Unanswered questions: Nazi Germany and the genocide of the Jews

Schocken Books, 1989 - 392 pàgines
Several noted historians provide essays which debate and discuss the origins, meanings, and implications for the future based on the experience of the Holocaust. provides answers to issues that have never been examined.

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Unanswered questions: Nazi Germany and the genocide of the Jews

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This collection of essays by noted Holocaust historians explores controversial points in the study of the Nazi genocide of the Jews. These scholars believe that Hitler did order the Final Solution ... Llegeix la ressenya completa


The Written Matter and the Spoken Word
Retracing the Twisted Road
Relations Between Jews and NonJews

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Francois Furet is Director of Studies at the ecole des Hautes etudes en Sciences Sociales in Paris, and Professor of History at the University of Chicago. He is considered throughout the world to be the most outstanding living historian of the French Revolution.

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