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The Virgin has not, however, limited ly, Joseph of Arimathea, to receive the such miraculous favors to images. The blood of Christ; but the dish in which he early Christians consecrated an herbarium did so it takes four places-namely, Genoa, to the Virgin Mary, white flowers in partic- Rome, Genes and Earles—to hold. Το ular, such as the white rose, the white this day it is possible to see the cave near clematis, the white hyacinth, the stately Subiaco where St. Benedict retired at the white lily, the lily of the valley, half cov- age of fourteen. The holy young penitent ered up by its green hood, and the snow- rolled about in thorns. But St. Francis drop, peeping with cup whiter than shield visited the spot in 1223, and all the thorns of crescent moon, and looking fair even on changed into roses. S. Teresa, the founthe bosom of the snow. Our Lady's This- dress of the barefooted Carmelites, and the tle, with the milky streaks on its leaves, commander-in-chief of the Spanish armies which were believed to be medicinal in in the Peninsular War, started off at seven, dropsy, jaundice and the plague; Our in company with her brother, in search of Lady's mantle, with its circular broad leaf, martyrdom among the Moors. The ambiscalloped and plaited in regular folds, a de- tious pair met their uncle, and he brought coction of which was a rural cosmetic, a them back at a pace which surprised the clearer of the complexion; Our Lady's tender-yeared candidates for canonization. Smock, the lovely little pale lilac flower S. Teresa was buried at Avila, where she that blows at the time of the Annuncia- died in 1532. What menials were present tion; the Lady's Slipper, with its four pur- in the house of mourning, we are not inplish petals in the form of a cross, and the formed, but it is beautiful to think of yellow nectary in the centre, shaped like a “ten thousand martyrs assisting at her shoe, dedicated by the French, Germans bedside, and the Saviour coming down in and Italians to the foot of the Virgin-are person to convey his bride to heaven." all embalmed in the hearts and enshrined The founder of the order of hermits was in the imaginations of the faithful. There- St. Paul of Thebes. The Emperor Decius fore it is that we are shocked at Our Lady's persecuted him; hence he retired into a Glore being also known as the foxglove, desert. A spring supplied him with drink, and shudder at the young shoots of the a palm-tree furnished him with food; Lady's Seal being boiled as asparagus, a and when the palm-tree died, a raven use to which it would be impossible to put brought to him each day half a loaf the seal of Napoleon. Our Lady's Bed of bread with the regularity of a baker, Siraws, however, cannot be served up at and yet never left its bill. On one octable, although its thick tufts of tiny yel- casion, St. Antony, the founder of Monlow flowers smell like honey.

achism, called on St. Paul of Thebes; then Those who do not care for flowers may the raven brought a double commons. prefer to be reminded that Genes contains When St. Paul of Thebes died at the age a relic of the animal on which Christ rode of a hundred and thirteen, two lions dug -the tail of the ass. Peter's toenails at his grave, in harmony at once with the one time would have filled a sack. The dynamical amiability of Bottom, who could hinder part of the head of St. Johu the roar like any sucking-dove, and with the Baptist is at Constantinople; the forepart professional skill of the grave-diggers that to under the chin is in the church of Syl- conversed with Hamlet. vester at Rome; the jaws are at Genoa; and In the light of recent events it is more one of the teeth is at Vienna; the finger interesting to chronicle the fact, that “at with which he pointed to Christ as the Montmartre,” according to Philibert DelaLamb of God is to be seen in no fewer marre, there is an image of our Saviour apthan four places; and the cup out of which pearing to Magdalen, beneath it an inJohn the Evangelist drank poison, in two.

scription containing the word “Rabboni.” There are two bodies of St. Andrew in er- Good wives took the image to represent istence, and of one of these the head is at the saintly reformer of bad husbands. Rome, a shoulder in St. Grisogone, a side They touched the statue with their husat St. Eustace, an arm at the Holy Ghost's bands' shirts, whereon they would either Church, and so on. In the tomb of St. become good, or burst in the course of the John the Evangelist there is nothing but year. Unfortunately, the bad roughs of angels' meat. It only took one man, name- the Montmartre of 1871 do not appear as a matter of necessity to have worn shirts, tomb of Eve at Jiddah is, according to while their spouses in many cases proved Burton, two hundred paces long. The as madly warlike as themselves, if not as tomb of Seth, on the slopes of Antilibanus, outrageously profane. Indeed, the anti- is sixty feet in length. Indeed, it would religious Assi, in his exile, presents the have been twenty feet longer, but the precise antipodes to the saintly St. Simeon Prophet Seth, who came here preaching to Stylites on his pillar. The most remark- the people, who worshipped cows, was able feature in the career of the latter was, killed by them, and was hastily buried with after all, not so much that he typified the his knees doubled under his legs. Noah's ascetic, as that he defied the arithmetician. tomb, on the opposite side of the valley, In this combination of characteristics he was one hundred and twenty feet long. had few rivals. St. Simeon Stylites for The tomb of Joshua was disgracefully seven-and-thirty years lived on the top of short; indeed, it only covered thirty feet. his pillar. During the first four years, it Thus there were giants in those days, just was six cubits high; for the ten years en- as there are Positivists in ours who consuing, it was twenty-two; and for the last sider the seal which Louis Napoleon has twenty, it was forty cubits high. The tomb left as a talisman to his imperial son about of Abel, on the way to Baalbec, is, accord- as valuable an heirloom as the throne of ing to Maundrell, thirty yards long. The Republican France.



