Between Demonstration and Imagination: Essays in the History of Science and Philosophy Presented to John D. North

John David North, Lodi W. Nauta, Arie Johan Vanderjagt
BRILL, 1999 - 424 páginas
The essays in this volume reflect the wide-ranging interests of John D. North, distinguished historian of science and philosophy. Section One has papers on horoscopes, astrolabes and time-reckoning, and it includes an edition of a twelfth-century treatise on the astrolabe and surveys of astrolabes. Section Two is devoted to the study of the medieval cosmos. These contributions discuss Calcidian astronomy, astronomy in the Spanish Jewish community, the role of God in scholastic natural philosophy, and other themes. New information is presented about previously unknown scholars such as Abd al-Mas of Winchester and Simon Bredon. Section Three contains essays on philosophy and scholarship in the early modern period, including pieces about commentaries on Boethius's "Consolatio Philosophiae" in the Northern Renaissance, Spinozistic philosophy, and the early modern concept of substance. These essays take up the various themes to which John D. North has made important contributions: the development of scientific knowledge and methodology, the style of scientific and philosophical thought, and the uses of scientific knowledge in the making of instruments or the casting of horoscopes: this book will be of much interest to all historians of science and philosophy. Contributors include: Charles Burnett, Bruce S. Eastwood, Owen Gingerich, Bernard R. Goldstein, Edward Grant, Keith Hutchison, David A. King, Richard Lorch, F.R. Maddison, Lodi Nauta, Detlev Patzold, J.A. van Ruler, Julio Samso, Keith Snedegar, A.J. Turner, Arjo Vanderjagt, and G. Frederici Vescovini.

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Bringing Astronomical Instruments Back to EarthThe
The Treatise on the Astrolabe by Rudolf of Bruges
Ibn AzzQz and His Retrospective
The Names and Faces of the Hours
Abd alMasfli of Winchester
Calcidiuss Commentary on Platos Timaeus in Latin Astronomy
Sacrobosco Illustrated
Astronomy in the Medieval Spanish Jewish Community
A Strange Fact About Aristotelian Dynamics
The Works and Days of Simon Bredon a FourteenthCentury
1st Tschirnhaus Medicina mentis ein Ableger von Spinozas
Something I Know Not What The Concept of Substance
Les Vite di matematici Arabi de Bernardino
Bibliography of John D North
Index of Personal Names
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God Science and Natural Philosophy in the Late Middle Ages

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Sobre el autor (1999)

Lodi Nauta holds a Royal Dutch Academy chair in medieval and Renaissance philosophy at the University of Groningen. He has published an edition of William of Conches' commentary on Boethius' Consolatio Philosophiae and is finishing a book on Lorenzo Valla. He has edited several books, translated Dante's "De vulgari eloquentia" in Dutch, and is the author of several articles on medieval and Renaissance philosophy and on Thomas Hobbes.

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