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three years ago, was servant at the Post he could not consider the appearance of inn, Carlsruhe. During that time, the a witness from that quarter as improbaPrincess spent a week or ten days at the ble. After some discussion, it was agreed inn. One evening, between 7 and 8, she upon, that a delay should be allowed till went with water into No. 12, which was to-morrow, to enable the Queen's counBergami's bed room.]

sel to procure an interpreter of their On carrying the water to No. 12, who Next day, the examination was was in the room ?- The Princess and resumed. The witness found one mornBergami.

ing in Bergami's bed a capot or cloak, Where was Bergami when you went apparently belonging to a female, and afin ?-Bergami was in bed.

terwards saw the Princess wear inother Where was the Princess ?-She was of the same shape and colour, but cannot sitting on the bed next him.

positively swear it was the same.] Could you see whether Bergami's Did you at any time, on making up clothes were on or off ?— I could not see; the bed, see any thing on the sheets? but the moment I entered, Bergami's Here some observations passed between arm was wide.

the interpreters on the answer given by Where did you see his arm ?-When I the witness. entered Bergami had his arm round the Queen's interpreter,-The word she neck of the Princess, and when I entered has used cannot be interpreted in English. he let it fall.

The King's interpreter was directed to Can you describe his dress ?-I cannot state what she had said. tell that.

She says, that when she made the bed What did the Princess do on your en

the sheets were wust. tering the room ?- The Princess had The Queen's Interpreter.-What she jumped up, and was much frightened.

says may inean“ in disorder.” The proWhat did the Princess do when she per meaning is “ waste :" it is an adsaw you enter ?-She had then jumped jective. up.

Lord HAMPDEN.-Is it not a substanDo you mean to say that she had jump- tive also ? -As a substantive it means ed up, or that she did jump up on your desert.” entering the room?

After some conversation, the King's The witness repeated her former an interpreter was directed, if he could not swer, the literal translation of which, the explain the word in English, to ask the interpreter said, was “she got up, or she witness what she meant by wust. rose.'

[An explanation was given, which [Mr Brougham stated it as the obser- we decline inserting, but which tended vation of a gentleman near him, that the to make an unfavourable impression. The interpreter did not give correctly the im- witness was much affected, and wept bitport of the answers. This being con- terly for some time.] firmed by the Bishop of Peterborough, Cross-examined. Witness never has Mr Brougham was called upon for ano- been at Vienna, nor had seen Colonel ther interpreter. Mr B. observed, that Brown; but she was brought to Hanoin consequence of having been refused a ver, and to Frankfort, and examined at list of witnesses, it had been impossible these places. At Frankfort she received for him to be provided with one. He 12 or 14 ducats. had understood there were to be no wit- Did any body give you any thing else nesses except Italian, but if the opposite since ?-No; except the gentleman who party were to follow the Queen through fetched me from the post here. every country in which she had travel

Do you mean the courier ? -I know led, he might be called upon next day not what he was. He was a foreigner for a Turkish, Greek, or Egyptian inter- a stranger. preter. The Attorney-General observed, What did he give you ?-He called that as Mr Brougham imself had, in upon me twice to go there. his opening speech, alluded to Carlsruhe, To go where? To the post; and lic

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then told me that I should go to London. Is he not minister to the Grand Duke I said I would not, till I was forced. of Baden ?-I do not know if he is mini

What else occurred ?-He said I had ter for foreign affairs, or for the intebetter go, for it would come at last, I rior. should be obliged to go.

How did you see him ?-He called for A Peer.- The witness says, then I was obliged to let it come to that point. Do you mean to say that he sent for

Who asked you to come over here?- you ?-Yes. Our minister, Monsieur, at Darm- Did he not come to the rooms in the stadt.

inn where you lived !--Not the Duke of Did any other minister speak to you Birgsted. on the subject ?-When I was there, I Did not Baron Von Reigle come to the saw nobody else.

inn to look at the rooms while you were Did any other minister speak to you there ?-I did not see him. on the subject of coming over here? - Will you swear that the Princess and Yes, Monsieur De Galle.

