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a certificate of character from her. I was Did you ever state that she always bedismissed in consequence of Bergami, who haved with the utmost propriety ? — This wished me to carry them to Venice, which I have never said. I could not do. On our departure from Do you remember a gentleman named Rhodes, the Princess, who always com- William Hughes at Bristol or at Glomanded what Bergami commanded, order cester?-I do not recollect him at Brise ed us to go to Venice ; but on leaving Can- tol. dia the wind was from the north, and, re- Do you recollect him at Glocester or maining in that state, our water was going elsewhere ?- I may have known him, but to be at an end ; for I had also nine horses I do not recollect the name. on board. Then I told them it was neces- Do you recollect him when you are told sary we should land. They did not wish to that he was a clerk in the house of Messrs go to the Morea, or to return to Candia, and Turners, bankers, at Glocester ?--No, I therefore we were obliged to go to Sicily do not know any bankers of that name. Having lost sight of Sicily, we went to Did you ever know or communicate Naples; and Bergami, on landing, because with the clerk of any banker at Glocester? he had promised 6000 dollars as a present, —Questo non mi ricordo. told me that there was no present for me, Did you ever complain to any one that because I had not taken them to Venice. Bergami kept back a part of the servants' Then, when I came here, I presented a wages from them ?-Yes, I did ; I recolmemorial through my own Ambassador, lect that. Count de Ludolph, to the British govern- To whom did you so coinplain of Ber. ment; and I stated, that as I believed I gami?-I cannot recollect precisely, but served the British government, because I it was in answer to somehody who asked had the honour of wearing the English flag me why I left the Princess's service, and I while the Princess was in my ship, I ex- remember telling Mr Hyatt that Bergami pected a present, but had not received any. wished to reduce my wages after a long In consequence of this application the voyage. English government knew that I was the Did you ever say the same thing to gentleman who took the Princess and her any person besides Mr Hyatt ?-Questo suite on this voyage.

non mi ricordo.

Do you remember Mrs Adams, the mo[At Mr BROUGHAM's request, Theodore ther-in-law of Mr Hyatt ?-Yes, I do. Majocchi was here called in and re-ex- Do you remember Mrs Hughes, the amined.]

housekeeper of Mrs Adams ?- I recollect Does the witness recollect whether he the housekeeper, but do not know her was at Bristol in the course of the last year or during the present?-No, I was not. Had she a son in a banker's house ?-I

Has he ever been at Glocester during do not know whether he was in the house that period ?- Yes; I know Glocester very of any banker, or what was his situation, well.

but I recollect his making a visit to the Did you live there in the service of a housekeeper. gentleman named Hyatt ?-Yes, I did. Did you ever tell him any circumstances

Did you ever declare to any person there respecting Bergami, or respecting your that the Princess of Wales was a most ex- own wages ?-I cannot recollect precisely, cellent woman ?-Yes, I have said that yes or no. she was a good woman.

Did you tell him that the Princess of Did you ever say to any person that her Wales was an excellent and prudent woconduct was highly becoming ?-I always man, and that you had never seen any said that she was a good woman (buona thing improper or indecorous in her condonnn), but that she was surrounded by duct ?-Questo non mi ricordo. bad people (canaglia.)


You are not sure that you may not Did you ever state that she was a pru. have said so ? dent

and that you never observed The ATTORNEY-GENERAL was, we beany thing improper in her conduct ?-I lieve, about to object to this course of excannot recollect at all, yes or no, whether amination, but was interrupted by geneI ever said so or not.

ral calls of “ Go on."



Did you ever state that the Princess of I will lay down my life if I ever made Wales hard, as far as you had seen, always any discourse about appearing as a witconducted herself most properly 2 --Quese ness, or about any oath. to non mi ricordo.

