Art in the Roman Empire

Psychology Press, 1995 - 146 pàgines
In this study, the author presents some of the manifestations of art from all over the territory that made up the Roman Empire. The text highlights selected items which particularly represent the achievements and functions of art in the Empire. Architecture and portraiture, at which the Romans excelled, are discussed in detail, the rediscovered paintings at Pompeii and Herculaneum; and the most significant examples of mosaic, jewellery and silverware. There is an assessment of Greek, Etruscan and purely Roman elements in the construction and style of the Empire's art. This survey encompasses all regions of the Empire, demonstrating how much of its artistic work was actually done outside Rome and Italy.

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Quant a l’autor (1995)

About the Authors:
Michael Grant is a well-known classical scholar and the author of many books on classical mythology. John Hazel, also a classical scholar, is the editor of an edition of Ovid's poetry.

Ken Dowden is Senior Lecturer in Classics at the University of Birmingham. He has written Death and the Maiden: Girl s Initiation Rites in Greek Mythology and The Uses of Greek Mythology, and researches in the areas of religion and the novel.

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