Bergami did not dine at court every day Who or what is Monsieur De Galle? while they were in your house ?-I can-He is at court: I do not know what not know if they dined at court, or where situation he holds there.

they dined, Did any other person speak to you Did you see the Princess and Bergami, about coming over here?-The ambassa- and the rest of the suite of her Royal dor to the Court of Wurtemberg did. Highness, go to court during the time

Did any one else speak to you about they were there?-I have seen them twice coming over ?--Monsieur De Grimm and go out in a carriage ; but whether they Monsieur Rathvegn.

went to court I do not know. Who and what is Monsieur Rathvegn? Have you seen the Grand Duke come -They told me that he was the minister to the inn to wait upon the Princess ? or ambassador to Hanover.

I have seen the Grand Duke and several Does he live at Carlsruhe ?-Yes. other gentlemen come up to the Princess.

Did no person give you any money be- What do you mean by “come up to fore you came over here ? - No; except the Princess ?”—I can say nothing about the gentleman in Carlsruhe, those ducats it. that I mentioned.

Do you mean to say that they came Did no one promise to give you money to pay their respects to the Princess ? after you came back to Čarlsruhe from Yes, probably they came to make their England ?-No one promised me any court. thing.

Did you happen to see them come so Will you swear, upon the oath more than once ?-Only once. It was have taken, that no person promised to just as I was going down stairs that the give you any advantage of any sort after gentlemen were coming up stairs. you came back from England ? -No one Where did the Princess receive the promised me any thing; but they said I Duke ?- saw that they went up stairs ; should have reimbursement (dedom- and then I went up to the top story." magement) when I came home, for the Whom have you spoken to on this subtime I had lost.

ject since you came to this country ?How much were you to have ?--I can- Two gentlemen have come to me, but not say what I shall have.

who they are I do not know. Who was it told you you should get Have you ever spoken on this matter compensation ?--The minister, our mi- with any other person in this country benister.

sides those two gentlemen ?--No. What minister? I cannot tell what. Do you know a Captain or Major Jones I said to him that I was to be compen- in this country ?-No, I know nobody, sated for the loss of my situation. Did those two gentlemen that you talk

Who is the Duke of Birgsted ?-Mic of speak German-As much as I could nister, as far as I know.

judge, one of them did. Whose minister? I cannot say.

Do you know his name?-No.



Was he a German or an Englishman? used the words, “ they left together," I -I do not know. He spoke German; wisla to know what she meant by the but whether he was a German or not, I word “ they?"- That, when I made the cannot say.

bed, there was nobody in the room. Besides the house where you now live, I again ask, what did she mean by the have you been in any other house since word“ they” (sie)?— The interpreter you came to London ?-No, I have been endeavoured, without effect, to make the nowhere else except here, in this house. witness comprehend the question ; but

When you say you never were in any her answer still was, “ I mean that noother house in this country except where body was present when I made the bed.” you now live, do you mean that you never By Lord Hood.-Had you any conlodged in any other house, or that you versation with any person respecting your have not been in any other house at all? observation relative to her Royal High- When we arrived, we were at a hotel ness and Bergami, particularly with reonly for a few hours; we then left it. ference to what you saw when you ob

And have you never been, for any space served Bergami in bed, and that the Prinof time, however short, in any other house cess jumped up ?-I never have made save those two ?-No; I have been no- any observation to any body. where.

I want to know, whether, on the moWhen you had the conversation with ment she experienced this fright, when Baron Birgsted about compensation for the Princess jumped up, she communicoming here, what did you say to him cated with any body respecting that event? when you demanded it? I said, “ Your -I spoke to nobody about it, except excellency, must Igo?--If I donot (must), Mons. de Grimm, who asked me about it. I cannot leave here. I am a married wo- How long after the Princess left the man, and I have other business to attend inn were those questions asked you ?

