Criminal Proceedings on Indictment and Information (in England and Wales).

Stevens and sons, limited, 1904 - 427 pàgines

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Pàgina 161 - ... defectively or imperfectly stated or omitted, and without which it is not to be presumed that either the judge would direct the jury to give or the jury would have given the verdict, such defect, imperfection, or omission is cured by the verdict...
Pàgina 321 - EF, if he shall be found in your bailiwick, and him safely keep, so that you may have his body before us [or in the Common Pleas,
Pàgina 380 - the body of CCW detained in our prison under " your custody, as it is said, together with the day and " cause of his being taken and detained...
Pàgina 372 - ... together with this our writ, that we may cause further to be done thereon what of right and according to the law and custom of England we shall see fit to be done.
Pàgina 160 - Officer ; and that where the Offence charged has been created by any Statute, or subjected to a greater Degree of Punishment, or excluded from the Benefit of Clergy by any Statute, the Indictment or Information shall after Verdict be held sufficient to warrant the Punishment prescribed by the Statute if it describe the Offence in the
Pàgina 78 - ... that where the offence charged has been created by any statute, or subjected to a greater degree of punishment, or excluded from the benefit of clergy by any statute, the indictment or information shall after verdict be held sufficient to warrant the punishment prescribed by the statute if it describe the offeuce in the words of the statute.
Pàgina 312 - Whereupon the said Attorney-General of our said Lord the King, who for our said Lord the King in this behalf prosecuteth for our said Lord the King, prayeth the consideration of the Court here in the premises, and that due process of law may be awarded against him the said Thomas Paine in this behalf, to make him answer to our said Lord the King touching and concerning the premises aforesaid.
Pàgina 360 - Lord (a) or at any time afterwards, or over which the said CD on the said day of or at any time afterwards had any disposing power which he might without the assent of any other person exercise for his own benefit...
Pàgina 115 - ... plainly and specially expressed in the warrant of commitment), upon payment or tender of the charges of bringing...
Pàgina 74 - ... nor for want of the statement of the value or price of any matter or thing, or the amount of damage, injury, or spoil, in any case where the value or price, or the amount of damage, injury, or spoil, is not of the essence of the offence.

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