The doctor sat in his easy-chair,

And I sat by the table;
The day was bright, and clear, and fair,

Like halcyon ones in fable.
A book upon my lap was laid,

My eyes were on its pages,
But thought the errant truant played,

Like love in bygone ages.
Just then in through the window came-

On the amber air it floated-
The droning organ's sad refrain;

By a vagabond 'twas toll-ed.
And with the changing notes my mind

In lazy leisure wandered,
As careless as the fickle wind

Of precious moments squandered. Another summer's day is mine,

'Tis mixed of sun and showers; Sorrow and pleasure both combine,

As pass the fleeting hours. I little thought to be forgot,

Or forget in time then coming; Each organ note its comrade sought,

And “Auld Lang Syne" was humming. Away sad thoughts! Come happy days

When youth was bright with flowers; When passion shot bewildering rays,

Like sun in passing showers. How fuil of life, of pleasure ripe,

Of youthful tricks and squabbling; But from the wheezy organ's pipe

“ I'm Captain Jinks" was bobbling. Norwich, Conn., 1873.

And then the form of one whose love

Had flowed on without measure;
Whose eyes were like the sky above

When white clouds fice the azure;
Whose grave is swept by evening winds,

When the western day is dying;
The responsive organ a keynote finds,

Sweet Nelly Gray” replying.
And now there come again the dreams

That ever would conue o'er me,
Of honor, fame and glory's beams,

When youth lay all before me;
Of battle-field and victor's shout,

A brow the laurel wreath displaying;
With martial tread the notes marched out,

And "Old John Brown''so bravely playing.
Again I saw the humble life

My days must ever measure;
The dear, contented, sweet-voiced wife,

Whose love is more than treasure.
And I thanked God that, in his way,

He chose to make it so;
The organ breathed out far away

“John Anderson my jo!”
The doctor sat in his easy-chair,

And I sat by the table;
The day was bright, and clear, aud fair,

Like halcyon ones in fable.
The book upon my lap was laid,

A tear dropped on its pages;
The organ notes on the air were dead,

And I-won dreamer's wages.




“It's no use to talk, Fred; my mind is “Wait, Fred, until we close up the acfully made up. The business is lucrative counts of the trip. I have a strange foreenough; I find no fault with that, but the boding of evil; some hidden danger threatrisk is too great. We are simply staking eus us, and I can't get rid of the sensation.” our lives against money, and it is folly to “ Take a glass of Martell, my boy; that tempt our luck. We have braved dangers will drive off the blues." innumerable, made a reasonable fortune, “It's not the blues, Fred; but I'll say and, as I said before, I am going to knock nothing more about it until we are safel off before I lose the number of my mess. on shore at Hong Kong, if ever we live to Take my advice, Fred, and let this be your

get there." last trip in opium smuggling."

The wind was fair, and the Scud, under "Ned, you are crazy! What! give up a cloud of canvas, rapidly neared the land. the best trade on the coast? Give up the Over the Ladrone Islands hung a dense saucy Scud, the prettiest craft that floats cloud of grayish fog that was gradually in China waters? Just take a look through stretching along the coast, rolling along the skylight. What a beauty she is aloft! on the surface of the water, and completeAs for the risk you speak of, I don't care a ly shutting out the land. The Chinese fig for all the Manchoo gunboats combined crew clustered around the topgallant-foreso long as we stick together. We carry two castle discussing the chances of running good swivels and a long thirty-two, pivot,

the blockade, and even the grave sedate which, with our small arms, is sufficient to Lowder betrayed some manifestation of keep the Chinamen at bay. The life is excitement. exciting, and"

