Imatges de pàgina

anineral waters of Harrowgate, 407. phobia, 41.-XXV. On the medici.
---Care oftæuia, or tape worm, cured nal properties of the muriated ba.
by flowers of sulphur, ibid.-Obfer. rytes, ibid. --XXVI. Case of drop'y,
vations on venefection in thoracic in which the water has been twice

ihid. drawn off by tapping the vagina, ib.

-XXVII. Two letters on a species

of angina maligna, and the use of
T APS and plans, viows and cuins,

capsicum in that and other diseafes,
IV illustrative of the travels of

ibid.-XXVIII. Account of an ex-


foliation of the internal sursace of
Meaning which the word mystery bears

the cibia, &c. 41, 42.-XXIX. A:-

count of the invention and use or the
in the New Testament contidered,


lever of Roonhuysen, 42.-XXX.
Medical communications, vol. II. 33.-

of a very uncommon bindneis in
I. Cale of a recovery after a ball had

the eyes of newly-born children, ib.

XXXI. Three intances of sudden
podud through the lungs, ibid.-

death, &c. ibid.-XXXI. Cf the
Of retrovericutcrus, in which the
paracontefis veficæ was successfully

danger of wounding the epigastric
performed, 33, 34.-II. In which

artery in the operation of capping fur
the tendon of the biceps muscle was

the ascites, ibid.--XXXI. or the
pundurexl io bleeding, 34.-IV. Of

aphonia (pasniodica, ib.--XXXIV.
à child born with fymptoms of ery-

of the use of cantharides taken in
si pelas followed by gangrene, ibid.

substance, &c.
v. Account of the above species of

Medications of the emperor Ni. Aure-

lius autoninus, a new translation,
eryfipe as as it has appcarcd in in-
fauts at the British lying-in hofpi-

Memoir sur la comparison des moycos
ta!, ibid.-VI. Case of an unusually
large abfccis between the perico-

& des procedes que les Romains cm-
nzum and abdominal muscles, &c.

ployoient dans la contruction de
ibid.-VII. Of total extirpation of

leurs edifices, avec ceux des peupies
the external parts of generatioli, 35.



Memoirs of the life and writings of
- VII. Obfervations on the use of
ovium in the vencreal disease, ibid. John Whitehurit, F. R. S. II
IX. Account of the favourable

of Hildebrand freemar,

termination of a wound in the tu
mach, ibid. --X. Case of fupprefion Miscellaneous warks of A. M’Donald,
of urine, in which the puniature of

the bladder in the regio pubis was

poems, aud a tragedy,
performed with success, ibid.-XI.
History of a disease in the head of the

Modern Britons, a poem, 468
tibia, &c. ibid. ---XII. Case of her.

Monody written at Matlock, 112
nia femoralis, &c. 36,-XIII. Of

More money! or odcs of inftrudion to
abftitience, ibid. --XIV. Of a droply

Mr. Pitt.

of the ovarium, &c. ibid.--XV.Ob.
fervations on the effects of camphor,

applicd externally in retcntiou of ATArrative of facis relating to some
urine, 37.--XVI. Case of an injury IV time-keepers constructed by
in the internal table oi che scuit, ib. Mr. T. Mudge for the discovery of
-XVII. Or a rupture of the corpora the longitude at sea, - 356
cavernosa of the penis, ibid. --XVIII.

of the loss of the Grofve-
Account of a mortified hand taken nor East Indiaman,

off at the writt, ibid. -XIX. Of the Nature and extent of human reason
differerit fpecies of inflammation, confidered,
&c.ibid. -XX. Cale os inversion of Naval force of Great Britain, a view
the uterus, 39.-XLI. History of a of the, &c.

contraction of the tocc-arm and tia- New plain dialer, No. I. : 133
gers, &c. 40.-XXI. A singular Notes on Paine's rights of man, 232
cate of ablccis of the liver, ibid. -- NovelS.- Ana St. Ives, 400,- The
XXIl. Of a rupture of the bladder Biker's Diary, 236.–The Carpen-
by a fall, ibu.--- XIV. Gf hydro cu's Daughter of Verham Down,


ibid. Delineations of the Heart, niency of measuring an arch of the
472.- Female Werter, 235.-Fre meridian, and of the parallel of lon-

derica, 472.-Generosity, 352. — gitude, having the observatory of
• History of fir Geoffry Restless, 114. Geneva for their common interfec-