Did you ever state to Mr Johnson, in a Did you ever travel in a stage-coach stage-coach, that you had been offered a from Glocester to Bristol, or from Gloces

sum of money, or a situation under goter to any other place ? - I have never tra- vernment, if you would give evidence velled in a stage coach from Glocester ex against the Princess of Wales ?-How cept to London.

could I say so to him, when I did not Did you never perform any other jour- know his name? ney in a stage coach since your arrival in Did you ever say to Mr Johnson, in a England ?-No, I recollect no other. stage-coach, that you had been offered a

Did you ever state to any person, in a sum of money, or a place under governstage coach, any thing with regard to the ment, for the evidence you were to give deportment of the Princess of Wales whilst against the Princess ?- To you I will anyou were in her service?-Questo non mi

swer no more ; you ask me things that ricordo.

never entered my head-things I never Did you say that she had always beha- dreamt about. ved with great prudence ?-Questo non By the LORD CHANCELLOR.—Had you mi ricordo.

ever any conversation in England with Did you represent her to be a much in any person in a stage-coach about giving jured woman? - No: no more than I did evidence ? yesterday.

Mr BROUGHAM submitted that that Did you ever say to any person in Eng- question ought not to be put at present: land that you had been asked to give an he asked account on oath respecting the conduct of Had you ever any conversation with any the Princess of Wales ?-(With great em- body in a stage coach respecting

her Royal phasis) No: in England I was never Highness the Princess of Wales?-I never asked.

have spoken about the Princess of Wales The question is not whether the witness in any diligence. was ever asked in England to give an ac- Did you ever speak about the affairs of count, but whether he ever said in Eng, the Princess of Wales in the course of any land that he had been asked ?-No an- journey you had in England when travel

ling in a diligence ?-Never about the afDid you ever say to Mr Johnson that fairs of the Princess of Wales. I never you had been applied to to become a wit- meddled with those discourses. ness against the Princess of Wales ?-I Did you ever at an inn, or in a diligence swear I do not know either the name or on a journey in England, say that you exthe thing mentioned.

pected money or a place under governDid you ever say to Mr Johnson, in the ment for giving evidence against her Royal stage-coach, “ I have had great advan- Highness ? - Never ! Never! (with vehetages offered to me if I will be a witness ment action.) against the Princess," or words to that ef- By Lord ELLENBOROUGH.-When you fect?-(With violent gesticulations.) I spoke of her Royal Highness as a buona will lay down my life there (pointing to donna, a prudent woman, did you refer to the space within the bar) if such an offer her moral conduct as a woman, or to her was ever made to me.

behaviour to you as a mistress ? - When Mr BROUGHAM.—This is not an answer; there was discourse respecting the Princess let the question be explained to him. of Wales, I always said that she was a

The interpreter here expressed a hope buona donna ; because if I had said that that their lordships would permit him to she was a cattiva donna, a bad woman, use any words, and to exercise his own they would have fought me--knocked me discretion as to the form and manner of down.-(Laughter.) stating and endeavouring to make intelligible the questions to this witness.

Francisco Di Rollo The preceding question was again put. [Served as cook to the Princess for several


years. Was hired by Bergami, whom was some quarrel, up or down; and they he knew when in the service of Gene- said, “ You may go;" and I went. ral Pino. Made the voyage with the Princess. Saw her and Bergami sitting CAPTAIN SAMUEL GEORGE PECHELL late one evening in the tent. Has seen [Received the Princess on board the Clohim come out of it, but not early in the rinde at Civita Vecchia in March 1815.] morning. The tent was sometimes closed

Were you in the habit of dining with in the middle of the day, the Princess and the Princess at the time she was on board Bergami being within it. At the Villa the Clorinde?-I was. The Princess was Villani they used to come into the kit- entertained at my table. chen; the Princess cut a piece for herself, Did Bergami wait at table 7-Every and then one which she gave to Ber- day. gami.]

Did he wait as a menial servant, as any Do you recollect her going to Court any other servant?--He did. day? —I do.

[Captain P. afterwards received her Were you on that morning in Bergami's Royal Highness on board at Messina, in bed-room ?-I was.

Sicily, when the following incident took At what time in the morning ? --About place. ]nine, or past nine.

The morning after I arrived at Mes. Did the Princess get up at that time? sina Captain Briggs informed me that the - I do not know.

