The History of China, Volum 1

W. Thacker & Company, 1898

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Pàgina 561 - How a small Tartar tribe succeeded after fifty years of war in imposing its yoke on the sceptical, freedom-loving, and intensely national millions of China will always remain one of the enigmas of history. We have traced the course of these campaigns, but even while venturing to indicate some of the causes of their success, we must still come to the conclusion that the result hts exceeded what would at any time during the struggle have been thought to be credible.
Pàgina 259 - But he may only have been a misguided enthusiast when he declared that "the State should take the entire management of commerce, industry, and agriculture into its own hands, with the view of succouring the working classes, and preventing their being ground to the dust by the rich.
Pàgina 588 - Do they think at the Court that I am so blind as not to see the motive in this order of summons ? I shall, indeed, present myself there if you continue to press me, but it will be at the head of twice forty thousand men. You may go on before, but I hope to follow you very shortly with such a force as will speedily remind those in power of the debt they owe me.
Pàgina 360 - THE personal appearance of the Great Kaan, Lord of Lords, whose name is Cublay, is such as I shall now tell you. He is of a good stature, neither tall nor short, but of a middle height. He has a becoming amount of flesh, and is very shapely in all his limbs. His complexion is white and red, the eyes black and fine,' the nose well formed and well set on.
Pàgina 209 - ... the natural dependence of the young upon the old was strengthened and increased. He lessened the rewards of the victors at the Olym'pic and Isth'mian games, whom he considered as...
Pàgina 652 - You wish that all the Chinese should become Christians, and indeed your creed demands it. I am well aware of this, but in that event what would become of us ? Should we not soon be merely the subjects of your kings...
Pàgina 476 - ... more promising relations had been formed between the two peoples. Both nations were keen in the pursuit of trade, and a very considerable commerce sprang up. But these commercial intercourses also caused much trouble between them. In 1552 a more serious campaign was undertaken by the Japanese, who effected a landing in Chekiang, pillaged the country round Taichow, and maintained themselves in a fortified position for twelve months against all the attacks of the Chinese. In the five years between...
Pàgina 310 - ... which beheld the death of the old system in China, and the advent in that country of a newer and more vigorous government which, slowly acquiring shape in the hands of Kublai and a more national form under the Mings, has attained the pinnacle of its utility and strength under the influence of the great emperors of the Manchu dynasty. But great as is the reputation Genghis has acquired it is probably short of his merits. He is remembered as a relentless and irresistible conqueror, a human scourge...
Pàgina 652 - Kiachta, on the frontier of the Khalka country. I permit you to reside here and at Canton as long as you give no cause for complaint, but if any should arise I will not allow you to remain either here or at Canton. I will have none of you in the provinces. The emperor, my father, suffered much in reputatipn among the literati by the condescension with which he allowed you to establish yourselves.
Pàgina 651 - You tell me that your law is not a false one. I believe you , if I thought that it was false, what would prevent me from destroying your churches, and from driving you out of the country ? False laws are those which, under the pretext of spreading virtue, rouse a spirit of revolt. But what would you say...

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