Hitory of miss Egerton, 236. tion, ibid. Meteorological journal
Iphigenia, 114.-It is, and it is not, for 1790, 193.-Part Il. Art. vill.
472,-Leon, a Spartan story, 236. – On the rate of trayelling, as per-
The Libertine, 352.-Mary de Clif fornied by camels; and its applica-
ford, ibid.-Romance of the Forest, tion, as a scale, to the purposes of
458.- Terentia, 352,--Vancenza, o: geography, 252.--IX. On infinite
the dangers of credulity, 208. feries, 273.-X. Account of sonie
Wanley Penson,

114 appearances attending the conversion

of cast intu malleable iron, ibid.
XI. On the decomposition of fixed

air, ibid. -XII. Meteorological jour-
Brervations and remarks on a

nal, principally relating to atmo-
journey through Sicily and Cala-

spheric electricity, 274. -XII. Far-
bria in 1791,


ther csperiments relating to the
Occasional retrospect of foreign litera-

decompofition of dephlogisticated
ture, 336, 537.-France, ibid. -

and inflammable air, ibid. --XIV.
Italy, 542.- Portugal, 545.-Ger-

Pxperiments on human calculi, 275.
many, 340, 545:-Holland, 343,

--XV. Chermes lacca, ibid.--XVI.
546. — Denmark, 547. — Sweden,

The longitudes of Dunkirk and Pa.
343, 547.--~Prussia, 342, 543.-

ris from Greenwich, deduced from


the triangular measurement 1787,
Ode on the proposed visit of his majera

1788, supposing the carth to be an
ty to Exeter,


elipsoid, 276.-XVII. On the me
Odes, all the Pythian, Nemean, and

thod of determining, from the real
Inhmian of Pındar,

probabilities of life, the values of
Odysley of Homer. See Iliad.

contingent reverfions in which three
On the prevention of crimes, and the

lives are involved in the survivorsh p,
advantages of solitary imprisonment, ibid.-XVIll. Abstract of the regife


ter of the barometer, thermometer,
Opinions of the philosophical reform-

and rain at Lyndon in Rutland;
ers considered,

with the rain in Sarry and Hamp-
Owl(the), the peacock, and the dove,

Shire, for 1790, ibid. - XIX. Descrip-

tion of a simple micrometer for
measuring smail angles with the te-

lescope, ibid.-XX. A new method
Dainting and sculpture, history of, of investigating the sums of infinite
T vol. I.


feries, ibid.--XXI. Experiments and
Pardoner's tale, the,


observations to investigate the com-
Pecrage of Scotland, tracts concerning position of Dr. James's powders, 277.

-XXII. Account of tome chemia
Perlius, imitation of the firft satire of,

cal experiments on tabasheer, 279.--

193 XXUÍ. A second paper on hygro-
Philosophical transactions of the royal

fociety of London, vol. LXXXI. Plain man's (a) thoughts on the pre-
part 1.186.--Art. I. A second paper sent price of fugar, &c.

crometry, ibid.-II. On the Pleasures of memory,

produčtion of ambergris, 188.-II. Poems on varinus occasions, 207
Obfervations on the aftinity between - miscellaneous and humourous,
bafaltes and granite.-IV. Nebulcus
Itars properly focalled. - V.Abstract (two), on the sultan Abdul Ach:
of a register of the barometer, there mrt, and the hatter's tale, 235
mometer, and rain, at Lyndon in

on several occasions, 470
Rutland, with the rain in Kamp- Poetical epiftic from the queen of
Shire and Surry, fur 1739, 191.-Ví. France to the emperor Leopold II.
Oblervations on certam horny ere
crefcences of the human body, 192. Poetical Extra&ts. From Abelard to
VII, Confiderations on the conve- Eloifa, 470.--The Baviad, 194 to