Princess expressed some uneasiness at the For what purpose did you go into Bere the prospect of keeping her own table on gami's bed-room ?-I was carrying a ruff board the Clorinde. I therefore desired for the neck, and a pair of gloves, to the Captain Briggs to say to the Princess, in dame d'honneur.

my name, that I was ready to do every Did the door of the dame d'honneur's thing in my power to make her comfortchamber open into Bergami's ?-You en- able while she was on board the Clorinde, tered the room of Bergami, and on the provided she would be pleased to make a right was the door of the dame d'hon- sacrifice, which my duty as an officer com

pelled me to exact, by not insisting upon Did Bergami's bed appear to have been the admission of Bergami to my table; slept in ?--At the moment I was coming for that, although now admitted to the out of the room of the dame d'honneur I society of her Royal Highness, he had saw Bergami coming out of the Princess's been a menial servant when she had last bed-room, and he scolded me.

embarked on board the Clorinde. In the What dress was Bergami in at this afternoon of the same day I saw Captain time?-He had on his morning-gown of Briggs, who had said that he had had a striped silk, and he had his under smallconference with the Princess, as I had clothes, drawers, stockings, and slippers. desired, and that, from the tenor of his

The EARL of LAUDERDALE.-When conversation with her, he believed there Bergami came out of the Princess's room, would be no difficulty in my request being what did he say to the witness ? - He said, acceded to, but that'her Royal Highness You scoundrel, what do you do here? required a day to consider the subject. Who has opened the door?”—I answered The Leviathan sailed on the following that I found it open. He then said, “Go day, and on the morning after I visited away.”

the Princess, with a view to know her Lord Viscount FALMOUTH.-Witness determination. The Princess declined has stated that Bergami looked over his seeing me herself, but desired Mr Houaccounts. Had he ever any quarrel with nam to inform me that my request would Bergami respecting those accounts ?- not be acceded to; and, in consequence, Yes, I have had some disputes.

her Royal Highness provided her own When you left the service of the Prin- table. cess, did she give you a good character ? Where did the Princess dine while she -No;

because I did not ask for it. was on board ?-In her own cabin. Did you leave her service of your own Do you know who dined with her? accord, or were you discharged-There I do not.


did not.

She did not dine at your table?-She In what way?-Arm in arm. That I

think was at Messina. I did not think it

at all uncommon. (Here the witness CAPTAIN THOMAS BRIGGS dropped his voice.) [Took the Princess on board the Levi- Not uncommon, considering the terms athan at Genoa in 1815.]

they were upon, did you say ? I said not What disposition had you made of the uncommon, because it happened occasioncabins on board your vessel for the ac- ally. commodation of the Princess before she Cross-examination.- Did you not know came on board ?-1 had made such an ar- some difference existed between her Royrangement as I thought would accommo- al Highness and Captain Pechell about date all parties.

the stowing of some luggage?-On her With respect to the sleeping-rooms, Royal Highness's part I did. She said she where did you design the cabin of the had not been treated by Captain Pechell Princess ? - The after-part of the Levia. with the same degree of accommodation than was divided into two cabins, which that I had afforded her. I intended for the Princess; one as a By the EARL of LAUDERDALE.- -What sleeping-room, the other as a drawing, answer did the Queen give when you room. Before that there were two other spoke to her in consequence of Captain small cabins in a line with each other, Pechell's representation? She said it was which I intended for the Countess Oldi of no consequence; it was only to preand the two maid-servants; and I meant vent the Captain from keeping two tables to put the men any where; some in the that Bergami dined with her at all. I ward-room, some in my own cabin, as I left her under the impression that the might find most convenient, reserving a matter would not be persevered in further, part of the cabin for myself.

because I remarked to her how easy it Was that disposition altered when the was to send Bergami's dinner to a smaller Princess came on board ?-Yes.

cabin. In what manner was the arrangement Did the witness see any improper faaltered ?-An alteration took place in the miliarity between the Princess and Berdoor of the cabin which I meant for the gami?-No; I saw none. Countess Oldi, and Bergami was put in- Had you any reason to suspect any imto it.

proper freedom or familiarity between What alteration took place in the door? them?-No. -The two small cabins, which were to have contained the Countess Oldi and the

