Imatges de pÓgina

ning it out so long, till the Purses of the People are lo Drain'd, and the Nation lo impoverished, that it will be an equal Choice, whether we have Peace or War, being either Way exposed to the like loconvenience. There is some great let or hindrance lyes in the way of our Happipess, or else why do we at this day stand looking upon one another, like the Sons of Jacob, as if we were at our Wits end, not knowing what to think or expect, notwithstanding the great Deliverances that God has wrought for us ; for we have been wonderfully preserved, but not by our own Wisdom or Conduct, for we have made no other use of those several Advantages which God has put into our hands, but as if we expected that he would repeat his Miracles to preserve us: Wherefore he has so ligoally appeared on our behalf, no man can determine, yet a Guess may be made ; for if his Mercies have their proper Effect upon us, by turning us from the Evil of our Ways; he will do more and greater things for us : But if we make hiin no other return for all his Benefits, than that of an unthankful and hardened heart; Then has he shewed these great Signs amongst us, that he may be Justified when he Judges, and we be condemned out of our own Mouths; which God of his Mercy prevent, and so that end let cyery Man do his Duty

at all times, and at all Seasons; and mind the Publick more than his own particular Advantage. Let neither the Frowns nor Favour of Men, cho never

draw him aside, and then we Maall see Peace in our Ísrael. I doubt not Gentlemen but you will do your Parts, and this is all that I have to trouble you with at this time.


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Though not called by Writ.

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T's a new sort of Doctrine; That where there is a Power to do a greater thing,_there cannot also be to do

a less. The Lords who are born Counsellors to the King and Kingdom, the Members of the House of Commons were all duely chose by such as had Right to Elect Members for Parliament: The two Houses meet at the same day, and first declare the Throne vacant,


and then fill it with this King and Queen, and they thus Elected, these Lords acknowledge to be our Rightful and Lawful Soveraign Lord and Lady; which is the greatest thing that the two Houfes are capable of doing, and have thereby, according to the Maxims of those very Lords, altered the Government in a most Essential point of it, and yet, say they, All Subsequents, tho' with the Concurrence and Consent of this lawful King and Queen, are invallid, uxless Supported by the Authority of this or some other Parliament, because the last was not called by Writ in due form of Lam : So that the Representatives of the Nation, Affembled without a Writ, can only do one thing, and that the highest, to make a King: And by like Reason, If when Afsembled by Writ, can do everything but the greatest : But it is against all manner of Reason and Policy, to suppose that the Power that can make a King, cannot do every thing else that is necessary to settle the Government. If those Gentlemen had understood the true meaniag of Writsą and been so ingenious as to confess it, they would not have made that an Objection against the Validity of the last Pars liament.

Writs are necessary in their proper time, but not so necessary as to give the


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