196.-Enthusiasm of genius, 111. lflands, Otaheite, New Holland, Ealt
Etfay on principles of translation, Indies, Africa, 571.- Russia, Poland,
292, 293, 296.--Female geniad, 113. 572, 573.--Denmark, 573, 574.-
-Feitival of beauty, jie.-Good's lialy. Spain, Portugal, Pruffia, 574.
Puems,471.-Ha loran's poems, 207, -Gerniany, Austrian Netherlands,
208.-Homer, 241 to 24, 245 to France, 575 to 80.-Britain and
249, 361 to 374, 360 to 558.-lmi Ireland; dat onal affairs, 580.--Paro
tation of the prayer of abei, 113:-- liamentary proceedings, 580 to 584.
Modern Britons, 468. – Monody of the principal proceedings in
written at Matlock, 112.--More the parliamcot of 1784, 226
money, 366 to 309. ---Peter Pincar's Rights of man, part II.

epistle to the cari of Lonsdale, 91.-

of citizens,

Pleasures of memory, 398 to 402.-

for man,
The pope's journey in the other Road to ruil, a comedy,
worlds, 154 10 156.--Pythian, Ne. Roman history (the) continued from
mcan, and sathnian odes of Pindar, the second century of the Chriftian
403 to 405.-Triumphs of friend ära to the destruction of the Grock
fhips 234.--Weft's mifcellaneous empire,
poems, 204 to 206.-Winter, 351,

Poland, memoirs of the present state

SCHOOL for scandal, or newspapers,

- 256
Pope's (the) journey to the other

a comedy,

worlds, to seek advice and allittance

Sermons for Sunday schools, 109
against the national affembly of

Shrove Tuesday,


Sketch of the life and projects of John

Principles of the French conftitution,

Law, comptrolier-general of the fi-
nances in France,

Proceedings in parliament relative to

Speech of Henry Grattan, efq. on the

address to his majelty at the open-
the origin and progress of the war
in India,

ing of the Irish parliament, 1792,
Prusle (la) littéraire sous Frederic ll.

pour servir de continuation à l'ellai

Speeches of Mirabeau the elder, in the
sur la vie & le regal de ce roi, 481

national afsembly of France, 434
Public worship and instruction, 286

Storia della pittura, c la Sculptura, da
Pugilist (the) matched,

i tempi piu antichi,

Stridures on a pamphlet, intitled

Thoughts on the late riots at Bira

Veitior. (the) considered, How Substance of the report of the court of
U far the present flourishing state directors of the Sierra Leone cum-

of the nation is to be ascribed to pany to the general court, OA. 19,
the conduct of the niinilter, 465 17,1,

Sugar, a vindication of the use of, 233

Syllabus of Chriftian doctrines and du-
D Effections on the controversial


N writings of Dr. Priestiey, part I.

on cruelty to the brute cre THOUGHTS on the manifefto of

I the French to all states and na.
Regal government, thoughts on the


origin and excellence of, 358

on civilization, and the
Remarks on an enquiry into the expe gradual abolition of flavery in Afri.

diency and propriety of public or so. ca and the West Indies, 463
cial worship,

231 Transactions of the Linnaan fociety,
Repreluntation from the nahob of the

vol. I. Extracts from the introduce
Carnatic pretented to the house of

tivn, 1.-II. Observations on some
conimons, March 5,1792, 464 extraneous foflils of Switzerland, 3.
Review of public affairs, from January III. Observations on the phalana

to May 1792. North America, 570. bombyx lubricipeda, and some other
- Welt Indies, ibid. - Sandwich