As night came on, Fred instructed the * The Ladrone Islands are in sight, sir; mate to load the guns, and pay particular shall we stand in for the land ?! And the attention to long tom. Small arms were Portuguese mate halted for an instant by distributed to the crew, light sails taken in, the aftercompanion hatch to receive the and lookouts doubled. instructions of Fred Baker, who was virtu

“There, Ned, I have got everything snug ally commander of the opium clipper, for the night, and if it don't come on too while Ned Parker, who had an equal in- thick, I'll run the Scud up to her anchorterest, discharged the duties of supercargo. age without giving the Mandarin boats any

“Is there anything in sight, Mr. Cos- unnecessary trouble on our account. But tello ?"

here comes the steward to announce sup“Nothing suspicions, sir, so far as I can per. We'll get a bite, and then no more

There is a good breeze, and I think leaving the deck this good night." the chances are that it will bold. But once The two young men descended to the amongst those islands, you can't place cabin, leaving the mate in charge of the much dependence upon it. It is rather deck, an old hand at the business. The bazy over the land, and it's my opinion, fog was growing denser each moment; the sir, that it will be foggy to-night. Will land was no longer visible, and the breeze, you come up and take a look for yourself, veering three points or so, became fickle sir ?!

and unsteady, finally dying out altogether. “All right, Mr. Costello, I'll be there in The huge topsails hung idly from the a minute. Now, Ned, be yourself, look on yards, while the reef points kept up an inthe bright side, and before twenty-four cessant tattoo, as the canvas, with spasbours pass by you'll have, at least, four modic jerks, partially filled with the last thousand dollars additional added to your dying efforts of the breeze. bank account. Not a bad slant, eh, for a The little craft was becalmed, and when month's work?"

the two owners returned to the deck, the



Scud was perfectly unmanageable, drifting fellow, little did he dream of the horrible at the mercy of the current.

fate that overshadowed him. Overcome Confound the luck!" muttered Fred, by sleep he no longer kept a watch upon as he bit off the end of his cigar with a the vessel. The crew were scattered about vicious snap.

“Who would ever have the deck wrapt in their blankets, ready for dreamed of the wind serving us such a a call, and the lookouts, following the exscurvy trick as this? We are rather too ample of the mate, allowed themselves to close into the land. I can hear the roar of forget their duties and slumber at their the surf. But, at all events, the Manchoos post. The man at the wheel nodded help. can't see through the fog any better than lessly, his head resting on the spokes, and ourselves."

in a few moments the Scud was drifting on “ But they may have sighted us, and with the current, and not a soul to guide taken bearings before the fog shut down. her. If they did there'll be music, depend upon The surf boomed hoarsely through the it."

gloom, an occasional discordant cry from “All right, Ned, let them come; our guns some sea bird echoed around, mingled with need scaling, and those lazy rascals for- the drumming of ropes against the rigging, ward need some excitement to stir them and the chafe of some spar aloft.

Slowly the moon arose, striving to pierce “Would it not be a good plan to lower through the thick bank that now had the our two boats and drop them astern, appearance of silver. An occasional light Fred ?"

puff of air caused the entire mass to undu“ Certainly, Ned, if you wish it,” replied late to and fro, while the gurgle of water his companion, with a strange glitter in the along the Scud's counter announced that depths of his dark eyes; “ but in case of the fleet craft was forging slightly ahead. an attack, I shall remain by the Scud." Gradually the mist grew thinner overAnd turning short on his heel, the half- head. One by one the stars peeped forth, angry seaman ordered the boats to be

but still the crew slumbered on. A faint cleared away and lowered.

indistinct mass loomed up through the fog, Nine o'clock came with nothing to arouse while the muffled clank of oars and the the suspicions of Fred, who had been left

swash of water mingled with the sharp alone by his friend. Ned had retired to creak of the spanker gaff as it swung to his stateroom early in the evening, some- windward. The sails gleamed ghastly what nettled by the insinuation of Fred in white in the struggling rays of the moon, regard to the boats.

the spars and running riggiug standing out “It's all humbug, my remaining on deck in bold relief. here in this cold fog," muttered Fred. “I Darting through the water with the speed would ask Ned to take some brandy straight and silence of sharks, two long narrow with me if I thought he would not repel boats crowded with men were pulling dithe offer. Confound it, I did not mean to rect for the Scud. They were a portion of hurt his feelings! I'll turn in, and by the mosquito feet under the inperial flag, morning we shall all feel better. Look and their principal duty was to watch for out for her, Mr. Costello. Keep a good opium sinugglers, with orders to show no lookout, and give me a call if there is the

mercy to the

* Fan Keveis" (foreign slightest change in the weather."

