, whether it had been slept in or not? into the room with her Royal Highness; - More often (plus souvent) it had not into the room where the toilette was. been slept in. Where did you go?-I stood in the Mr BROUGHAM complained that the

witness spoke in so low a tone, and so Did you see Bergami go with her Royal rapidly, that it was impossible either to Highness to the toilette ? — I saw Berga- hear or to understand her. mi enter the room.

What do you mean by plus souvent ?How long did Bergami remain ?-I Ordinarily, generally, incommon. cannot remember precisely.

You said that after you were in your About how long ? - About three quar. bed-room the Princess locked the door on ters of an hour.

the other side. I want to know whether Did the Princess come out alone, or after this you heard any noise as of a door did any person come with her ?-Berga- opening? I have soinetimes heard a noise mi came out first, and her Royal High- of a door opening toward the side of the ness came out after.

Princess, but did not know if it were the How long before her Royal Highness door of her room. did Bergami come out ?-A very little Was there any other door that you retime.

collect in that direction excepting the door How long ? 1, 2, 3, 4, or 5 minutes ?- of the Princess's room, or of Bergami's?--Two or three minutes.

There was a third door, leading into the Did her Royal Highness go to the ball dressing-room of her Royal Highness. in this character ? —She went down stairs Was that the room you described as to go to the ball in the same character. being the room between the bed-room of

How long was she absent ?--About the Princess and that of Bergami? - The three quarters of an hour.

room was between the two rooms; there


was a third door, which was the room At the time you had this conversation, where her Royal Highness dressed her- did the Princess tell you who Countess self.

Oldi was ?--She only told me that she After you heard the door open, did you was a noble lady. hear any noise in the Princess's room du- Did you know what relation the Count. ring the remainder of the night, or was ess of Oldi was to Bergami?-She was the all quiet ?--All was quiet.

sister of Bergami. [During the stay at Naples, the beha- How soon did you know that?-Two viour of the Princess to Bergami continue months after her arrival. el very familiar; he alone of all the ser. Did her Royal Highness give any other vants entered her room without knocking. description of the Countess Oldi, but sayThe Princess was accompanied to Rome ing that she was une dame noble ?—she by no English except Dr Holland and only said that people said she was pretty Lady Charlotte Lindsay. Lady Char- handsome. lotte went away at Leghorn, and at Ge- After this conversation did you see Manoa they were joined by Mr Hounam. dame Oldi when she came into the serAt Genoa the beds of the Princess and vice?-I did. Bergami were only separated by a room Do you know whether she could speak containing luggage.]

French ?--Not at all. Do you know Bergami's mother? Could her Royal Hi hness speak ItaYes.

lian ?-Very little. How did they call her?_They called Did you make any observation on the her Nonna.

language of Countess Oldi so as to be able The interpreter said that this was an to know whether she was a woman of disItalian word signifying grandmother. tinction ?-I always observed that she

Did she continue to reside while the spoke very vulgar İtalian. Princess was at Genoa ? - Yes.

Did you ever see any of her writing? Was there a little child, the daughter Mr WILLIAMS objected: the question of Bergami?-Yes.

could not be put if any inference were to What was her name, and how old was be drawn as to the style of Countess Oldi. she?-She was called Victorine, and was Mr BROUGHAM.—This is the first time about two or three years old.

a woman has been asked to criticise the [At the Villa Villani she observed Ber- style of another woman in a language gami one morning looking out of a win- which is not her own. dow in the blue silk gown which the The Solicitor-General.—Perhaps Princess usually wore.]

the answer may be, that she could not How long didl Lady

C. Campbell con- write. (“Go on, go on.") tinue at Milan with her Royal Highness ? The Lord CHANCELLOR.You may - I believe near a month.

ask whether she could read and write. When Lady C. Campbell went away, (“ Go on.”) was there any English lady left in the Did make any observation on the suite of the Princess ?-No.

manners of the Countess Oldi? in your Did any other lady come into the si- judgment were they the manners of a lady

, tuation of lady of honour?-Yes. of distinction or not? (“Cries of No, no,

How soon after Lady C. Campbell had interrupted the reply of the witness.) gone away?-Two days after.