PIETRO Puchi. maid-servants, had communication with- Does the witnesss reside at Trieste ? in each other. When the Princess came Yes. on board, she said that she desired Ber Does he keep an inn there?-Yes; I gami's cabin to be changed to that which am the agent for the grande albergo at I had intended for the Countess Oldi. Trieste. Originally, to have gone into that cabin By the Earl of LIVERPOOL.—What you must

have passed through the room do you mean by agent ?-I am acting for intended for the maid-servants; but when my Madame--my Donną. this alteration took place, the door of The SOLICITOR-GENERAL proceeded : communication between those two rooms -Do you know an inn called the Black was nailed up, and a door was opened Eagle, at Trieste -I do. from Bergami's room, which came out Who keeps it?-Vincenza Bartoloqui. close to the room occupied by the Prin. Is that the name of the inn of which

you are agent? Yes; it is the grande So that, after the alteration, the door albergo of the town. in the room appropriated to Bergami was Do you remember the Princess of near to the door of the cabin of the Prin- Wales coming to that inn ?--I remember cess ?-It was.

it much, Have you ever seen the Princess walk- [The Princess of Wales came to the inn ing with Bergami?-I have.

about four years ago, attended by Bere


gami, without any other servant. She re- used, or only one?- I don't remember ; mained there six days. His bed-room, many travellers wish two basins, and yet during this time, opened into the dining- they may be alone. room, while that of Bergami opened into Cross-examined-Are you still agent, that of the Countess of Oldi, and it into or by whatever other name than agent the dining-room. This room had no other you may be called, for the Grand Hotel door except the one to go out by, which at Trieste ?-I am after taking the inn was constantly shut at night.]

which is called the Black Eagle ; but if Did the witness, at any time during I don't gain the trial (the law-suit), I the morning, while her Royal Highness shall continue to be in the Grand Hotel. was at Trieste, see Bergami come out of [This answer appeared to excite a conany room into the dining-room ?-I have siderable sensation. The Solicitor-GEseen him come from the room of the NERAL thought the meaning of the witPrincess.

ness was, " it I don't gain what I attempt At what hour?--About 8, or half past to gain.” The short-hand writer was de8, in the morning.

sired to read the answer, and the word How many times did you see that du- “ law-suit” was retained as the correct ring the six days her Royal Highness re- translation.] mained at Trieste ? — Three or four times. Have you been at Milan ?-Yes.

Will the witness describe the manner More than once? - If I must go to my in which Bergami was dressed when com- own country, I must go to Milan. I have ing out of the room of her Royal High- been there 5 or 6 times. ness ?-He had a dress made in the Po- What countryman are you?-) come lish fashion, with some gold lace on it, from Asti, in Piedmont. which came from the waist down behind. Did you go to Milan to make a depo

What else besides that?-He had sition of what you knew ?-Yes, about drawers.

18 months ago Had he any stockings on ?--Sometimes Who examined you?-Colonel Brown. he had stockings, and sometimes panta

any law man assist ? -Yes, a lawloons, which were at once stockings and yer who is here, but I don't remember pantaloons ; but I cannot precisely say, for I was looking out through the key- Should you recollect if I assisted you hole of my room. (A laugh.)

with his name? Was it Mr Powel What led you to look through the key. Yes. hole ?

Was Counsellor Cook there?-I don't Mr Williams submitted that the mo- know what he is called, but there was tives of the witness could not be received one whom I considered a Milanese. in evidence.

Was his name Vilmarcati ?-I don't Did you make any observations on the know. bed assigned to Bergami ?-Yes, I have. You were at that time regularly ex

Did that bed appear to have been slept amined ?—Yes, I was. in ?-Never.

Was your examination taken in writI wish to know whether, after Berga- ing ?-I believe so. mi went away, you made any observations And you gave a full account then of on the sheets of the bed ? -The sheets the room, and of all that you have told were put on the bed clean, and were ta- to-day?- What I can say before God, I ken away clean.

have said here and at Milan. How many pots-de-chambre were there I take it for granted you have received in the Princess's bed-room?—There were no money ?- I did not wish for any, but

he gave me some. Were they both made use of ?I did You did not wish for any money ?

He told me to take this, and gave me 8 say yes.

Were there more than one wash-hand- gold Napoleons, and 11 francs. stand and basin in the room? -There

BARBARA Kress, (or KRANTZ,) Did they appear both to have been [Before her marriage, which took place


his name.


were two.

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