Shakespeare's Marlowe: The Influence of Christopher Marlowe on Shakespeare's Artistry

Routledge, 1 d’abr. 2016 - 260 pàgines
Moving beyond traditional studies of sources and influence, Shakespeare's Marlowe analyzes the uncommonly powerful aesthetic bond between Christopher Marlowe and William Shakespeare. Not only does this study take into account recent ideas about intertextuality, but it also shows how the process of tracking Marlowe's influence itself prompts questions and reflections that illuminate the dramatists' connections. Further, after questioning the commonly held view of Marlowe and Shakespeare as rivals, the individual chapters suggest new possible interrelationships in the formation of Shakespeare's works. Such examination of Shakespeare's Marlovian inheritance enhances our understanding of the dramaturgical strategies of each writer and illuminates the importance of such strategies as shaping forces on their works. Robert Logan here makes plain how Shakespeare incorporated into his own work the dramaturgical and literary devices that resulted in Marlowe's artistic and commercial success. Logan shows how Shakespeare's examination of the mechanics of his fellow dramatist's artistry led him to absorb and develop three especially powerful influences: Marlowe's remarkable verbal dexterity, his imaginative flexibility in reconfiguring standard notions of dramatic genres, and his astute use of ambivalence and ambiguity. This study therefore argues that Marlowe and Shakespeare regarded one another not chiefly as writers with great themes, but as practicing dramatists and poets-which is where, Logan contends, the influence begins and ends.

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Repositioning the Question of Sources and Influence
Influence and Characterization in The Massacre At Paris Titus Andronicus and Richard III
Artistic Individuality and the Ideology of Containment
4 Edward II Richard II the Will to Play and an Aesthetic of Ambiguity
The Influence of The Jew of Malta on The Merchant of Venice
6 Marlowes Tamburlaine Plays Shakespeares Henry V and the Primacy of an Artistic Consciousness
Dido Queen of Carthage as a Precursor to Antony and Cleopatra
Imprints of Doctor Faustus on Macbeth and The Tempest
Marlovian Incentives

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Robert A. Logan

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