Imatges de pàgina


“ The syren's song Wrecks not the listning sailor half so soon As woman's sigh shipwrecks the heart of man." « Now.can I break my fast, dine, sup, and sleep, Upon the very naked name of Love."

THERE 's been a time my pulse beat high,

When woman's lip was suing ; There's been a time when woman's sigh

My signal was for wooing.

There's been a time her tears could drown

My sorrows in a minute;
There's been a time her very frown

Had somewhat lovely in it.

There's been a time her rosy smile

Could light up warm emotion ; There's been a time her song could wile

My spirit to devotion.

There's been a time my sweetest bliss

Was woman's heart to capture ; There's been a time when woman's kiss

Convuls'd my soul with rapture.

There's been a time when woman's love

Was, no one knows, how pleasant ; There's been a time for all th' above,

And O that time's—the present.


“ Then swift and gentle as the gentlest dove
I'll seek thy breast, and equal all thy love ;
Cupid shall fan his purple wings, and spread
Undying rapture for our nuptial bed.”

“ I have no hope that does not dream of thee-
I have no joy that is not shared by thee;
All that I once took pleasure in-my late-
Is only sweet when it repeats thy name."

I wish I were a rose, my love,

That I might braid thy hair;
Or blushingly might languish, love,

Upon thy bosom fair.

I wish I were a bird, my love,

And could thy heart engage,
How sweetly would I sing, my love,

Within my prison-cage!

I wish I were the cup, my love,

From which thou’rt wont to sip,


I'd wish thee often thirsty, love,

That I might kiss thy lip.

I wish I were the breeze, my love,

That woos thy fairy form, No chill should e'er steal o'er thee, love

My sighs should all be warm.

I wish I were an echo, love,

And then no other name

Save “ Agnes,” (which is thine my love,)

These fond lips should proclaim.

I wish I were thy pillow, love,

O heaven! how soft I'd be, That thou with pleasure might, my love,

Thy cheek recline on me.

But most of all, believe me, love,

It were my wish and pride,
To press thee to my heart, my love,

And christen thee--my bride!


“ Gentle as if descended from the skies,

And lovely as an angel-form must be,
A spirit, as methought, before mine eyes,

Amidst the sons of earth stole silently.”

Thou, thou, art life,and all the world to me-
All day I doat, all night I dream of thee.”

My first, since the crim-con of Eve, has been reckon'd
The curse-entail'd birthright, alas ! of my second ;
Unite them, and O! in that sweet word is given,
The glory of earth-the chef-d'oeuvre of Heaven!

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