devils). “Ay, ay, sir!" replied the mate, rousing The first intimation the Scud's crew had himself with an effort. And, with a last of the danger that threatened them was a look of disgust at the damp gray fog, Fred fierce yell from the Manchoos, as they descended to his private cabin in no envi- dashed alongside. With a simultaneous able state of mind.

shock the boats struck the vessel, and Mr. The swell from the eastward caused the Costello, but half aroused froin his slumScud to roll gently as she lay in the trough bers, ruzbed to the gangway only to meet of the sea. The flap of the canvas fell his death. A brawny imperialist with dreamily upon the mate's ears, Oecasion- one blow of his sword stretched the poor ally he would start up from the bumpkin fellow lifeless. bitt, glance about him, then sink down In an instant the deck of the Scud was a again with his head on the rail. Poor scene of wild confusion. The armed horde

slaughtered the defenceless crew wherever was gradually setting them in shore, and they met them, and the crack of firearms soon the towering outline of a pagoda or mingled with half-inuttered appeals for joss-house loomed up through the obscumercy.

rity. The gleam of a watch-fire streamed The lookouts, at the first alarm, glided brightly up, and the forms of men passing over the bow, and dropping astern, gained and repassing could be distinctly seen. the boats in safety. The man at the wheel “Ship your cars, my lads," whispered and two of the watch had also escaped the Fred; we must put a long distance befate of their comrades, leaving the blood- tween us and this place before daylight, or thirsty Tartars in undisputed possession of we'll share the fate of the Scud's crew. the deck.

There she is, looming up through the haze, In the meanwhile, Fred and Ned had not and to think we should have lost her withbeen idle. Aroused by the exultant yells out striking a blow! The rascals must of the Manchoos, they leaped from their have all fallen asleep on deck. But I berths, grasped their revolvers and rushed never imagined Costello would have alon deck, only to find their vessel in posses- lowed himself to be caught napping. Well, sion of the enemy. One glauce at the poor fellow! he has paid the price of his ruffians, who were crowding and jostling rashness, and I hope he has gone to a snug each other in their eagerness to gain the harbor. Give way, lads !" cabin, proved beyond a doubt that the “Hold, Fred! let her drift for a moment; Scud had completely changed hands. Fred I have a word to say. Suppose you were saw that it was useless to expend the to regain the Scud, would you be willing to charges of his revolver amongst the yelling give up the business and go home with me throng, and with a muttered curse hurled to Boston ?! at his foes, he glided nimbly into the boat “ Would I? But what's the use of tanwhere Ned and the survivors of the crew talizing a fellow, Ned? The thing is imawaited him. A stroke of a knife severed possible; and what's more, if we don't the painter, and amid the tumult and ex- make a move to get out of this hornet's citement existing on board, the boat drop- nest, we will be tortured to death. You ped astern unnoticed, until the friendly know they show no mercy.” obscurity of the fog effectually screened it “I am well aware of that, Fred; but I from the sharp gaze of the Manchoos. have a plan, and I propose to try it. You

“ There's eight thousand dollars worth see it is breezing up, and with what men of pure opium gone to the d-1, to say we have we can handle the Scud like a nothing of the Scud !" groaned Fred, as he top." sank beside his friend in the sternsheets of “I should think, Ned, you were already the light boat.

in possession, from your talk. But tell me "I was under the impression that you what you propose to do.” expressed a determination to stand by the “In the first place, I want you to land Scud, in case of an attack,” replied Ned, me on that point of rocks that makes out with a dash of sarcasm in his manner. from the pagoda. The fog is rolling up

“Stand by the d—1!" growled his friend. rapidly, and we must bear a hand.” “I have no idea of losing the number of “Ned, think of what you are about. If my mess at the hands of a Manchoo brave." captured, your fate is sealed. There is a

“I thought you rather liked the excite- strong party on shore who" ment of the trade, and so long as you had “Give way, men! It's no use, Fred; I'm the guns"

going to recapture the Scud." “There, Ned, belay all that, will you? “Then, by the great hook block, Fred This is no time to indulge in sarcasm. I Baker will not be behindhand in helping was wrong, you were right. In lowering himself to his own. Do you take charge, the boats you saved our lives, old fellow, Ned, and I'll do as you say." and I am sorry for what I said at the time.” “Lay the boat alongside of that over

The hands of the two men were extend- hanging rock. Keep well in the shadow, ed and pressed in silence; they were once

and watch for my return." more united, and Fred felt almost happy, With a careful hand Fred guided the despite the peril that yet menaced them.

boat to the desired spot. The oars were They were drifting with the tide, which laid in cautiously, and Ned, revolver in

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