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destruction of barbarous nations, that civilised ones may lupply their place, as we praise the hand that roots up weeds in order to sow grain : but when this order is reversed, there is occasion for poignant regret ; and we are dubious which to prefer, the good sense of our ancestors, or our own senfi. Bility.

The debates on the constitution of the Scottish burghs prefented a singular scene.-Great numbers of the most respectable people in that country signed petitions for redress; yet the minister, the former friend of a parliamentary reform, did not Support their claims; and the secretary, with his coadjutor, treated them with contempt. .

Let it not be supposed from this, and our remarks on some other transactions of this session of parliament, that we mean to contribute in the smallest degree to the murmurs of dislatif faction. If any man imagine himself a better friend to the public tranquillity, he errs. But that there are discontents it would be ridiculous to deny; and, in our opinion, sinall concessions and conciliations are absolutely necessary to the national peace.

That obstinacy which excites opposition, that contempt which kindles rage, are dangerous weapons to weild at this enlightened period. In former ages it might be a prudent maxim to yield nothing, that nothing might be expected; but maxims must vary with times. If our parties be kept at such extreme distance, that the one seems to shelter itself under despotic power, and the other to Ay to republicanism, the collision, if they encountered, must be dreadful. It is surely the duty of every friend to his country, to recommend some conceffions on the part of power; temper and content to the other fide; moderation to all. The Spartan king, who diminished his own power in order to render it more lasting, may be recommended as a model to rulers, who ought to treat those who offer reasonable requests as their friends and brothers, and not to excite accumulated vengeance by a stern refusal of the smallest conceffion, far less to obtrude upon the public patience by such unwise obduracy at a critical period.

In regard to the two other kingdoms of this empire, Ireland acquired so many advantages lately by a patriotic parliament, that the has every reason to be contented and happy : but Scotland, as we are concerned to observe from some period. ical publications of that country, and to learn from intel. ligent natives ,complains much of old fetters on her commerce and improvement, not yet removed, and of the marked neglect Thewn to her interests. The despotism of last century, and Iwo rebellions of a part of her people in this, rendered Scots



land so tame, that she has long regarded any opposition to the minister, as an act of sedition carefully to be avoided, left the memory of her rebels should recur. Now becoming more industrious and enlightened, she begins to know her real interests, and to apprize all the blessings of freedom.

The parliament of Ireland has extended liberal indulgences to the Roman catholics of that kingdoin, by establishing the legality of intermarriage between them and the protestants, by admitting them to the profession of the law, and the benefit of education, and by removing all restrictions upon their industry in trade and manufacture. A reciprocal preference in the corn trade with Britain has been established. Further progress has been made in checking the immoderate use of spirituous liquors; and fome wise institutions have been ordained for the regulation of charitable foundations.

Muy 1, 1792.

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