A Synoptical Index to the Laws and Treaties of the United States of America, from March 4, 1789, to March 3, 1851: With References to the Edition of the Laws, Published by Bioren and Duane, and to the Statutes at Large, Published by Little and Brown, Under the Authority of Congress

C.C. Little and J. Brown, 1852 - 747 pàgines

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Pàgina 132 - An act for establishing rules and articles for the government of the armies of the United States,
Pàgina 268 - Goods, wares, and merchandise, the growth, produce, or manufacture of the United States, exported to a foreign country, and brought back to the United States in the same condition as when exported, upon which no drawback or bounty has been allowed ; provided, that all regulations to ascertain the identity thereof, prescribed by existing laws, or which may be prescribed by the Secretary of the Treasury, shall be complied with.
Pàgina 178 - State.) of the 6 per cent, of the net proceeds of the sales of public lands within the State, and of the 600,000 acres granted to the State by the act of Sept.
Pàgina 661 - Britannic majesty, and the northern boundary of the territories of the United States, from the lake of the woods to the Stony Mountains.
Pàgina 380 - States shall be divided or appropriated : of granting letters of marque and reprisal, in times of peace : appointing courts for the trial of piracies and felonies committed on the high seas, and establishing courts for receiving and determining finally appeals in all cases of captures ; provided, that no member of congress shall be appointed a judge of any of the said courts.
Pàgina 657 - Properties since the Confiscation. And it is agreed, That all Persons who have any interest in confiscated Lands, either by Debts, Marriage Settlements, or otherwise, shall meet with no lawful Impediment in the Prosecution of their just Rights.
Pàgina 686 - ... a citizen or subject of the other, were he not disqualified by the laws of the country where such real property is situated, such citizen or subject shall be allowed a term of two years to sell the same...
Pàgina 553 - California," and of the twelfth section of the act of Congress approved on the 31st of August, 1852, entitled "An act making appropriations for the civil and diplomatic expenses of the Government for the year ending the thirtieth of June, eighteen hundred and fifty-three, and for other purposes...
Pàgina 667 - Paris, amounting by the half year to three hundred and thirty-seven thousand five hundred dollars, according to the proportions which shall be determined by the French government, to be paid at either place: the principal of the said stock to be reimbursed at the treasury of the United States, in annual payments of not less than three millions of dollars each; of which the first payment shall commence fifteen years after the date of the exchange of ratifications: this stock shall be transferred to...
Pàgina 460 - For providing surf boat, rockets, carronades, and other necessary apparatus for the better preservation of life and property from shipwrecks on the coast of New Jersey...

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