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Chap. I. quired therein. Humane Laws are Sinaie xıróuera, mo

vable orders, such as turn about with time; but the Moral Law is by its intrinsecal rectitude so immortalized, that, as long as God is God, and man man, it cannot be altered.

After all these Manifestations, God revealed himself to the World in and by Jesus Christ; this is the last and greatest appearance of all. In the inferiour creatures there is a footstep of God, but not his Image ; in man there is his Image, but a finite, a created one : but Jesus Christ is the infinite increated Image of God. The nearer any creature doth in its perfections approach to God, the more it reveals him; life shews forth more of him than meer being, sense than life, Reason than all the rest : but oh!

what a spectacle hath Faith, when an humane nature shall be taken into the Person of God, when the fulness of the Godhead shall dwell in a creature Hypostatically ! Here the Eternal Word which framed the World was made flesh; the infinite Wisdom which lighted up Reason in man, assumed an Humanity; never was God so in man, never was man so united to God, as in this wonderful Dispensation : more glory breaks forth from hence than from all the Creation. We have here the Center of the Promises., the substance of the types and shadows, the Complement of the Moral Law, and Holiness and Righteousness, not in letters and syllables, but living, breathing, walking, practically exemplified in the Humane nature of Jesus Christ.



Christ considered as a Prophet and á speculum. The Di

vine Áttributes shine in him, particularly Wisdom. The obstacles of Redemption to be removed. The Son of God fit for the work: many admirable conjunctis ons of God

and Man, of Justice and Mercy, of Punishment and Obedience in Christs sufferings; of Satisfaction and a kind of execution of the Law; of Satisfaction and Merit; of Merit and Example; all tending to our Salvation. The rare conquest of Sin, Satan, the World, Death; Humility of mind necessary. The desperate issue of the pride of humane Reason; need of Humility from the threefold state of Reason, in Integrity, after the Fall, after Faith.

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ESUS CHRIST, as he is the eternal Son of God, is the brightness of his glory,and the express Image of his person, Heb. 1.3. But because our weakness could not bear so excellent a Glory without being swallowed up by it, he veiled himself in our flesh, that he, who was light of light in the eternal Generation, might become the light of the World in an admirable Incarnation ; and such he was under a double notion. He may be considered either as revealing the Gospel, and thus he is the great Prophet, who from his Fathers bosom brought down so many pretious truths and mysteries to the World ; or else as set forth in the Gospel in his conception, birth, life, death, resurrection and exaltation at Gods right hand; and thus he is speculum Theologia, a pure glass of Divinity. Hence the Apostle tells us, that the light



Chap. 2. of the knowledg of the glory of God is in the face of

Jesus Christ, 2 Cor.4.6. This latter Notion is that which this discourse aims at, to contemplate those many Truths which are either lively expressed in the Incarnate Word, or may be reasonably drawn from that incomparable Dispensation.

God, that he might help our weakness, and attract qur faith to himself, hath been pleased to come, as it were, out of his unapproachable light, and manifest himself in Attributes, such as Wisdom, Holiness, Justice, Grace, Mercy, Power, with the like. These Rays of the divine Perfection are let down on pur-pase, that we might sanctifie him in our hearts, that our souls might be in a posture of holy humility, faith, fear, love, jay, and obedience, suitable to those Excellencies in him. My first work therefore must be, to Thew how, these Attributes are displayed in Jesus Christ : We all with open face behold as in a glass the glory of the Lord, faith

the Apostle, 2 Cor. 3. 18. Jesus Christ is that pure Glass wherein the glory of God, that is, the diviñe Attributes, fo eminently shine forth to us, that we may contemplate them with

open face.

To begin first with the Attribute of Wisdom; this is the great Disposer, which in all things places the Center and draws the lines, fixes the end and harmonizes the means thereunto. There is a fair impress of it in the work of Creation, much more in that of Redemption : a Nobler end there cannot be than Gods glory in the Salvation of loft man, nor a more admirable means than God manifest in the flesh, This is the Wisdom of God in a Mystery, 1 Cor. 2.7; a thing more sublime than all the secrets in the Creation. Humane reason may, by its own innate light go into the outward Temple of Nature, but into the Sanctuary Chap. 2. of Evangelical mysteries it cannot, unless supernaturally illuminated, ever enter ; and when it is there, it is capable but of a little portion thereof : nay, the very Angels, who stoop down to pry into it, are not able to search it to the bottom, nor to tell over the treasures of Wisdom which are in it. This is noxutoiridos cozia, the manifold wisdom of God, Ephes


. 3. 10. Never was fuch a constellation of Attributes as there is here: that Power, Wisdom, and Goodness which appeared in Creation, are here in greater lustre ; and over and above Holiness, Justice and Mercy shine forth in their orient Excellencies : never did the glory of God so break forth, as it doth in this wonderful Dispensation.

That we may the better view it, it will be requisite to consider, first, the obstacles in the way, and then how admirably the divine Wisdom did pass through them and accomplish the


Work. The Obstacles were such as these :

1. Man turning apostate from his God and primitive Integrity, justly funk himself into an horrible gulf

of fin and misery. Sin lay upon hini, and wrath for sin; the broken Law pronounced Death, an eternal curse against him; divine Justice appeared through the threatning like devouring fire, ready to catch hold on him as fit fuel for eternal flames; unless Satis. fa&tion were made, he must have gone into Hell, the proper place for irremediable sinners: in this forlorn estate, what may he, can he, do? Shall he melt himself into repentant tears, or consecrate himself unto perpetual Holiness? Alas ! depraved Nature cannot elevate it self unto these , nor will Grace dispense them to an unatoned sinner: nay, could they be had, they would be as finite nothings in comparison of C 2

Chap. 2. that infinite Satisfaction which Justice calls for. Sin

is an infinite evil, objectively infinite, a kind of dei-
cidium, a striking at the Majesty, Holiness, Justice,
nay, the very Life and Being of God,and without ano-
ther deicidium , a crucifying the Lord of glory, which
is a Sacrifice of infinite value, not to be expiated.
Which consideration also tells us, that all the Angels
in Heaven, though creatures without spot, could not
have been able to haye satisfied for the fin of man; all
that they have is but finite, the burden of Gods wrath
was much too heavy for them: one fin sunk their.
fellow-Angels into chains of darkness, and how could
they stand under a world of iniquity? The titles of
Saviour and Redeemer, which equal, if not exceed.
that of Creator, were too high for them : and how
could they who knew their own station, and were.
confirmed therein, attempt or so much as cast an af
piring glance after them? Upon the whole matter,
we see this first Obstacle is such, as nọ creature in
Heaven and Earth was able to remove out of the:
2. Ex parte creature, the impossibility is apparent::

up to Heaven? There seems to be a di-
vision above, a kind of variance among the divine At-
tributes : On the one hand Mercy, that tender indul-.
gent Attribute, seems to melt and cry out over fallen
man; What ! fhalf man, made after the divine Image
a poor seduced creature, shall he, nay, his whole.
race Eternally perish ? "shall I have never a Monument
among the sons of men, nay, nor in the whole Crea-
tion ? shall nothing of the humane nature serve God.
or enjoy him? On the other, Justice pleaded, That
every one must have his due, the wages of fin is death,
the Majesty of Heaven must not be offended, nor his.


may we look

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