Mr BROUGHAM.-We make no objecWho was that person?— The Countess tion to the question: we beg that the

opinion of this Swiss chambermaid on Before she came into the service of the the manners of ladies of distinction

may Princess, had you any conversation with be put down and registered. her Royal Highness on the subject, or did The Lord CHANCELLOR.—Then, if she say any thing to you on the subject? there be no objection, why do you not go

-She told me the Countess Oldi wished on? to come into her service as dame d'honneur, Did you observe if the manners of the and her Royal Highness wished to take Countess Oldi were those of a gentlewoCountess Oldi into her service.

man, or not?



other way.

The interpreter said that he could not into Bergami's room except through the put this question, as there was no word small cabinet ? --I never saw any one. for gentlewoman in the French language. Was there any other way to the bed. (This observation occasioned much laugh- room of Bergami, when the door that ter.)

opened on the dark ante-room was closed, Did you make any observations on the except through the little cabinet? --I never manners of the Countess Oldi?--No.

saw any Do you remember a gentleman of the Who used to go with the Princess to name of William Burrell being with her her bed-room ?-When I was with her Royal Highness at Milan ?-I do. in the sleeping-room, only Bergami ac

How long did he remain with her ?- companied her to it. Not very long; I do not remember pre- When Bergami had, as you say, accisely.

companied the Princess to her bed-room, Can you tell about the time?--Amonth, did he remain there; or, when he went more or less.


way did he go?-He did not When Mr W. Burrell went away, did stop long; sometimes he passed through any other English gentleman come into the rooms I have already described, and the service of her Royal Highness ? -No. sometimes went out by the door of the

When did Dr Holland quit: at what little cabinet. place?-At Venice.

Did the Princess accompany you hen After Mr W. Burrell left the house of


withdrew ?-Often. the Princess, did any alteration take place When you say she accompanied you, -did you observe any change in the how far do you mean she went ?-As far house? –There was more freedom, more as to the last door. liberty in the house.

Was any thing done by her Royal Tell us in particular what you allude Highness with that door when you reto what you observed ?- They played in tired ?-The Princess locked it with a the saloon, her Royal Highness and the key. servants, every evening.

Do you remember the little Victorine Can you tell us what game, and how? during your first residence at Villa d'. -Different games different plays-dif- Este? Yes. ferent frolics.

How did she address the Princess ? Mention


?Blind-man's Buff. She called her mamma. Did the Princess play?-She played Do you recollect whether it ever hapsometimes.

pened that she addressed the Princess in [At the Villa Villani the bed-room of that manner before you went to the Villa the Princess opened into a large and dark d'Este ?-I do not recollect. ante-room.]

[At Messina, the bed-rooms of Bergami Describe the situation of Bergami's and the Princess were separated by that room?—The sleeping-room of Bergami of the Countess Oldi.] communicated with the same ante-room. What room was next to Bergami's?

With the first room you have mention- My own room. ed ?-Yes.

Did you assist the Princess to her bed? Besides this, was there any other com- --Yes, I did sometimes. munication with Bergami's room and any To do so, had you to pass through Berother place ?-Yes.

gami's room ?-Yes, I had. With what place ? —With the sleeping- Did you ever see him in bed ?-Someroom of her Royal Highness.

times I did. What was there between her Royal Did the Princess ever call you up in Highness's bed-room and that of Ber- the morning? - Yes, sometimes, and gami?-A small very narrow cabinet. sometimes Bergami did.

Did any body sleep in that cabinet? How did she come to call you?-I never saw any body.

Through Bergami's door. When the door that opened on the dark Did she open that door? - Yes. ante-room was closed, could any body go In what state was she as to dress when

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