As soon as they went away, then I made What answer did his excellency make the room ready. Mons. de Grimm soon to that?-He said, if I should not go, I after came to the inn, and asked me the would be forced : then I answered, “I questions. will go; and God may settle the business

what ?-He asked me, in as he pleases.”

the room, about this matter, and then I When you asked for the compensation was unwilling to say any thing. But he for coming, what did the Baron say?- asked me again, and I told him. He said he could not give me any thing; I want to know what the witness was that I should leave it to the gentlemen, asked ?—He asked me, have you never and he had no doubt that they would re- seen any thing? compense me when I came here.

Earl of LAUDERDALE.-The witness Did he not also say that you should be has said, that, in the course of her duty, recompensed when you got home again she carried water to the chamber No. 12; from here?-No.

I wish to know whether, the next night Have any of your family a promise of after seeing the Princess there, she carany thing 1-No.

ried water in the usual way to No. 12? Will you swear that no promise was-No; it was then shut, and I placed given to your husband, or to any of your the water before the door of the room. fanily? I can swear that nothing has Did she, after the night in which she been promised to me; and I think that saw the Princess in that room, generally nothing has been promised to my hus- find the door shut or open, when she carband, or he would have told me of it. ried water there ?-It was shut.

By the Earl of MANSFIELD.-When Was it generally shut ?-Yes; many the witness made the bed in the morn- times it was shut, many times it was ing, had the bed the appearance as if two open. persons had slept in it-No; the cush- Does she mean, by the door being shut, ions or pillows lay one on the another. that it was merely closed, or actually So far as I recollect.

locked ?-I attempted several times to go By the Earl of LIMERICK.—The wit- in, but it was locked, and I could not go in. ness, in the former part of her evidence, By another Puer.—Did you carry wa

Asked you

ter to the Princess's room?-No; the Have you ever seen them together maids took care of that.

alone in the garden ?-Yes.

Have you seen them alone in the garGUISSEPPE BIANCHI.

den once, or more than once, or several [Mr Denman objected to the use of times? --I have seen them more than once. the Marquis Spinetto, as interpreter, on What were they doing?--I have seen account of his having before seen the wit- the Princess in a chair which had wheels, ness; but Lord Liverpool observed, that and Bergami behind pushing it. it was impossible to get any one who Was any body else with them at the could interpret so well, and that he would time you speak of, or were they alone? be checked by the Queen's interpreter. The Princess and Bergami were alone.

The witness was an Italian Swiss, who Did you ever see Bergami in the chair? waited at the inn de Grande Bretagne, -Yes, I have, and the Princess behind at Venice, during the time the Princess pushing him. was there. At that time she brought a [While at work in a grotto, he heard gold chain called manina. After dinner, somebody in an adjoining room, and she and Bergami were left together.] looking under the scaffold, saw Bergami

What passed when you saw them to- and the Princess, behaving in a manner gether?-After having got up, she took highly indecorous.] the chain from her own neck and put it Cross-examined. Who called on you round the neck of the courier: the cou- to go over to England, to be a witness in rier afterwards took it from his own neck this case ? — The governor said I must go, and put it round hers, and then he took and I came. her by the hand and accompanied her to Who paid you for coming I was the saloon, where they went to drink paid nothing. coffee.

Did you not receive any money for When you saw the Princess and Ber- your expenses ? -Not as much as the gami go out of the room, in what man- price of a drop of water. ner did they conduct themselves ?-He Who, then, paid the travelling expentook her hand, squeezed her hand, and ses ? --The courier. went to the door: she went in, and he You came, then, with a courier ? came away.

Yes. [At a second visit to Venice, Bergami Do you know his name?-I believe his was called Baron; they went out toge- name was Rastelli, who came with me ther every day, he giving his hand to from Milan to Holland, and an English help her into the gondola; he was cover- courier brought me from Holland here. ed with a string of orders and jewels. ] Cross-examined.-What bargain have

Jeronymo MIARDI, you made? What pay are you to have [Was employed as director of the Prina for coming here? -None.

cess's garden. Knew Bergami before he Do you mean to swear that you are to was in her service.] receive nothing as a compensation for loss What were Bergami's circumstances of time on coming here and staying here? when you first knew him ? were they rich - They told me I was to receive nothing, or poor?-He was a poor man. but to come to London to tell the truth, What situation did he fill?-He was and this I have done.

the man of an excise-officer, whose duty But what are you to be paid for telling it was to put the excise-marks on the the truth ?-I have made no agreement wine-casks for the duty. nor condition : if they will give me some- Did you ever see the Princess and Berthing, I shall take it. (Laughter.) gami together? - I have.

