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Of Remembering God our

Creator in Youth.


Remember now thy Creator in the

Days of thy Youth.


T will add great Weight to the Counsel here given, if we consider what an e

minent Degree of Wisdom God gave the Author of it, and that he writ this Book in an Advanced Age. He had full Experience of the World in his high exalted Station : He unhappily immersed himself deeply in sensual Pleasures. Being at length brought to Repentance, and a proper Sight of his past Errors, he, in this Book, declares that the World can present or offer nothing but a Scene of Vanity, and that Happiness is not to be obtained by any the most agreeable Prospects it can propose; and, as the Fruit of his Experience, he assures us that the B

highest highest Enjoyments of Life cannot furnish a Happiness for the Soul of Man, and that nothing can constitute a firm Basis of Happiness, but Wisdom, Virtue, Holiness, and the Fear of God. Remember now thy Creator in the Days of thy Youth.

In explaining and recommending this excellent Advice given in these Words, I shall do these three Things :

1. Inquire what is that Remembrance of God

which is enforced.

II. In what Relation we are to remember Him;

and that is, as our Creator.

III. Prove, by sundry Reasons and Arguments,

that Youth is the fittest and beft Seafon for remembering God; or that 'tis highly expedient, useful, and necessary, that young Persons should thus remember God their Creator.

I. I Thall inquire into the Nature of the Duty directed to; and that is, To remember God.

Remembrance of God supposes a Belief of his Being, and some Knowledge of him. 'Tis not a superficial transient Thought of


God, whieh foon vanishes, and leaves no good Impression ; but of such a Nature as is attended and followed with a good Effect on Heart and Life, which is here meant by remembering God. 'Tis a practical Remembrance that SOLOMON recommends. These three Things will explain it: ist, 'Tis a reverential Remembrance of God; 2dly, An affectionate Devotional Remembrance; and consequently, in the 3d Place, 'Tis a practical Remembrance of God, or such as influences the Life, and leads us to obey God's Commandments.

ist, In these Words SOLOMON recommends' to Young Persons a reverential Remembrance of God. God is possessed of all those Perfections, and Excellencies, which justly claim, and call for, the Tribute of our highest Reverence, and the supreme Veneration of all Rational Intelligent Beings, His Power is irresistible; Who shall not fear Him, before whom the whole Creation is as nothing, and Vanity? He is the Lord God Almighty; who then shall not fear, and glorify Him? Who can conceive how happy and blessed the God of all Power is able to make his Creatures, or how miserable they must be who fall under the Effects of his Displeasure? Who knoweth the Power of his Anger? Our Saviour therefore a:


B a

vises his Disciples to fear him who hath

Power to destroy both Soul and Body in Hell; yea, I say to you, fear bim, Matth. X. 28. compared with LUKE xii. 5. This Omnipotent Being is also Omniscient; which ought to increase a reverential Remembrance of him in all our Minds: Nothing can be hid from his All- penetrating Eye; his Understanding is infinite. Remember too that he is Omnipresent, and fills all Places with his Immensity. Whatever close Retirement any may have from the View of FellowMortals, remember God is alway present with you; for in him you live, move, and have your Being. The Darkness and the Light are both alike to him. Though the Eye of Sense cannot see him, being invisible, and absolutely immaterial, yet by Faith we ought to set the Lord alway before us. Thus of Moses 'tis said, that he saw Him who is invisible, Heb. xi. 27. Though finite Minds cannot comprehend how an Infinite Spirit, as God is, should be in all Places at one and the fame Time, yet that is no Reason it should be denied. Remember an Omniscient and Omnipresent Deity fo as to reverence him above all; for he is acquainted not only with the most retired and secret Actions of his Creatures, but with their very Thoughts and Intentions. The Remembrance of God, cloathed with these Per


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