moths, 4.-IV. Descriptions of lour





fpecies of cypripedium, 3.-V. De salt, 14; Table of the quantity of fcriprions of ten species of lichen, mere alkali in one hundred pounds collected in the south of Europe, ib. of different substances, 15; Conclu-Vi, Some observations on the na fions from experiments on feveral tural history of the curculio lapathi subjects, ibid. - 11. Letter from and filpha grisea, ibid.-Vli. De Richard Kirwan, esg. on the strata fcription of the stylephorus chorda. of coals, 16.-III. The origin and tus, a new fish; its generic charac theory of the Gothic arch, ibid.ter transcribed, 6.-VII, Defcrip IV. Account of a disease which, untion of the hirudo viridis, a new tillately, proved fatalto a great numInglish leech, ibid.-IX. The bota. ber of intants in the lying-in hospio nical history of the canella alba, ib. tal of Dublin, with observatives on -X. Defcription of the cancer 1łag its causes and prevention, 16, 17; walis of Linnæus; extract froni Dr. Facts which appeared on a compaShaw's account of its apparatus for rison of the circumstances in other taking its prey, 7.-XI. On the fef. hofpitals with those of Dublin, 17. tuca spadlicza, and anthoxanthum V. Description of a steam-engine, 18. paniculaturi of Linnæus, 8.---XII. -Vl. Use and description of a newOn the migration of certain birds, invented instrument for navigation, &c. ibid.-Extracts from the obser &c. ibid. --VII. Observations made vations relating to the woodcock and on the disappearance and re-appear. the water-wagtails, 9.-XIII. Hir ance of Saturn's ring in 1789, &c. tory and description of a new fpe ibid. - VIII. Account of two parcies of sucus, ibid.-XIV. Account helia observed Feb. 25, 1790, ibid. of a singular conformation in the IX. Essay towards ascertaining the wings of fome species of moths, 9, population of Ireland, 19.-X. Let10.-XV. Observations on the lan tre de M. Pouget à M. Kirwan, sur guage of butany, 10.-XVI. Obser les considerations produites par l'alvations on the genus of bigonia, ib. liage de l'alcool avec l'eau, ibid. --XVII. On the genus of lymplocos, Polite literature: Art. I. Thoughts comprehending the hopea, alftonia, on the history of alphabet-writing, and ciponima, ibid.-XVIII. On the ibid. -II: Brief strictures on certain genus of calligonum,comprchending observations of lord Monboddo, ree pterococcus and pallafia, 11.-XIX. fpecting the Greek tenses,20.--Evils Obfervations on polypodium vreup of polytheism on the morals of the teris, accompanied with a specimen heathens, ibid. --Antiquities: Art. I. from Scotland, ibid.-XX. Account Account of a singular custom at Meof a spinning limax, or flug, ibid. -- telin, with fome conjectures on the XXI. Descriptions of three new ani. antiquity of its origin, 20.-II. Obmals found in the Pacific Ocean, ib. servations on the description of the --XXII. Remarks on the genus ve theatre of Saguntum, as given by ronica, ibid. --XXIII. Descriptions the dean of Alicant, 21.-]Il. Apof two new species of phalenæ, ibid. pendix to the memoire on the chea--XXIV. The botanical hiflory of ire of Saguntum, ibid. -- IV. Letter the genus of dillenia, with the addi to the secretary to the committee of tion of several nondcscript species, antiquities, ibid.-V. Memoir reibid --XXV. The botanical history specting the antiquities of the church of trifolium alpestre, medium, and of Killotly in the county of Kila pratense, 12.--XXVI. Account of dare,

ibid. leveral plants presented to the socie- Travelling memorandums made in ty, ibid.-Account of a singular pi. a tour upon the continent of Europe, geon,

12, 13 Transactions of the Royal Irish Aca: Trial between Henry Martin, esq. and demy, for 1789. Scientific: Art. I. John Petrie, esq. for criminal conExperiments on the alkaline sub- versation with the plaintiff's wise, Stances used in bleaching, and on the

119 colouring matser o ile yarı!, 13; Triumphs of friendship, the, 234 Process for decompofing commun

of reaton,

357 VIEW

253 232


T TIEW (a new and diftina) of the W E LSH freeholder's thoughts on

memorable adiou of July 27, VV the late riots at Birmingham, 1778,

357 Itrictures on the, Vindication of the Revolution fociety Winter; or, Howard in the shades, 351 against the calumnies of Mr. Burke, Wonders of the creation ; or contem.

plations on the works of God, 237 of the rights of woman, Works of John Whitehurit, F. R. S. - 389

151 Voyage to the South Sea, for the pura

pofe of conveying the bread-fruit tree to the West I dies, 374 - sur le Rhin depuis Mayence

7 Emindary tenures, inquiry into jusqu'a Dusseldorf,


L the nature of,

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