Did you ever see them walk together? Pa01.0 Ragazzoni,

-1 did. [Had been employed as a working ma- How did they walk -Arm-in-arm. son in the ga at the Villa d'Este, How did they seem to behave towards while the Princess and Bergami were each other?-l'hey seemed to each other there.]

like man and wife,

Did you see them riding together in a What was his situation in the service carriage at any time?-Yes, i have. of her Royal Highness at the time you

Did you ever see them in that sort of were there ?-Baron. carriage called a parentevole ?-Yes. You say he was a Baron ; but I ask

Will the witness describe in what man- what was his situation in the household ? ner they sat in this parentevole ?--Berga- - Chief commander over the household. mi was sitting in the back part, and the You have said that you have seen the Princess upon his knee.

Princess in the kitchen with Bergami; Was there any one else in the paren- in what way have they come into the tevole ? —Nobody.

kitchen ?--Arm-in-arm. Did the witness ever see Bergami and For what purpose have they come into the Princess in the kitehen together ? — the kitchen-Sometimes to come and Several times.

eat something. State what they were doing.They By “ sometimes” do you mean many were eating, where the cook was sitting. times, or few ?-Many times. (The interpreter observed, this was the Had they any thing to eat ? -Yes. Hiteral meaning of the witness's answer.) When you were at the Barona, did

you Were they eating from one and the ever know balls given by the Princess same plate, or from two plates ?-Some- there ?-I have. times from one, sometimes from two. Who used to attend those balls?—Prin

Do you know the gate leading to the cipally people of low rank and condition. great garden ?-I do.

Did the Princess use to dance with Do you recollect seeing the Princess these persons ?-No, she danced by herand Bergami together near that gate ?- self, and sometimes with Bergami. Yes.

But did she dance at the same time How far from them were you when with these country people, and low peoyou saw them together ?--Twenty or ple, who were there at these balls ? --She thirty paces.

did. Did you observe them doing any thing [Had seen a person, called Mahomet, together?-I saw them once kiss. perform an indecent dance, at which the

[He was examined by Vilmarcati, Princess appeared much amused.] Brown, and Powell.]

Cross-examined.-- Were you discharged Was your examination taken down in for drunkenness ?-No. writing ?-Yes ; they even made me sign Did you go away of your own accord ? and swear to it.-(A laugh.)

When she set out to go to Rome, I was Did you also swear to it?—They made left behind with six others. me swear to it, but I did not know at the What service did you next enter into ? time that I was to come before any tri- -(A long pause, )—I went into the serbunal ; if I had known any such thing, vice of a priest ; but I do not remember I should not have signed it.

his name. Did you take that oath upon the cross? Where did he live?-He was a minis-No; they only told me, “ Here you ter of the great hospital at Milan. must tell the truth ; you must tell the Where did he live?-At Milan. truth, neither more nor less; you must How long did you stay in his service ? state only what you saw with your own eyes."

And you do not know his name after What did you receive when you went living with him a year?-I do not reto Milan, and stopped there for two days? meinber his name. - They paid my expenses by giving me 20 francs; but I was obliged to add a

Louisa Dumont, franc of my own out of my own pocket. [Is a native of the Pays de Vaud, and a

protestant. Was engaged at Geneva for Paolo Oggione,

five years as first femme de chambre to the [Had served as under cook to the Prin- Princess. Remembered well the engagecess. Knew Bergami early, and had seen ment of Bergami, who at first ate and him in prison.]

was on a footing with the other servants.

-A year.

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